Sun star and Silent paw layed under a tree watching the two young pups play by the river. Sun star stood and stretched his back legs.

"We must be heading back to the clan now Silent paw," Sun star said.

"You're right we must get going before the sun sets," Silent paw replied. Sun star nodded and walked down the trail that lead to camp.

"Eliot, Prinstin lets go," Silent paw called to the two pups. The pups started to run happily toward Silent paw until a large dark tall figure stopped them. Silent paws eyes went wide with terror, it was Dakota from dark clan.

"Hello puppies," Dakota said in a deep dark voice.

"Stay away from them dakota, they belong to wolvenberg clan not dark clan," Silent paw growled.

Dakota turned toward Silent paw who stood with fear. Silent paw didn't like dark clan at all. Dakota towered over him growling. The pups stood down to scared to fight back.

"What are you going to do you wolvenberg warrior," Dakota said knocking Silent paw to ground with his claws unsheathed. Dakota looked up and saw Sun star running toward him angrly teeth showing and claws unsheathed. Sun star was the same size as dakota and silent paw was a little smaller. Dakota gathered up all his strength in him and charged toward Sun star. Sun star jumped over Dakota and landed perfectly, he quickly turned meeting Dakota. Dakota sliced at Sun star with his paws, but missed poorly every time. You had to take you time doing something to get it right. Sun star lunged forward biting Dakotas neck. Sun star had such a good grip that he broke the skin making Dakotas neck drip with blood. Dakota yelped and pulled away swiftly. Sun star let go of him and stood back breathing heavily. Dakota glared at Sun star, then smirked. Dakota then stretched his wings, holding them wide open. Silent paw had already grabbed the pups and hide. Sun star didn't have wings yet, he would just not yet.

The wings on a wolvenberg were diffrent, because they were feathered wings. Each feather was like a knife it could cut through anything. Dark clan had wings that weren't feathered. It was skin like and spiked at the end.

Sun star took a few steps back worried he had no wings, he had nothing to help him fight back. Sun star squinched his eyes shut knowing he had no chance, no chance at living. Dakota ran foward getting ready to end Sun star until another knocked him away. Dakota fell to the ground on his side heavily, he looked up seeing Silent paw standing beside Sun star. Dakota couldn't bealieve this, he was out done by a smaller wolf. Dakota stood up slowly while glaring at the two wolvenbergs.

"This isn't over yet. I'll be back with my clan," Dakota said running into the dark forest. Silent paw looked over at Sun star grinning.

"Silent paw you're a life saver," Sun star said smiling. Eliot and prinstin then ran up to Silent paw and Sun star happily jumping around.

"Now lets get back to our clan," Sun star said. Sun star and Silent paw walked down the trail side by side. Eliot and prinstin ran ahead happily playing with each other.

"Thank you Silent paw, that could have been the end of my life," Sun star said.

"You're welcome Sun star, thats what clan mates are for," Silent paw replied smiling.