Author's Note: I have no idea where everyone else finds their drabble challenges (seeing as I am still new to this whole fanfiction thing), so a friend of mine gave me a word challenge. I hope it doesn't sink like the Titanic. (Awesome movie, though).

The word? Open.

"The best proof of love is trust..." Joyce Brothers


Dean banged and banged on the door. He could hear sniffling from the other side, and it bothered him far more than he was willing to admit to anyone.

"Sammy!" he said, trying to keep his voice low so it couldn't carry and be heard by Bobby or his father. He could hear more sniffling. "Sammy, open up, please."

"No," Sam said, and Dean bit his lip at the way his little brother's voice was hoarse from crying. "I don't want anyone to see me right now." He could hear shifting from in the bathroom, and then another sniffle.

"Please?" Dean asked again, this time letting his forehead fall onto the door. He closed his eyes, and talked very softly.

"Sammy, I know you're upset. But if you trust me, you'll open this door."

There was silence for a few minutes.

Dean was about to huff a sigh and sit down for an inevitable stake out, until-

-with a loud click, the door opened.


NOTE: I think I like drabble challenges, and I like the idea of little snapshots between Dean and Sam. It makes me happy and warm inside. :P