Characters: gumdramon, terriermon, Beelzemon, metal seadramon, phoenixmon, duftmon leopard mode, mevamon, garurumon, gatomon, imperialdramon, Shoutmon, Takuya, Kouji, Zoe, Tommy, J.P., Akari, Taiki, Yuu, Bayson(one of my charecters) and of course me as Misago (Me-seg-wa) it means osprey.

Title: The time everything turned bizarre!

Hey guys wait up! Takuya shouted. Just keep walking and act like your deaf. Misago whispered. Why not let him catch up? Zoe questioned. Look what we have here the two turtle doves in a pear tree! J.P. taunted. Dude you got it wrong it's a partridge in a pear tree. Takuya corrected. ... Hey you guys did you here that? Tommy interrupted. No just stop trying to scare yourself remember last time. Misago said. FLASHBACK… you guys what if Cherubimon is in the woods? Tommy squeaked. He will eat you … But he won't just eat you he will tear you apart, and squeeze your organs out of your mouth! Misago roared. (Tommy falls into feedle position and starts shivering wildly) wow that is kind of sad. Takuya said.

Oh now I remember Ok I heard nothing! Tommy rushed. Good. Misago beamed. Hey you guys see that there's shelter we can stay there for the night. Kouji anticipated. So Tommy why were you so scared of Cherubimon? (Waits a bit) Tommy? TOMMY WHERE ARE YOU! Takuya screeched. Guys Tommy is GONE! Takuya exclaimed. OW! Takuya you have banged on my ear drums waayyyy to much with that loud mouth of yours! And if you do it any more I… HE IS GONE! Misago shrieked. Everyone calm down it's okay. Kouji said. (Zoe is in the feedle position) what's up with her. Kouichi questioned.

She has mental problems maybe? The stranger said. No… Kouichi said. Maybe she is demon possessed? The stranger guessed. YES that's it! Kouji exclaimed. AHHH! Stranger danger! Takuya shrieked. (He runs into a tree) ouch that had to hurt. Kouji flinched. Hey I'm Gumdramon and you are? Gumdramon said as he eyed down the group. Oh I am kouichi and this is kouji my brother Takuya the loud mouth J.P. the … and that is Zoe the possessed person well as we say. Kouichi acknowledged. He is SOOO cute! Uh I mean can we keep him in our group until we find his partner? Misago said correcting her girlish attitude. (Everyone stands surprised by her girlish attitude) okay who ever thinks he should stay say fungus. Misago directed. Fungus, fungus, fungus, Wait why are we saying fungus? Okay so we all agree.

Misago then saw a black flash in the corner of her eye as she heard a high pitch sound whispering her name sending an ice-cold chill down her spine. You guys here that. Misago whispered. Oh no not you too. J.P. moaned. Let's just keep moving okay guys. Takuya said as he gulped back the fear rising into his throat. Who is going to wake Zoe up? Gumdramon pointed to Zoe with a discusted look upon his face. You choose Gumdramon. Misago answered. Okay I choose… Takuya. Gumdramon chuckled. WHAT no fair I don't think a miniature purple dragon can tell me what to do! Takuya argued. Fine, then you don't have to wake her up you can just... Gumdramons frown turned into a misjevious smile with a plan spinning in his head waiting to be taken out.

But there is one thing you have to do. Gumdramon scolded. And exactly what is that? Takuya said with a worried expression on his face. 15 minutes later... Guys she is getting kind of heavy. Takuya whined as Zoe's wieght slowly made him collapse inch by inch. Then Zoe finally collapsed with Takuya under her yelping for someone to help him. Wimp. Gumdramon scolded as he picked Zoe up as if she were a twig. Takuya watched gumdramon in amazment as he carried the burden on his shoulder as he laid on the lifeless ground.