Fudou belongs to Level 5

Fudou locked himself into the bathroom. Quickly rummaging through the chestnut colored cabinet,

he pulled out a can of shaving cream and that stupid old razor his dad always used.

That stupid light green razor with the giggling penguins kicking soccer balls.

It was mocking him. Even his favorite animal was mocking him.

Sighing, Fudou decided to continue the task at hand. Applying the shaving cream and turning on the razor,

Fudou started to shave off most of his short brown hair. Using his newly bought hair gel,

Fudou started to apply it on what little hair was left.

Looking into the dirty mirror, Fudou saw an unfamiliar person. A young boy around his age with a Mohawk and

a satisfied smirk plastered on his face. Was this really him? He felt like a totally new person.

He felt almost free. 'I could probably get away with anything,' thought the new Fudou.

"Not to mention people would probably stay away from me. I look like a gang member,' he exclaimed.

Taking his time admiring his new look, Fudou pulled out his penguin themed cellphone.

The digital digits read 5:36 p.m. Walking out of the bathroom, he was ready the show the world the new him.

Just three months ago, Fudou had been through one of the biggest transformations of his life.

He still remembers the shocked reaction of his parents. His dad dropped his beer can and stared at his son

with his eyes expanded to their maximum. Fudou's mom started to scream hysterically for a good 15 minutes

before she collapsed on the floor and cried like a mad woman. Her frail body shaking and her eyes bright red,

like that of a rabbits. Fudou just watched as both of his parents broke down.

He couldn't help but feel a sense of victory.

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