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-This is a UKFr fix. Yes, England is going to be the seme.

-Francis looks like a girl in this one (like when he was young; wearing tunics and not having any face hair)

-Arthur is going to be taller than Francis. You'll see why.

-There will be a bit of confusion...From Arthur's point of view, I will describe Francis as a girl. You will see.

-Francis will probably act OOC, but again, this is his younger version into this story.

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It was a sunny day March, here in Scotland. For once, it wasn't raining, it wasn't snowing, it was just nice and warm.

Arthur Kirkland, a young knight of only seventeen years, sat on a bench in the royal garden, playing with a rose between his fingers. His big brother, Alistair, was the kind of Scotland at that time. Of course Arthur was worried for him, but at least, if it was for his brother to die, he would take his place. But he liked being only a knight. He got numerous funny adventures and missions; he saw people die, he even killed a few, but it was worth it

Maybe it would sound weird. It would sound like his childhood had been stressed and full of blood, but in fact Arthur was completely sane and he liked doing normal stuff like everyone.

"Arthur!" a deep voice called him. Arthur recognised it immediately as his brother's voice and he stood up, letting the rose fall to the ground. He ran into the castle and met his brother on the hallway, holding his tall, blonde wife. Arthur never really cared about her, even though she could be bossie towards him at times.

"Yes, brother?" Arthur asked, bowing respectfully in front of Alistair. When they were children, they often got into bloody fights, but as they grew up and their mother died, they both decided to dig the knife and get along for the sake of their land.

"Arthur, I have a mission for ya. This mission is very important and risky, but if ya do it good, I promise ya. England will be yer land." Alistair said in his sharp accent.

Arthur's eyes immediately shone with interest. "Ok. So what is this mission?" he asked curiously.

Alistair cleared his throat and looked around, making sure nobody was looking. He leaned down to Arthur's ear and whispered softly. "There is this small land, Francis, on south from us, down the Dover. It is small at the moment, but my people said it's getting powerful..." He stopped a bit before continuing. "And the rulers of this land have a child. I'm not sure what is it, the child always stood into the castle and never went out. Anyway, the idea is that..."

Arthur listened carefully. "What?"

"You will need to kill that child. The child's mother is a very sensible one and the father isn't better as well. This will make them go weak and we will be able to take down that useless land." Alistairs finished, smirking a bit.

Arthur's eyes widened. To kill a child...? Francis? Down the dover? He thought about it. He would get England for himself only when Alistair's first born will appear, and that won't probably happen to soon as his dear brother had a few medical problems. After all, it was just a child and a land. Nothing bad.

"I will." Arthur said and turned to his brother, returning the smug smirk.

Alistair grinned, proud of his brother. He wrapped his arm around his wife's waist and waved. "Now, if you excuse us, me and Erin need to work on some political stuff." he said with a wink before leaving. Arthur shook his head and went to prepare himself for the mission.

The next day, in the morning, Arthur was all ready. Having only a small bag with two sandwiches made by Erin and a larger bag with spare clothes, he put on his knight armour and climbed on his white horse. He waved one time to his brother who was watching from the balcony of his room, in one of the towers of the castle.

Arthur gently pushed the horse and started his adventure, heading to the bay by the Channel, from where he was going to take a ship to this land, Francia.


Meanwhile, in his own garden, stood Francis Bonnefoy, the prince of Francia. He had just turned eighteen years and his parents were bugging him with marriage meetings. All the girls his mother choosed him were really beautiful and pretty, but Francis just didn't want to get married without getting to know them. For him, love was still something unknown.

He picked up a rose and kissed its petals gently. He loved those flowers and he planted them himself into that garden when he was still a toddler. But they grew up nicely and was taking care of them very often. He heard a mewl and turned to his fluffy, white like snow cat. He smiled and picked it up, nuzzling its fur.

"Hello, Seine!" he cooed, petting the cat who started purring. "Little boy, aren't you hungry? Come." he said, entering into the castle and running towards the kitchen. He loved spending his time into that place, cooking different things or just watching the cooks, hoping to learn something new. He grabbed a piece of already cooked kitchen and cut it into small pieces, serving it to the cat.

And that's how his day passed; he would play into the garden and with his cat, maybe take a ride on his horse. Sometimes, he would go swimming with his father or cook with his mother. And he liked that life, one of the reasons he didn't want to get married and have responsabilites.


It was night by the time Arthur reached land. People on the ship were loud and messy and the smell of the rotten rats almost made him puke. He walked down the ship and some people brought his horse. Climbing on it, he started to wander around that land called 'Francia'. No guards; they were so careless.

After almost a hour, Arthur saw the castle in font of him, iluminated by a few torches. He smirked and let his horse down, tying him by a tree and whispering into his ear before walking towards the castle.

The guards; sleeping, No animals. It was almost too easy. As Arthur walked down the hallway of the castle, he looked at the walls. They were decorated with many paintings of a pretty woman with long blond hair and mesmerising eyes. Arthur wondered if that was the queen... But as he turned to take the corner, a large portrait brought his attention.

The picture had three persons in it: a beautiful woman, probably the queen, sitting on the throne, the king, standing up, his hand resting proudly onto a girl's head. She was smaller into that portrait and Arthur recognised her as the child into the earlier paintings on the hallway. The family lookes so...happy.

Shrugging it off, Arthur walked upstairs. He kept wandering around the castle, without anyone intrerupting him until he reached a large door. Turning the door silently, he peeked in and walked into the room, closing the door behind. He made his eyes comfortable with the dark of the room; at least on the hallways the torches were lit up. He noticed a queen-sidez bed in the middle of the room and he walked towards it, instantly seeing the blond locks under the covers.

He slowly pulled the blanket off the child and turned them too see better. Arthur's eyes widened a bit. The girl was absolutely...gorgeous. Her long hair falling onto the bed and some of her side bangs covering her pink cheeks. Her soft-looking skin and bright pink lips lookes just so delicious too.

Arthur facepalmed slightly. He wasn't here to admire her. He was going to kill her.

He pulled out the knife from his pocket and lifted it into the air. He breathed heavily and he realised...he simply couldn't. He wanted to keep her for himself, make her his. But...he wanted England too.

Taking a handkerchief from his armour's waist holder and preessed it against the princess' mouth.

Francis instantly opened his eyes and he started screaming, the sounds muffled by the hankerchief. He saw the person, a strange boy he had never seen before in his whole life and he felt a hand grasp his wrist. He winced as he was rudely pulled up from the bed and he grabbed on the other's arm, trying to free himself.

He saw as the other man grabbed his hand with his free own one and moved it to his back. Francis' eyes welled slightly from the pain and he tried hitting with his legs and head; but to no use.

Arthur tied the handkerchief around her mouth and grabbed her hands. Pulling the covers from the bed, he tied her hands as well before pushing him down to the floor. He didn't bother to tie her legs; she couldn't run anyway, fast enough.

Arthur took his knife and pressed it against his arm, drawing blood. He poured the blood over the bed, to make it as the princess had been killed. He took another cover and wrappped it around his arm before returning to the girl, grabbing her up and pulling her out of the room, down the hallway.

Francis struggled and jerked around, but the knight was much stronger. He tried to scream, but the sounds were muffled. He felt himself like crying, but he was thaught by his father not to show fear in front of the enemy. And that was the last thing he would do; betray his father's words. He relaxed a bit and followed Arthur reluctantly, not having a choice. If they wanted to kill him, then, he wouldn't have any regrets. He had a nice life.

Arthur pulled the girl out of the castle, passing through the girl's garden. Francis eyes teared more as he thought this would be the last time seeing that garden of his. Who would take care of his beautiful roses? Arthur heard a mewl and turned to see a fluffy cat hissing at him. He scowled and went to hit it, but Francis pushed Arthur's chest with his shoulder, falling to the ground in front of the cat.

Arthur's eyes widened as he saw how the girl's cheeks were dirtied with tears. But he didn't want to leave her here. No. He wanted her to stay by his side, especially when he will step proudly towards the throne of England. He kneeled down and without a word, picked up the cat and put it on his shoulder before grabbing the girl's wrist back, pulling her again.

Francis closed his eyes shut. At least, the knight took his cat. He loved Seine very much and would feel lonely without him, even if it would be for the last time.

They soon stopped in front of a white horse and Arthur forced the girl to climb onto it. Francis groaned against the handkerchief as Arthur climbed up as well and started riding away from his castle. He took a last glance towards it, feeling the wind wipe away his tears. Bye home.



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