I know this isn't my usual type of story, but it's been stuck in my head for the past two days and I finally managed to type it up. So R&R!

Dear Pharaoh,

Hey, long time no write! It's been pretty crazy here since our little "Hikairi" came along: Her name is Lydia Deetz and she's a breather. You won't believe who her "Yami" is...Jounouchi of all people! It really reminds me of you and Yugi.

Well, everything here is as abnormal as usual Pharaoh. Lydia, who has become one of the family as it were, has been keeping our resident beetle eater in check and the chaos has lessened because of it, Thank goodness. Hopefully we can all get back together again to catch up. I know secretly Jounouchi has been missing both Kaiba brothers fiercely (one more so then the other) how are they doing anyway? Have you heard from them?

"Hey fly-breath, get your butt down here! We'll be late for the Marti-gross festival!" Ginger smiled softly as she heard a familiar little goth girl berating him for insulting her.

"Beetlejuice! Ginger is your friend, you shouldn't call her names."

"Aw, babes! Wait...What's a friend?" Ginger's smile turned into a grin and she turned herself towards her door.

"I'll meet you outside!" With that she turned back to the letter-in-progress.

Well, Jounouchi is calling me so I better finish this up. I'm doing good by the way, trying to get me dancing career back up here in the Neitherworld. We all miss you, Pharaoh Atem, and hope you are well.

Watch out for Sandworms!

Ginger"Anzu Mazaki" Salticidae

"Ginge! Hurry up! You would think with six feet she would move faster." Ginger walked over to the window and poked her head out.

"I'm almost ready, hold your stripes. Geez." With that she slammed the window shut, went over to her desk, grabbed the letter, stuffed it in the envelope, and rushed outside.

"Bout time. Let's go already." The spider simply gave a nod and put the letter in the mailbox, flipped the flag up and hopped into Doomie's back seat next to Jacques.

"Ready." Beetlejuice just let out a huff and plopped his rear into the driver's seat with Lydia taking shotgun, soon the group was off. After a while Beetlejuice looked over his shoulder at the spider with a curious glint.

"So Ginge, who was that letter for?" Ginger gave the ghost a quick glance.

"Oh? Just an old friend in Fleagpt." The blonde haired ghost just turned his head back to the road, but not without a small knowing smirk.

"Cool, cool."

Yea, the idea of Ginger and Beetlejuice being Anzu and Jounouchi was stuck in my skull and I know It's short, but I didn't want it to feel to dragged out. R&R.