as the killer tiger was almost to the jade palace all of the villagers left the party as it was over and everyone was going home...then the killer tiger had a idea

as he waits for everyone to be asleep then he starts using rocks to cover the jade palace so they all one get out...2 hours later and he was done...as he goes inside from

the door he kicks a rock and it start to fall as it blocks the door...then he hears foot steps as crane was coming down to get a glass of water when crane was in the

kitchen he hears something"whos their?..po is that you?"then when he turned back around he saw a figure standing in front of him"hello"then the killer opens his mouth

ready to suck the life out of crane...meanwhile viper hears screaming and it sound like crane"c-crane?"as she was going down the stairs she sees a tiger holding a

crane by the neck and start taking him in the other room then viper eyes widen"CRANE!"as she was slithering to wake the others"GUYS GET UP..KILLER TIGER IS BACK

AND HE GOT CRANE!"then they all yelled"WHAT!"as they start popping out of their rooms...everyone had on their holloween pj's and they all ran down the stairs and on

the way down they see blood on the floor all the way into the other room as they all slowly went to the room they see a tiger munching on crane's head then tio yelled

"HOLY SHIT!"then the tiger stops munching on crane's head and eats him whole like a snake as he saw them he was going after them"mmm more food"then they all

start running up the stairs but one of them was not here...as viper was going with them but she felt a chain holding her...then the killer tiger starts eating viper as she

screams and then tigress yelled"VIPER!"then the tiger saw her then she starts to run as the killer was after her...as she ran to the others they all closed the door

but the killer tiger kept bashing and smashing the door open then mantis was getting scared"oh man..this might be worse than if i get a girlfriend and she eats my head!"

then tigress starts to kick the wall to the other room as she kept doing so they ran to every room and while the killer still think they are still in the same room

they all start to run down stairs to the door but when they was running out the door luna and tigress was going to kick the door but when they did they start

screaming as their foot started to swell up"ow ow ow ow ow"as they kept blowing it...then the killer tiger start to come down the stairs looking and luna and the teens

"i want you teens"then tio thought for a second"luna..be a dragon!"when luna was going to transform the killer tiger snickered"if you do that..then the jade palace

and the rocks will fall on you...but luna didn't listen and start to grow and grow into a dragon then when the jade palace start to rumble

and luna brings everyone under her and she curled up to shield them...when the rocks start to fall, it damaged the jade palace and maybe luna too.

:O...viper and crane are eaten...will luna and the rest stop the killer tiger or will they all be eaten