Chapter Two: Cato and Clove

Author's Note: So for those of you who read Pass The Tequila, I Think I'll Be Needing It you voted on what bonus scene you wanted me to write and the overall decision was if Clove had looked the other way, so here you go guys! I hope you enjoy!

Clove's POV

He was still behind me, still breathing slowly on the back of my neck, each breath calling for my attention, making my skin crave the feel of that all over me. Why though? It was Cato; he was the schools biggest man whore. He had probably done this with dozens of girls before now, was probably planning his next move in his head as I stood here, frozen, unable to think because his chest was pressed against my back in such a way that left me unable to think clearly.

I knew what would happen if I turned my head to the left. I would find myself staring into those stupidly hypnotizing blue eyes that had probably told a thousand lies. But they'd never really lied to me. Well minus a few white lies and the obvious lie about why he had started running. But I knew his reasons for that. Maybe that was that I hated, as he stood behind me, with expectations and tension building in the air was the fact I understood him, and I liked that.

So I turned. It was such a simple movement I almost didn't have to think about it, my neck muscles just glided my head around to face him, like it was what they wanted me to do naturally. Like there really wasn't another option.

I don't know who leaned forward first, I could feel myself lean into him a little more but swear I saw him do the same just before I closed my eyes and let instincts take over.

His lips were hot, really hot. I could feel them searing against my own as I grew used to the feeling of them, the surprising softness as his foreign lips pressed against my own, the pressure new and exciting and making me crave more, making me believe I needed more.

I felt his tongue run along my lower lip, leaving a line of sparks behind him. How did he do that? How could he make every part of me light up with such a simple movement?

I didn't have much longer to question as I opened my mouth slightly for him and let his tongue press against mine, pulling it into a fiery dance that I didn't want to leave. I let his tongue guide my own, let him lead the movements as I slightly more tentatively let my own tongue slip into his mouth, responding to his movements effortlessly as he pulled me closer against his chest.

I placed the pool cue on the table and wrapped my arms around the back of his neck. So what if he was a man whore, his experience was definitely clear as I felt every inch of him pressed against me, could feel every muscle ripple under his shirt, could feel every breath as his chest expanded against mine. It was a feeling I wasn't used to, at all, but one I was nowhere near ready to let end.

My lips moved against his, gliding over them easily, like we had done it a thousand times before. It felt easier than breathing, like everything I was meant to do was this; everything else was suddenly unimportant. All that mattered was that Cato's lips were against mine, leaving sparks behind them that quickly shot through the rest of my body, making every part of me lean in towards up, unable to keep away from him. To do so would be like trying to pull two magnets apart, it was possible but there was a definite sense of resistance.

I moaned slightly accidentally, I swear I never ever make noises like that, and he pulled on his arms slightly, tilting my hips against his and I couldn't help it. I didn't care what he had done before, I didn't care how many girls had been exactly where I was now (which was actually a really nice place to be, Cato's arms were surprisingly gentle), all that I cared about was what he was doing now. Which was kissing me. Which was amazing.

My hands twisted into his hair and encouraged him as his hands made their way under my shirt slightly, his warm fingers just gently touching the sensitive skin there, tracing light random swirls on my skin. It was maddening. I didn't know what to focus on, my mind wanted everything and yet there was only one thing I really wanted to do.

Cato obviously had the same idea.

He lifted me up, his strong hands grabbing onto the back of my thighs as I jumped slightly, my legs wrapping tightly around his hips, unwilling to let any air mingle between us. There was just us. And that was how I wanted it.

Part of me wondered why we hadn't been doing this the whole time, why my mind had convinced me that this would end badly. This didn't feel bad; it felt amazing. And as he placed me back down, so that I was perched on the edge of the pool table, unwilling to let this end.

His hands moved around to my front, his thumbs running over my hipbones sending tingles through me that made an odd noise bubble out of my mouth. I felt Cato's mouth smile a little against mine in response as a low growl rumbled out of his own chest and his hands moved back behind me to pull me further against him again.

I felt the pace of the kiss slowing slightly, much to my own disappointment and Cato pulled away form me. He pressed his lips lightly on mine one more time before I felt the warm air greet my lips for the first time in what felt like hours. I bit my lip to stop the idiotic grin from taking over my face but looked up to see Cato wearing that exact look. And looking damn sexy as he did it.

"So, what now?" he asked.

Author's Note: And we will never know what would have happened because it was all very made up, much like a unicorn. Except unicorns are clearly real. But anyway, since you guys wanted this I hope you enjoyed it. I know this is what a lot of you were rooting for in Pass The Tequila, but our Clove wasn't ready yet. Anyway please review and let me know what you think, pretty please? It would mean a lot! And until next time guys :)