hello again this is chapter 2

ichigo: what are you going to do to us yc(short for yoroichicat)

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chapter 2

rukia's point of view

'what the hell are you laughing at and why are you both still alive?' ichigo growled beside me. i looked up at captain aizen who was still smirking evilly 'come gin our work here is done' he said quietly but not to quiet for us not to hear. gin still in fits of laughter tearing slightly said 'yes *giggle* lets go *giggle* lord *giggle* aizen. after all we have done *giggle* what we came here to achieve *giggle*'. they started walking back into the garganta, next to me ichigo's rietsu was boiling 'what did you come here for you bastards' he screamed at the garganta *no answer* all me and ichigo could hear were the echoing fits of gins laughter. ichigo obviously pissed off jumped up to the garganta quickly followed by me. we leapt through the sky rip and landed in pure and utter darkness.

after what seemed like hours we woke up in...

cliff hanger mwahahahahahaahahaha

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