The next morning I pulled out my school backpack and emptied out all the books, love notes, and paper I had and filled it with clothes, money, water, and a picture of the whole family before my dad had the heart attack. I left my mom a note that said, Dear Mom, im sorry im not here. Scarlet was kidnaped and im going to find her. I love you, the girls are with One Direction, Cat. Then I ran to Beck's small trailer and banged on the thin metal door until he opened it. "Hey Cat what's- whoa! What happened to you?" he asked. " Scarlet's been kidnaped! You have got to help me!" I sputtered. " Hey, hey! Its ok. We will find Scarlet. Let me just pack my bag." I sat down on his bed as he grabbed all the same stuff that I did. We rushed outside into the foggy morning, watching every kid we saw shuffle to school. I felt a vibrate, and I reached into my pocket for my phone. "Oh my god! Its Scarlet!" I breathed. " Ugh! Ugh! It says Scarlet is alive but not for long. Bring me 500 dollars on today in the alleyway by Nozu. And come alone. "Oh my god! I don't have 500 dollars!" I screamed. "No! No! Cat, we'll just go and I'll wait behind you. If you get scared just scream and I'll be right next to you. Just calm down!" He said encouragingly. I nodded and walked quietly to Nozu. Every step felt like I was walking on broken glass. When I finally got to the alleyway, Beck pulled me into a close hug and I felt his soft pink lips brush against mine. He smiled and said "I'll be waiting right here for you if you need me." I felt small tears drip down my face as I nodded. I took a deep shuddering breath as I slowly turned around to the dark alleyway. I took small quiet steps towards the large dumpsters suddenly I felt a large hard hand wrap around my mouth. I tried to scream but it was to late