Character profile:

Name: Miley Roxanne Goodwin.

Age: 17.

Family: Dad: director Rex Goodwin.

Uncle: Roman Goodwin.

Mother (died the night before third birthday).

Friends: Kalin Kessler, Yusei Fudo, Jack Atlas, Akiza Izinski, Crow Hogan, Luna, Leo, Trudge, Mina, Lazar, Martha, Carly Carmine, Amber, (not friends till later –Bruno, Sherry LeBlanc, dragan, Halldor, Brodor, Jean, Breo, Andre)

Talents: singing, playing the guitar and the piano, dueling, cooking, almost any sport, and surfing.

Likes: dueling, picking on jack and crow, helping with the duel runners, hanging and shopping with Carly and Akiza.

Dislikes: people who think their better than everyone else, her dad and uncle. Trudge when he being annoying. And lazar, clowns just creep her out.

Personality: she cares deeply for her friends, especially Luna and Leo because if anyone hurt them she would turn into mama bear. She hates it when someone calls her daddy's little princess, she more like daddy's little rebel

Past: on the night before her third birthday, someone broke in and her mother went to investigate what was going on, and Miley woke scared and went to look for her mother, and when Miley got to the top of the stairs, she saw the one who broke in shot her mother, and that night miley's psychic powers materialized, and she smashed the man into the wall and killed him. Later on that night when rex came home and saw Miley curled up to her mother body and crying, and saw the man in the wall he knew what happened and called Sector Security. After that Miley and her father has always had a strained relationship. A few years later when she was 7, she met jack, crow, Yusei, and Kalin they were friends in an insisted, but she was always afraid to tell them about her powers. When she turned 14 her dad told her that she also that a different power too, it just had to be unlocked and that just happen to be the power of the crimson dragon. A few days later the boys have their fight and go their separate way until Kalin goes crazy, and they have to find him ...ECT, when she turned 17 she met slayer and Akiza, and went to the Arcadia Movement and that where the story begins.

Other info on past: Miley used to sneak out and go to the satellite that's how she met the boys.

(Oh and I based Miley off of me )

Other info of the story: I'm going to make miley's birthday the same day as the world racing grand prix gala (episode 73) and for the other characters I'll make their birthdays whenever.

Couple pairing: Yusei and Akiza (of course)

Jack and Carly (duh)

Trudge and mina (are married from the beginning of the story. Plus she doesn't have a crush on jack)

Crow and amber (amber is my O.C. and they make a cute couple)

Bruno and Sherry LeBlanc (I think they are a cute couple)

Miley and Dragan (I have always though he was cute, but they won't become a couple until much later, and i mean much later)