Title: Wild

Pairing: BBRae

Rating: T

Clothes ripped and thrown.

Breath heavy, panting.

"Ready?" His eyes full of lust.

With a simple nod, all hell breaks loose.

Nails digging in his back, creating crescent moons. Similar to the one watching them explore and devour each other's body.

The Beast is ready to come out, and feel himself inside her.

Her demonic half, irritated with the foreplay of neck biting, and breast massaging.

But Beast Boy and Raven are happy withe the pace they are going at.

He penetrates, and the Beast is getting satisfied.

Wet and warm wraps around him like a glove.

Tries to find what makes her squirm, moan and buck her hips forward.

Pace fastened.


All of Raven, including her demon side, indulging theirselves in the ecstasy of Beast Boy's momentum.

The only time their wild sides are acceptable, and not cast down as dangerous.