Hey guys, this is my first fan fiction, so please let me know what you think. :) Disclaimer : i don't own PLL sadly :(

Chapter 1: Heartbroken

Emily's POV

My life with Maya flashed before my eyes, thinking of all of the happy times we had together. I was trying to get out of Spencer's firm grip to run to the body that was thought to belong to Maya. "This can't be happening again," I sobbed calapsing into Spencer's awaiting arms.

"It's ok. Let it out," Spencer said comfortingly into my ear.

"Why couldn't it have been me?" I whimpered.

"Don't say that!" Hanna, Aria, and Spencer yelled in unison.

"Come on, honey let's go inside," My mom said approaching us.

"I can't, I can't feel my legs or much of anything but the breaking of my heart."

"Do you want me to carry you?" Caleb asked coming from behind us.


"Come on its freezing out here," He said.

With that Caleb swooped me into his arms despite the fact that I was wiggling around, trying to get down. He finally put me down on my bed, closing the door to give me some privacy.

* 1 Week Later *

Aria's POV

"Em, please come out," I yelled disparately through Emily's bedroom door.

Spencer, Hanna, and I were all gathered around the door, trying to get her to come out. But, Emily wouldn't talk let alone come out of the room. All you could hear was the heartbreaking crying coming from the other side of the door. After it was clear that she wasn't going to come out anytime soon, we moved away from the door so that we could talk without Emily hearing us.

"We need to so something and get her out of that room, and stop crying," Hanna said.

"Wow, thanks for stating the obvious, Han," Spencer said, getting a death stare from Hanna in response.

I couldn't believe that they were going to start fighting, so when Hanna went to go say something i gave her a face that said, ' drop it'.

"Anyway, does anyone have any ideas?" Hanna asked, still glaring at Spencer.

"Well, I have one," I said sheepishly.

"Well? Out with it!" Hanna and Spencer yelled.

"Never mind, it might make her more upset."

"Tell us, and we'll decide that together," Spencer said.

"Well, if we bring one of her ex-girlfriends maybe she'll forget about Maya being died," I said.

Hanna said, " Who did you have in mind? Paige? OH hell, no! Did you forget about -"

I cut her off, " No, I hate her as much as you do. I was thinking -"

This time Spencer cut in, "Samara?" She said with a hint of a devious smile. we all liked Samara the best but we didn't tell Em that, to avoid her getting mad and starting a fight.

"Only one problem. None of us have her number," I said.

"Actually, I do. The one night when Samara and Em went on a date, Emily said her phone might die so she gave me Samara's."

"Why just give it to you?" Spencer asked a little jealous.

"She was still staying at my house at the time."

"What are you waiting for then? Call her!" I shouted.