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Kyoko and Ren's Youtube Channel vs. Yashiro

Yashiro was browsing through Kyoko and Ren's youtube channel which was made private now. The president had to take over it since that night, much to Ren and Kyoko's protest. They had a lot of subscribers already and to take it down suddenly would be such a rude thing to do to them. But Lory had to do what he had to do in order to protect his talents' careers.

So now, also Yashiro was given access to it so he could catch up to what his charges' had been up to the past months and to gauge their progress and capacity in their work since he had to screen all their work offers for them.

As he was browsing through their videos, his eyes caught the words "LET GO." Intrigued by what he thought it would mean, he clicked on it and the video started. It was black fading in to a black and white scene as the melodic and melancholy sound of the piano started. It was a beautiful sight of a sunrise somewhere. Then it changed to a street view. It was pointing straight ahead showing the lines of the road and on the side there was a sign that leads to a Ryokan. Then Kyoko's voice started singing.

It's time that you know I gotta let go

Although I don't show

I've been lost since a long time ago

Stereo now turned to mono

Our paths are changing directions

"Aahh… Wooww…" Yashiro was fan-girling inside. "She finally let go! I know this isn't appropriate but I'm happy and excited for her and the possibilities!"

Tell me fate, If this is it for me then this is my, My last letter

All the words within I wrote again, Reaching out to you

These feelings, do you even know

So many to let go, Unpuzzle my lego

Strayed too far, From where we were

A place we can't return to

So be it, don't cry, I'mma let you go and fly

"Wow Kyoko-chan, rap skills too? This is getting intense!" Yashiro squealed in disbelief and delight.

Then the video was showing clips of several views and landmarks of Kyoto. It still have that nostalgic black and white filter to it that makes you think of your childhood memories which was what the video was going for because the song is talking about letting go of the past.

As the days dragged on, I'm only keeping myself busy

Trying hard to fill the void, I'm filling up my schedule

No matter what I tried to do

Burning on my mind like a black tattoo

Reminiscing those joyful days

Feeling happy just to call your name

No but I'm fine with taking all the blame

Now that it is time to say goodbye

Then, it showed clips of scenes on the road. It was clearly filmed through the windshield of a car and while driving. By the street signs that were shown on the clip, it was heading towards Tokyo. The scene changed to a train crossing and the stop sign lit up as the gate closed down. There was a girl on the other side of the closed gate with her back to the camera walking away like she just passed the crossing before the gate closed down. Then, the girl was gone after the train passed by and the gate slowly opened up. The camera slowly panned up to the sky.

It's time that you know, I gotta let go

Although I don't show

I've been lost since a long time ago

Stereo now turned to mono

Our paths are changing directions, it goes on and on

The camera lowered from the scene of the sky and showed a path that leads to the forest somewhere. It slowly followed the empty path showing the beautiful and lush greenery of the surroundings as the tone of the picture slowly warmed up from black and white to the color of life around. Then, the path lead to a peaceful stream on a bright sunny day.

In letting go of your hands

And wasting all of your plans

I gotta let you know that I need to let you go

It's hard to say goodbye that I can't deny

I'm ready to let go

I'm ready to let go

I'm ready to let go
I'm ready to let go

It took in the beautiful stream as it closed in deeper into the clearing. The water sparkled as it slowly panned to look around it and back to the path, then turned around back to the stream. But it wasn't empty like before, there was a woman showing her back to the camera dressed in a simple white dress with a floppy hat happily playing in the water and looking up into the sky and the scene faded white.

"Woowww…" Yashiro thought. He couldn't believe it. It was just beautiful and so bittersweet at the same time. The ending was a bit hopeful, lyrics and video wise, but still bittersweet. He just couldn't believe that his two charges found the time and energy to film this wonderful music video. "When did they have the time to go on a trip? To Kyoto at that?"

He shook his head. He was just speechless. He didn't know you could express a lot of emotions or be touched by a video with just scenery and so little human appearance in it. It was just so incredible. He could not truly wrap his head around how Kyoko and Ren could produce this with just those kind of scenes but he could easily imagine how greater it would be if Kyoko and Ren could have really starred in it.

Yashiro sighed in resignation to both of their ridiculous talents. He should not even be surprised like this. This was Kyoko and Ren he was checking out. What couldn't they do? So, he scrolled and browse some more and ended up on their private videos playlist and saw a familiar title: "Waste It On Me." He clicked on it.

It started and showed something Yashiro has never seen in their videos before. "Ah, so that's why the video is private," Yashiro thought in realization. They were in a room which Yashiro guessed was one of Ren's extra bedrooms. The background was just white and they were each sitting on a stool with microphones on a stand in front of them. Ren was holding an acoustic guitar and Kyoko was covering her blushing face with her two hands.

"Are we really gonna do this?" Kyoko squeaked.

"It's my turn, remember? It's just the short version like yours." Ren pouted but was amused. He knew she was going to do it no matter how embarrassed she was. That was how professional Kyoko was. He knew he was basically taking advantage of her with this but it was really not an unfair request since it was his turn to pick the song. Then, he started playing the guitar with a smirk.


You say love is messed up

You say that it don't work

You don't wanna try, no, no

Ren started singing and looked over at Kyoko with a smile and a raised eyebrow. Kyoko scrunched her nose and glare at him in a playful manner. Then she straightened and took a breath as she started to sing her turn.


And baby, I'm no stranger

To heartbreak and the pain of

Always being let go

She looked straight at Ren with an honest, vulnerable eyes and she did not break eye contact. Ren looked back into her eyes with a very serious look in his eyes as he let his eyes communicate what he seriously felt for her.

Kyoko: And I know there's no making this right, this right

Ren: And I know there's no changing your mind, your mind (Your mind)

Kyoko:But we both found each other tonight, tonight

Ren: So if love is nothing more, Than just a waste of your time

Waste it on me2x (Kyoko harmonizing with him)

Ren then started to smile and Kyoko couldn't help but do the same as they both harmonize with each other to sing the chorus.

Tell me why not waste it on me, Waste it on me

Baby why not waste it on me, Waste it on me

Tell me why not waste it on me, Waste it on me

Ren went on with the rap as usual as he basically confessed to her in this verse. He finally broke eye contact as he closed his eyes. He was too nervous to see the look in her eyes as he sang this.


Don't you think there must be a reason

Yeah, like we had our names

Don't you think we got another season

That come after spring

I wanna be your summer

I wanna be your wave

Treat me like a comma

And I'll take you to a new phrase

Ya, come just eat me and throw me away

If I'm not your taste, babe, waste

Waste it on me

Meanwhile, Yashiro was fan-girling without a care in his own apartment. His neighbors did not get any solid sleep that particular night because of the sudden screams unconsciously coming from the mouth of none other than the number one fan of Kyoko and Ren ship.


And I know there's no making this right, this right

And you know there's no changing my mind, my mind

But fate found us together tonight, tonight

So if love is nothing more, Than just a waste of my time

Kyoko looked down and focused on belting out her pre-chorus verse all on her own which was the higher octave of Ren's. She sounded so beautiful. Yashiro's jaw just automatically drop in awe of her angelic voice. The lyrics also fit her so perfectly that it was just so cute. He could not help that girly squeal coming from somewhere deep inside him.

Ren: Why not waste it on me, Waste it on me

I know why not waste it on me, Waste it on me

Baby why not waste it on me, Waste it on me

I know why not waste it on you, Waste it on me

(Waste it on me)

Kyoko: Baby why not~~

As Kyoko sang that last line, Ren was smiling that heavenly smile already and when Kyoko caught a glimpse of that smile she turned tomato red and covered her face again with her two hands in embarrassment. The last sound you could hear was Ren's low chuckle in the background and the video ended.

It was so close but not yet. It was such a cliffhanger for the two of them. Yashiro's jaw permanently dropped open. It's not closing up anymore. It dropped because of Kyoko's voice. It dropped because he was squealing like a fan girl because of Ren teasing Kyoko and because of the obvious lyrics from Ren confessing his love or pursuing Kyoko. Just everything! It was just too good, too romantic, too beautiful, too much talent and just too much for Yashiro to handle.

That was the night when technology broke Yashiro instead of Yashiro breaking the techs he holds. Technology has finally had its revenge on Yashiro through Ren and Kyoko's Youtube channel.

I didn't know it would end up like this… It's always like this, back then and even now. Somehow the ending just make its own. Haha… I didn't even know what to title it and with that ending, the title was formed. Lol… sorry guys… that's just how my mind works. I sincerely hoped you guys liked it. This was not the first or second choice of songs for the next chapter but somehow it ended up that way. I just got blocked in my other song picks. I couldn't come up with any solid backstory for them. So this one was pretty simple and I enjoyed it because it kind of coincide with the current manga chapters. Yashiro is just my inner fangirl coming out… Sorry it's so short but it's a glimpse of progress in their relationship through Yashiro's perspective. Just a cute, bite size, romantic chapter… (^_^)

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