I turned towards the door when I heard it open an instant smile spreading across my face as I turn back to the meal in front of me. Peeta's footsteps grow louder as he gets closer, he never was able to walk quietly. I press my lips together surpressing a laugh, just as his arms encircle my waist.

"You sure you don't want me to take over?" He says lightly as his lips find my neck. I elbow him playfully and roll my eyes. The scent of bread hits me and the smile reappears on my lips.

"I'm fine." I say a little sarcastically, and he grins against my neck placing one more kiss. He releases me and I can hear his footsteps make their way upstairs. I finish the soup and pour it into seperate bowls, one for myself and one more Peeta. I lean against the counter after setting the table waiting for Peeta to come back downstairs. My eyes trail to the ring on my left finger a smile ghosting across my lips instantly. We'd only gotten married a couple months ago, the feeling was still new. I know I had always said I never wanted to get married, but when I met Peeta I think everything changed.

"Smells good, Mrs. Mellark." Peeta calls calling me back to the present. I look up meeting his blue eyes with a smile. His arms open and without hesitation I walk into them. His strong steady arms wrap around me. It took a while for his arms to become steady, like they were before after the hijacking. Once his episodes started lessening he became more of the boy he was before. He still had episodes every now and then, but we could easily work through them. I finally figured out how to bring him back.

All I had to do was sing. I usually sung the Hanging Tree. The sound of my voice brought him back. I figured it worked because the sound of me singing was what made him originally fall in love with me. I place a light kiss on his lips.

"Better eat before it gets cold." He nods and we take our spots across from eachother at the table. We eat in silence, until Peeta decides to speak.

"I had a lady come into the bakery today with her daughter." He eyes me and I drop my gaze to my bowl. Oh no. I knew where this was going. Every time someone came in with their child, it brought up our natural argument over children.

"Peeta..." I start and he gives a sigh.

"Why not Katniss?" He asks looking at me intently. Why was he doing this? He knew why.

"Because, Peeta. I'm afraid." I snap looking up and meeting his gaze now.

"Katniss, I'm not saying that something won't happen, but if we lived in fear of what could happen we wouldn't get anywhere. I could burn myself on the ovens at work, I could fall walking up the stairs and break something. So could you, but that doesn't stop you from going upstairs." I press my lips in a hard line. Why on earth was he doing this?

"Peeta everyone I have ever loved has been taken from me. You were at one point, but I refused to let you go." He takes a bite of his food and I decide my argument was enough to get him to drop it. I take a sip of water.

"Katniss, everything's okay now though. I'm here, Haymitch and Effie are here. There are still people left that you love." I slam my glass of water on the table, water spilling over the edge splashing us both.

"No, Peeta!" I push away from the table and stand up leaving the dining room. I didn't know why he continued this argument. I didn't know why he didn't understand why I didn't want kids. I knew I was hurting him but refusing, and it's not because I don't want a family with him. I had grown up pushing away any ideas of a family, even became resentful at the idea. I was terrified of bringing a child into the world. Terrified.