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Charlie managed to corner Harry when he tried to slip away after congratulating the couple. He caught up to him in the house; Harry was admiring the rose petals on the floor, which were charmed to stay perfectly fresh. "Harry." Charlie said softly, not to scare the other man, and he almost thought Harry was about to run off, and it would serve him right after what he had done the last time he had seen him.

"Yes, Charlie?" Harry said despondently.

"I love you." Charlie said without thinking. He realized now that it was better for him to tell Harry everything, and just hope that things work out for the best.

"You said that yesterday. I'm like a brother to you, your straight and the thought of touching me disgusts you." Harry insisted, looking down at the floor, disappointment colouring his tone.

Charlie tried to explain, but Harry wasn't listening. Charlie found it hard to form his words right, and now it seemed he needed it, it failed him more than ever. Then he fell back on the only thing he still had, actions. Softly, he lifted Harry's face up to meet his eyes, and moved even closer to him, making sure Harry saw what he was doing, he moved their lips in to meet in a soft, yet firm kiss, and when Charlie realized that Harry hadn't moved away, he deepened it, pouring all the passion and love into it that he had been denying all along.

"No," Charlie said when they broke apart, "I am in love with you, passionately, madly, these past months have been amazing, but I never realized that I have been blind. I never noticed what a gem I had right in front of me."

"But, last night, you were disgusted when you got hard when you hugged me, you ran away from me without a word, or explanation." Harry insisted, not yet able to grasp what the other man was saying to him.

"I was talking about a friend that was raped and killed, Harry. I was looking for comfort and my body betrayed me, I was not disgusted by my feelings for you, hard as I found it to except. I want you." Charlie explained and he could see the change in the emerald eyes that he loved so dearly.

Harry was speechless, all he could manage in response was: "Really?" and the answering smile was dazzling. Charlie nodded, and then he took Harry in his arms and kissed him. Harry kissed him back passionately, without any reservations. He felt, rather than heard the other man moan against his lips, before he could summon the will to part from the brunet, they were both hard and panting against one another.

"Please." Harry whimpered, pulling the older man even closer and grinding against his erection. "I don't know what you want, Harry." Charlie admitted with a blush. "I've never done this before."

"With a man, you mean?" Harry asked teasingly, but it lacked any real venom with the man's hair gorgeously tousled, and his lips bruised from kissing.
"At all, Harry." Charlie admitted reluctantly, his face turning the colour of his hair.

"Let me show you." Harry said then, surprising the older male by taking control of the situation. Without another word, Charlie heard a pop and they were in the living room in Harry's house. "What the fuck?" Charlie swore in surprise at the sudden apperation. "Sorry, darling. I thought you would rather not want your mother to catch me defiling her son in the living room of her house." Harry said with a cheeky grin.

"Oh really? When did I agree to this?" Charlie joked, but realized his mistake when Harry now seemed reluctant. "Harry, I'm teasing you. Of course I want you. I want to explore with you, I want you to fuck me, and touch me, and…" Charlie said and Harry had his confidence back in an instant. The change in Harry seemed so odd to Charlie, he could be so confident in on moment and so helpless and insecure in the next. But Charlie had no chance to consider this before Harry's mouth was on his again.

Harry pushed Charlie down on the couch, and Charlie whined when he no longer felt the other man's weight against him. "What exactly is this, Charlie?" Harry asked, but his cheeky smile was back. "Will you be my boyfriend, Harry?" Charlie asked and Harry's smile almost split his face. "You're always deflecting, aren't you? Yes, Charlie, yes." Harry said and suddenly he was on top of Charlie again, straddling his hips while he kisses him.

"That is what I have wanted for so long." Harry whispered into Charlie's skin as he kisses every inch of his body. "Now you can teach me everything you know." Charlie said with a wink, and Harry agreed that that sounded like the second best idea Charlie had had in the last hour. "Then let's get on with the teaching then, shall we? I am sure we talked enough for now." Harry insisted and took his time removing his new lover's clothes, as well as his own, and making sure to kiss every inch of skin as it was revealed from under the clothes.