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Ch. 3

Madeline Fenton stared down at the telephone not really looking at it. Her mind was racing recalling what she just heard.

'You son, Daniel Fenton is…'

"Danny Phantom…" she said shaking.

Suddenly the door bell rung making her jump uncharacteristically. She didn't move to get it, and it rung again. And again.

"Mom," Danny went down the stairs, "Who's at the door?" Danny popped his head into the kitchen raising an eyebrow at her. He blinked seeing her shocked expression. "Mom?"

The door bell rung again.

"U-uh," he looked at her worriedly, "I'm going to get the door. Be right back." And, he disappeared to get it. Maddie followed him slowly.

With each step, her mind each mystery that arose from her boy over the years started to resolve by the explanation that he was Phantom. Can he really be Phantom? In the beginning, he had started being so clumsy and jumpy. He was probably still adjusting to his new ghost powers back then. His grades had dropped. He was always so spacey. Most likely thinking about a new ghost or worrying over his secret. Half the time he wasn't even there. Probably off fighting ghosts. And, then, after the Disasteroid… maybe even a little while before that. He became more confident. He must have started getting used to things. More athletic. I always wondered why the lab training system was always in use... He seemed to be more aware of things. Being Phantom has become second nature for him...Though, his grades were still in the toilet. And, now….

She looked up at him. He was taller now, almost passed her height. He looked more mature. There was still something there that she still didn't know about, but she knew it was there. Even as Phantom...he's still hiding something...He actually looked like somewhat of a hero. Danny,'ve been the ghost boy all along haven't you. His face…was frowning?

Maddie looked over Danny's shoulder to see a short scrawny boy. He was looking at Danny a bit angrily.

"Hello," Maddie said, her motherly instincts coming in, "Is there something you needed?"

"Mom," Danny said sternly. She looked at him seeing his eyes fixated on the other boy's hand. She looked down and saw a camera. A camera? "I'll only be a little bit." With that, he walked outside closing the door behind him.

Could Danny be Phantom? A year ago, she probably would have rejected that notion. Back then, she thought all ghost were evil, but now… She knew that a lot of ghost were evil, but not all. Since the Disasteroid, the world's leaders had come to a truce with the few good ghost of the ghost zone. Phantom was one of them. And then, there was also to theory of ghost halfas that Jack and she-mainly she- had been working on ever since Vlad revealed himself to being half ghost. But, since their old college buddy was who knows where in space, the study was sort of at a standstill. Most ghost that they managed to talk to –which was rare- didn't know much about halfas or just didn't want to say. She had been actually thinking about asked Phantom since he was named ambassador or the ghost zone, and they would meet each other every so often to talk about more ghost findings. But, was it possible that Phantom was actually a so called halfa? Her own son?

Maddie rushed to the peep hole at the door seeing Danny talking to the small kid. She forwarded her brows, momentarily forgetting about her jumbled up thoughts. She was just about ready to step out when she saw the boy started yelling. She had her hand on the door nod at the ready when Danny swiftly reached at the boy. She tensed. Danny wouldn't hurt him, right? She watched tensed as Danny roughly grabbed the camera in the boy's hand.

Camera? Why?

Maddie watched as the disgruntled boy huffed and folded his arms across his chest. Danny messed around with the camera a bit until he got a video to play on the screen. From the angle, Maddie couldn't see the screen(and because she's looking through a peep hole), but she could tell that Danny didn't like what was playing. She forwarded her brows when Danny turned over the camera to eject the memory card from its side.

"Huh?" Maddie said unconsciously as Danny handed back the device but kept the memory card. Danny then proceeded to turn to the door as if going in. Maddie tensed, taking a step back before bolting into the kitchen.

She busied herself by trying to look like she was preparing dinner as she heard the two teen.

"You can't do that! It's mine!" she guessed that was the boy said upset.

"Tucker can get you a new one," Danny said nonchalantly, "It's your fault anyway. You shouldn't stick your nose where it doesn't belong, Eddie."

Maddie peered over her shoulder towards the voices.

"Well, maybe you should have hid that secret a little bit better," the other boy snapped.

Secret…Maddie bit her lip. She didn't like eavesdropping, but it wasn't exactly avoidable what with the volume of their conversation. Did this boy know about Danny being Phantom? Should she intervene?

She heard Danny, "Heh, I don't really care all that much. If people find out, I won't mind."

The other boy growled, "Then why hide it?"

She heard Danny again with his laid back tone, "Force of habit."

It's now or never. Maddie strode out of the kitchen, "Danny, do you and your friend want a snack?"

She walked over to the two boys. The boy, Eddie, glanced up at her. He gave one last glare at Danny before stalking over to the door and leaving. Maddie looked down at the memory card in Danny's hand.

"What was all that about?" Maddie asked motherly.

"Oh," Danny blinked turning to her, "Nothing, just a little misunderstanding."

Maddie raised an eyebrow placing her hands on her hips. He was hiding it. "Why did you take that boy's memory card?"

Danny blinked again caught, "U-uh. He took some picture of Sam and me on one of our dates. It's kind of creepy."

Maddie crossed her arms, "So you took the memory card from him? That wasn't very nice. Why didn't you just ask him to delete them? I thought I taught you better Danny."

Danny waved his hands in front of him, "No, no. I did ask him. He just didn't want to."

Maddie frowned, "Ok." Danny relaxed some, "So, what was he talking about a secret?" Danny visibly froze, "It's no secret that you and Sam are together. And whatever this secret is, why is it a habit that you hide it?"

"Eh," Danny stammered, "U-uh…"

Maddie sighed, "Danny," she looked at him sadly, "I thought, we would tell each other anything."

"We do!" He yelped then looked down it's just, "It's just…"

Suddenly, again, the doorbell rang. Maddie frowned walking over to open the door. Danny followed shortly after. He was prepared to have it be Eddie again, but he was caught off guard when at the door was a panting Mr. Lancer.

"Mr. Lancer?" Danny raised an eyebrow, "What are you doing here?"

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