Dig Two Graves

Anzu x Bakura

Rating: M

Let's be honest, I don't own Yugioh!. If I did, the plot would be significantly different. Also, my first fanfic, so let me know how you feel, what you think, and any suggestions. Prologue is short, sweet and may or may not wet your appetite for the rest of the story. Thanks for reading ^^

Cheers everyone.


Bakura whipped around at the sound. His crimson eyes fell on her and for a minute, Anzu thought she saw a hint of fear in his eyes. His face smoothed over almost immediately, leaving her wondering if she had imagined such emotion.

But Atem had seen it too.

"Being human has its differences," he said, a smirk sliding over his regal features, "For one, you can feel the touch of a woman."

Anzu flushed but Bakura did not look phased. He stood proudly, almost regally with the smile of a fox on his face. His body language spoke of immense potential energy that had built up over centuries. And yet, it also spoke of impressive control over his powers. Control that he had kept in check until he deemed the moment most appropriate. Anzu shivered with anticipation.

"Girl," he growled. Anzu narrowed her eyes at him. She could feel her body tense, as she moved out of the shadows.


"What are you doing here?" Bakura's slightly accented voice held a note of disbelief, and his eyes narrowed even further. Still, a ghost of a smirk never left his lips.

"Yes, Anzu, pray tell, what are you doing here?" drawled Atem, who had been leaning against the small table, head resting in hand, looking rather pleased with himself. He turned to her and Anzu melted. His golden skin was illuminated by the light and his blond hair, which had once been a crazy mess of spikes had since been cut into a more modern style. His eyes, a shade of stunning lavender, bored into her.

"I- I'm, well, I," She stumbled as the two Egyptians stared at her, one amused and the other furious. She had never really had a plan and that was evident, to her and the two men who stood before her. She tried desperately to think of something to say, preferably brave but really anything at this point would do.

"Nevermind Anzu," Yami soothed, "shall I show you out?" He glided towards her.

She looked beyond him and saw Bakura, seething yet not outwardly so. His red eyes were flashing a brilliant crimson, but his face was expressionless. A perfect mask. She knew better.

"Don't touch her." The words cut the air between them.

Yami stopped and a grin spread across his face, causing Anzu to flinch.

"Oh beautiful Anzu," Yami said, leaning in so his sweet breath fanned against her lips, "Why him?"

Anzu fought for her voice, "You don't know anything about me." It was a weak opposition but an opposition none the less.

"No?" He tilted his head, "Ah but let's see- Akefia, is she worth nothing to you?"

Bakura's face spread into a wider smirk. "Nothing is worth anything to me anymore, boy-king, except your blood on my hands."

"And you? Who will you choose?" Yami's face was inches from hers, but all she could see was Bakura's face, and the feel of his lips, rough against her neck.