Ok so this started as a school project then since I am the person I am it turned into fan fiction. So enjoy!

Rory was so excited to go in space. He was going to be the second youngest astronaut at the age of 17 to explore the Milky Way. He might be the first person to make it back. As he ascended on the spacecraft he thought back to his training that started when he was only 15 years of age, his girlfriend, Sugar Motta, he was leaving here on Earth, his family and all his friends. He strapped himself in with the two other astronauts almost ten years his senior. As takeoff started he spaced out and didn't come back to reality till they were past Mars. The others Tim and Steve wanted him to take the camera for the time being. As he filmed Tim and Steve did all the typical things you do in a spaceship. They didn't let the camera shut off till the ship was close to Neptune. That's when the problems started to happen. One of the full gas tanks blasted off. That wasn't a huge deal since NASA made sure that there were more than needed because of what happened last time this journey was tried. It was big deal when the next one popped off like the head of a dandelion. They had no choice but to land on Neptune. They got in their spacesuits and sat at the controls. They were coming in too fast and when they landed both Steve and Tim died on impact. Rory climbed out of the spaceship to assess the damages. It wasn't that terrible but it wasn't going to be easy to fix either. He turned around and saw creature coming out from behind a rock. It looked slightly humanoid but, was covered in fur (possibly because Neptune was 2,790,000,000 miles from the Sun). It had the characteristics of being female with long hair, curves, and wearing a skirt. It had no eyes but a set of antenna on the top of their head, no nose, a small mouth with pointed teeth its legs were short and stubby due to the strong pull of gravity. "Hello, my name is Rory and I come from planet Earth. My spacecraft crash landed on your Planet. Are you able to help me?" Rory asked to the stranger with a slightly squeaky voice due to the air converter leaving a slight amount of helium still there. The alien native answered in bright, cheery female voice "Hello Rory, my name is Harmony. I'm so sorry about what happened to your ship but if you come with me there might be someone who can fix it." He followed the Neptunian female to where ever. He asked where he landed. "Just outside of Amil, Oiho." Harmony told him. "So where are you from on Earth?" Harmony asked hoping to further the conversation. "Lima, Ohio. But originally Ireland." Rory informed her. "That's cool... I guess." Harmony responded. They got to her town and it looked startling similar to the town he lived in before going to space. Harmony lead him to shiny looking place with a sign that read ' Trub Elmmuh's garage' reminding him of his old classmate's dad's business. Harmony explained to Trub what happened to Rory's ship and lead them back to have Trub check out the damages. Trub told them it would take about 131 Neptunian days (about two earth months) to be fixed. In those 131 days Rory explored with Harmony. He realized that her tiny hands and feet made it easy to climb around on the planet. In the 131 days Rory fell in love with Harmony and Harmony did as well. When the space ship was fixed Rory took Harmony back home with him. And they lived happily ever after.