Chapter 2

(It is night time and not far from Kilgharrah's cave Mordred and Morgana meet up with Aithusa who makes a sound which suggests that he is not feeling good about this meeting)

Morgana: Hush dragon. Ācweþanswā þæt ic con hieran.

Aithusa: Don't make me do this

Morgana: I told you earlier, you do what I say not what you want

Mordred: That's right

Morgana: Quiet Mordred. Now are you willing to tell me your name at last?

Aithusa: I know that if you know my name you can use that against me so you will never learn of it

Morgana: I will know it eventually. But for know I need your help

Aithusa: What if I don't want to help you? I saved you, why are you making me do this?

Morgana: It's simple, that throne is rightfully mine

Aithusa: NO! It is King Arthur's from where he is to forge a much stronger kingdom.

Morgana: If you won't help, I'll make you. Fore eow hit is fierst forleosan eower mōd, forgitan hwa eow sien ac don be þam þe ic cweþan. Ic gewile fore eow helpan unc in uncer acræftan fordōn Camelot be þam þe hit is ac ācwellan cyning Arthur Pendragon.

(Aithusa's eyes glow red. In Camelot Merlin is sitting in a chair cleaning Arthur's armour when he senses something wrong, he gets up and looks and looks out of the window. He has been looking out of the window for a few moments when Arthur comes walking in).

Arthur: Have you finished cleaning my armour?

(Merlin stays silent)

Arthur: MERLIN!

Merlin: Huh!

Arthur: What's wrong?

Merlin: Something is coming.

End of Chapter