Macaria lay herself on her parents bed, sighing as she sank into the dark silk bedding that enveloped her in her parents scent. The soft sound of footsteps approached her and she knew it could only be her mother, Persephone. She did not care for what others thought of her, Macaria agreed with her father when he said she was the most beautiful Goddess of all. Her mother encompassed both the light and darkness of the world, letting the beauty of both radiate within her.

"Macaria, darling, what troubles you? You are not in your usual high spirits and your father and I are worried about you" Her mother sat beside her, a gentle hand combing its way through her daughters soft hair. She sighed, enjoying the comforting touch of her mother. It was a shame she would be leaving so soon to bring spring to the mortals.

"Mother, when did you know you loved father?" Persephone blushed at this.

"It is hard to say…I think I loved him well before I knew I did, I suppose you could say when we began to speak on Mount Olympus"

"So you loved him before you were married?"

"Yes I believe so…"

"so…I will not end up in Tartarus for loving a man before I am married?"

"No of course not! Wherever did you get such an idea?" Persephone knew the answer before she received it, "Melinoe told you didn't she? I love both my daughters with all my heart but your sister must stop putting such thoughts into your head."

"She just enjoys mischief mother. Besides it is my own folly for believing her, you would think after all this time I would be used to her trickery."

They smiled at one another, until a little smirk - one she saw to often on her fathers lips (and subsequently her sisters)- appear upon her mothers face.

"Now then, darling daughter of mine, I do believe I heard something in there about you 'Loving a man'?"

Macaria quickly shot out of bed.

"Oh would you look at the hour! Father will be back from judging the souls and we all know if I don't go now Melinoe will only cause the shades more misery while they prepare dinner-!"

"Macaria" She sighed and laid back down. She resigned herself to the knowledge that out of everyone she could have been forced to tell, her mother wasn't the worst choice. "Do I know him?"

"Yes" Quite well infact…

"And your father?"

"Oh he knows father quite well"

"Wonderful! And is he a God? Or is he a…well…"

"He's a God, mother" She knew why the question was handled with such delicacy. To fall in love with a mortal would be foolish, as one day her lover would be judged by her own father and she would have to watch him be sentenced to which ever fate he deemed suitable. That was not a fate Macaria felt she could face knowingly.

"And what is he like?" Macaria looked up in surprise, expecting her mother to simply ask who he was outright " No need to look at me like that! I was young and in love once upon a time, and I know that asking who he is futile, so I'll just settle for simple questions"

Macaria couldn't love her mother more than she did in that moment. She fell back into the bed, grabbing a pillow and holding it to her chest.

"He's wonderful mother. He's so kind and loyal. He understands mortals more than I've ever known and feels such pain for them. He's so misunderstood by others yet he carries this burden with no complaint. If only others took the time to know him I know they would change their mind. Yet at the same time the thought of others loving him as I do makes me feel ill and angry."

"You sound just like me when I was your age. So terribly in love with your father I hardly understood why my mother disliked him so much! I thought he could do no wrong, which is preposterous but he was just so kind to me. And then when that trollop Menthe threw her self at him why I thought I -"

"Mother" Macaria interrupted with a grin on her face. "you're rambling"

Persephone simply laughed with her daughter.

"Sorry my love, I tend to get rather carried away when I think about your father. You'll find love does things like that to you. Not that I'm complaining. Your father has given me the greatest life I could ask for…" she smiled fondly at her daughter, until a teasing look shone in her eyes "So…Whens the wedding?"

Macaria felt her whole body turn an embarrassing shade of red as her mother laughed.

"Mo-Mother! Do stop teasing me!…Besides," She said with disappointment, " He hardly thinks anything of me"

"I'm sure that's not true" Hushed Persephone, embracing her daughter as she lay beside her.

"He hardly notices me…Not to mention how quiet and awkward I am around him. No matter how hard I try to show him I have matured he seems to only remember when I was young and inexperienced…I doubt I'll ever be good enough for a God like him"

"Macaria, I want you to listen to me" her eyes lifted to her mother, who wore a serious look on her face. "You are wonderful. You are beautiful and smart and you are caring. Your powers are a reflection of your kind heart and any God or Mortal would be most fortunate to have your affections."

"Do you really think so?"

"I know so. Besides, if worse comes to worse we can always convince your father and Thanatos to scare some sense into him!"

Macaria laughed with her mother, praying to the Fates she had not noticed her tense at the mention of Thanatos, The God of death - the man she loved with the very essence of her being.

"I know you're hiding in here Melinoe" Hades smirked as he heard his daughter laugh. She jumped out from behind his bookshelf.

"BOO! Oh daddy you keep ruining my fun! How will I ever frighten you if you keep on finding me?"

"Ah my little terror, you will never frighten me. After all, I am the most feared of the Gods" At this they both laughed and Melinoe lunged into her fathers arms.

"Father even you have to admit I am starting to rival you for that title! Oh you should have seen them last night daddy! All the screams and terror! And the hounds, baying and howling at the sight of me as I paraded the lost souls across their town!" Melinoes energy levels heightened as she recalled her nightly pursuits of the mortal mind. She began to childishly re-enact the most foul or humorous scenes for her father, while he sat himself in his throne and observed her lovingly.

Terrifying to mortals she may be, but to Hades she was still his little girl. The daughter who had spent her life mirroring his image. The daughter who had tried and failed to scare him in his own home. Who had become a terror to the messenger Hermes, scaring him with every opportunity that arose. Who now took delight and pleasure at the madness she could inflict on the mortal mind by just one look. Who loved and cared for the lost souls on earth.

And whilst his youngest beloved daughter would sometimes accompany his wife to the surface, Melinoe had always been very vocal about her feelings on leaving the underworld. Only once in her childhood had she left willingly, taking with her a box where she had hidden her personal shades. She had chosen to release them in front of her grand mothers temple and scared half of the witnesses to insanity. She was returned to him within an hour of her departure, with a personal plea from Demeter to not release her again until she had fully realised her powers. But Hades had seen the intoxicated gleam in his daughter's eyes and knew she had already found it.

She had been his constant companion, his entertainment through sorrow and loneliness. And while he would always love both his daughters equally, Melinoe had been his loyal and much loved friend.

"Dad…Daddy? FATHER!" Melinoe stood at her fathers feet, hands on her hips and looking surprisingly like her mother.

"Forgive me my darling, I was simply wondering what was for dinner" Melinoe sighed, grabbing her fathers hand and began dragging him out of the hall.

"What is it with men and food? Don't you have anything better to think about!"

After months of preparation and research I have finally posted the first in my series of Greek Mythology One-shots! Focusing (Of course) on my immortal OTP Hades and Persephone, and their often over looked children!

Please let me know what you think or if you have any particular requests!