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The fair haired boy, Ralph, pointed to a cream colored thing that lay among the weeds. "Look. What's that?"

"A stone."

"No, it's a shell."

The fat boy, Piggy, gasped. "You're right! And I seen one like that before on somebody's wall, he used to blow on it and his mum would come. It's ever so valuable-" He continued to babble.

Ralph tore out the stem of a palm sapling and dragged it through the water, scattering the fishes. Piggy leaned dangerously and piped up. "Careful, you'll break it!"

"Shut up." The shell was interesting and pretty, and he bended the palm sapling and pushed the shell across the reeds and it rose, dripping with water.

Piggy grabbed it and held it in his hands and continued to talk."A conch! It is ever so expensive, I'd bet you'd have to pay pounds and pounds for one! And he had it on his garden wall, he did! My auntie-"

Ralph plucked the shell out of Piggy's hands and examined it, cream colored with hints of fading pink, covered in a delicate swirling pattern. Gently, he shook the sand from it.

"-mooed like a cow, and he also had some stones, and a colorful bird, a parrot if I can recall...But he didn't blow the white stones, or the parrot, obviously. An' he said-" Piggy paused to take a breath.

"Ralph! We can use this to call a meeting and find others-" Piggy stopped for a moment. It didn't take long for him to start again. "Ralph! Look! There's somebody!"

At that, Ralph looked up and waved toward the figure walking down the beach. Whoever it was appeared to see him, and started to walk towards him and Piggy. As the figure got closer, he realized that it was a girl. She stopped and stood before them, looking them over with dark eyes. The girl put her hands on her hips and squinted, as if trying to figure them out.

"You don't look like adults."

"We're not." Ralph said.

"I can see that now." She replied dryly.

"I'm pretty sure there aren't any adults around." Ralph added politely.

She turned towards Ralph. "And who are you, blondie?"

Looking slightly annoyed at her choice of words, Ralph spoke anyway. "I'm Ralph. And he's Piggy."

The brunette girl grinned broadly. "Piggy? Your parents named you that? They must not like you very much."

Ralph couldn't help but laugh at her remark.

"I thought I told you not to tell anyone!" Piggy protested to Ralph. "And I live with my auntie." He said to the girl.

It took her a moment to speak, almost as if she was considering whether or not to tell them her name. "I'm Giselle...where did you get that?" Giselle pointed at the conch in Ralph's hand.

"Ralph found it!" Piggy beamed. Giselle, however, pointedly turned her back to Piggy, deciding that Ralph would be much more interesting to talk to.

Piggy cut in again. "We were going to have a meeting, remember? They will come if they hear us. Isn't that why you took the conch in the first place?"

"How did your friend blow the conch?" Ralph asked.

Pleased with recognition, Piggy told him. "He spat. My auntie wouldn't let me blow on the conch you know, on account of my asthma. Just blow here. You try, Ralph. You can call the others."

Ralph put it to his mouth and blew. There was no sound. "It didn't work."

"Oh really?" Giselle raised an eyebrow sarcastically.

"Well you try then." Ralph held it out it her.

She shook her head, nose wrinkling in disgust. "You put your mouth on that!" She exclaimed, as if that were the worst thing in the world.

"He kind of spat." Piggy repeated.

Ralph tried again, pushing air into the shell. A low, farting noise resulted. This amused both boys greatly, and Ralph continued to blow, pausing each time to laugh. Giselle just scowled. "Quit buggering around and just blow the thing!"

Though he didn't respond verbally to her, he took a deep breath and hit it with air from his diaphragm. That was when the conch finally sounded. It was a loud note, harsh and deep, seeming to echo through the whole island and bring birds from the treetops to the skies. Giselle let out a startled gasp.

Ralph took it from his lips and stared at the conch in surprise. "How's that?" He grinned at Giselle.

The girl just blinked in surprise. "...Do it again," she urged.

He lifted it to his lips again and blew.

Amelia wasn't sure how long she had been wandering about in the jungle, however she had a feeling it had been a long time. Her short blonde hair stuck to her forehead, and even though she had ditched her school sweater and was wearing nothing but a gray undershirt, it did little to ease her discomfort in the hot jungle. Despite all of this, it put no damper on her mood. It's so pretty in here, I like it... She continued to walk, no, walk wasn't the right word, not quite. It was something more like a skip, and the occasional leap-and-twirl. She brushed past a tree, and let out a little yelp when something tugged at her skirt. What is tha-

"Oh!" Giggling, the girl sighed in relief. "It's just a creeper vine." Carefully she plucked it from her skirt and continued across the jungle, passing the long scar that marred the island. Amelia stopped for a moment. It was silent near the scar, as if nothing dared to make noise in the area.

That was when she heard the sound. It sounded as if some sort of instrument was being blown. "Perhaps it was an adult!" She exclaimed once the harsh sound had stopped. "Maybe they will take me home." Amelia said to herself, thinking aloud as she often did. The sound started up again and so Amelia followed it.

It didn't take long for her to find her way onto the beach, and even less time for her to spot the granite platform and the three people who appeared to be standing upon it. As she approached the platform, she waved to them. "Hello! Were you the ones who made those noises?" Amelia inquired. Without waiting for an answer she hoisted herself up onto the platform. Taking note of the conch that the fair-haired one had, she blinked at it. What an interesting color, that shell. I bet it cost a lot of money. "Where'd you buy that shell? I want one too!"

"What's your name?" The fair haired boy asked.

Before she could answer, the dark haired girl spoke. "Can I call you shrimp?"

"Why would you want to do that?" Amelia questioned.

"You're short!" The girl answered.

"Okay, you can do that. But my name's Amelia!"

The fair haired boy spoke again. "Um, well okay. I'm Ralph, that's Giselle-" He pointed to the dark-haired girl. "And this is Pi-"

"We're going to have a meeting soon." A fat boy cut in.

She brightened at this. "Oh, a meeting? I like meetings!"

The dark haired girl who stood next to Ralph rolled her eyes. "It's not that exciting."

"Oh, but it is!" Amelia protested.

More began to pour out of the jungle, boys and girls making their way towards the platform. Two small children stood before them, little girls with curled hair so blond it was almost white. They couldn't have been more than eight years old. There however was one difference between them, one had blue eyes like chips of ice, the other, pale green. Piggy helped them up to the platform.

"Aww, how cute." She gushed when she saw the two. "What are your names?" Amelia grinned at the small girls.

"None of your business!" The blue eyed girl yelped. Her words came out slightly garbled and hard to understand, but fierce for one so small.

Not well versed with littlun-speak, she was confused. "Nonyerbusiness? I've never heard that name before."

The green eyed girl replied, much easier to understand than her blue-eyed counterpart. "That's not her name! She said, "none o' your business!" But her real name is Ivy, and I'm Winnie." Her lips spread into a smirk, eyes glistening cheerfully.

The blue-eyed one, Ivy, hit the other girl atop of her head. "Stupid! Don't tell them that!"

Winnie yelped and rubbed her head. "Hey!"

"Alright, none o' yer business and Winnie, sit down. We're gonna have a meeting." Giselle instructed, and pointed.

"I'm not a doggie! Don't tell me sit down-" Ivy started, but Winnie pushed down on her twin sister's head, pulling her down to sit with her.

Ralph continued to the blow the conch, cutting off their argument.

Others made it to the platform, and once observing the two twin girls, who sat somewhat obediently before the one with the conch, they did the same. Amelia watched as Piggy weaved across the crowd, taking names and asking for ages. The others were compliant, cooperating just as they would have if it were a man with a megaphone who had called them all here. Most of the boys were half-naked, trailing their shirts behind them or carrying their clothes. Most of the girls kept their sweaters or school jackets on. The few who did take them off had them tied around their waists or neck, like a cape. She giggled to herself. What's wrong with them? Aren't they hot with those on?

Amelia had grown tired of standing near Ralph and his two companions, so she retreated under a palm tree and sat there, eagerly waiting for the meeting to commence. While she sat there, she observed the others. There was of course, Ralph, the boy with hair that was even more fair than her own, he seemed like he knew what he was doing. Then there was the plump boy who never gave a name, and Giselle, and even though Amelia had only known her for a short amount of time, she had come to the conclusion that seemed alright, even if she never seemed to smile much. I wonder why she's so cross...I heard if you frowned too much your face would freeze into that expression...At least that's what my grandma told me.

There were others too, as she looked at the mass of children and teenagers in numerous school outfits, hair of all colors, fair, chestnut, dark, dirty blondes, and even the occasional red hair. I like red hair, it's such an interesting color for hair, like apples, the red kind...But so is fair hair, I like that too...it is so shiny like gold. And then dark hair is so...Her train of thought derailed, and she snapped back to reality when she saw the dark thing heading towards the platform. What is that? Oh, haha, it's people!

A dark mass was descending down the beach, it appeared to be a group of mostly boys. There were girls there as well she noticed after careful analysis, every one of them wore dark cloaks and square-shaped caps with sliver badges fastened to the front. The group of people looked miserable, having to march on in such dark attire.

At the head was a tall boy, who seemed to be leading him. The first thing Amelia noticed was that his badge was in fact, not silver, but gold. He shouted an order at them and the party stopped, gasping for breath. The tall boy who she assumed to be the leader launched himself up onto the platform and faced Ralph.

"Where's the man with the trumpet?"

He must be blind or something, that's not a trumpet. Ralph answered him. "There isn't one, only me."

Coming closer, the tall boy came closer and peered at Ralph. A lock of red hair fell in his face. Oh, he has red hair! But he looks so scary, glaring like that. Apparently, he didn't like what he saw of Ralph and turned around, black cloak swishing. "There isn't a ship? Or a man?" He seemed frustrated, almost ready to turn to anger.

"Do you see a ship around here?" Giselle replied dryly, clearly not intimidated by his presence. The tall red-head ignored her snide remark, not even bothering to turn around and acknowledge her.

Despite the fact he had turned around, Ralph replied anyway. "Nope, but we're having a meeting, come join."

The group he commanded seemed to squirm, some breaking ranks, scattering the lines. "Choir! Stand still!" He barked at them.

Reluctantly, they obeyed, however some offered up soft protests. "Please...Merridew, can't we...?"

At that, one of the boys flopped into the sand, shattering the line. A girl with dishwater blonde hair stepped forward, almost as tall as the one named Merridew, but not quite. She pointed at two girls. "You two, take him and put him..." She turned to scan the platform and surrounding area, and Amelia blinked in surprise when she pointed in her direction. "Over there." She said finally. Though she wore a silver badge on her hat like the rest, apparently this girl held some kind of influence within the choir. The two girls scrambled to complete the task the other one assigned them.

Merridew looked displeased at her show of authority, but as soon as she had given the command, the blonde melted back into the crowd and he let it go. Amelia watched with interest as the girls came close and dragged the unconscious boy over, leaning him against the trunk of the tree.

"Hello," she whispered at the girls.

However, the two girls said nothing, and abandoning the boy, hurried back to their spot within the choir and obeyed when Merridew finally said, "Sit down." Directing his gaze slightly to the two girls, he added. "And let him alone. He's always throwing faints, you remember. He did in Gib and Addis, and at matins over the precentor." The choir sniggered at this, perching like dark birds and staring at Ralph with interest. Piggy didn't dare ask for names from them, their dark uniform and the size of the group put him off, not to mention the authority Merridew seemed to command over the choir. He ducked to the other side of Ralph, but Giselle stood straight up beside Ralph and glared at the choir harshly, as if daring them to do anything drastic.

The others continued to converse on what they should do now, but Amelia lost interest in them and stared at the boy who had fainted. He was skinny, most of his face hidden behind a dark mop of hair. Without thinking, Amelia unfastened the cloak and removed it from him, gently laying it down near him. She tried to remain discreet about it, remembering the one named Merridew who refused to let the others take their cloaks off. Thankfully they were too busy discussing what to do to bother with her. Maybe with that gone he will feel better. She held her arm up to his own, as if to compare her own skin to his tanned arms. I am so pale. She decided, and by then he began to stir.

"Hi!" Amelia chirped.

Still seemingly disoriented, the boy answered softly. "Hello..."

"How do you feel?"


Because she often spoke the first thing on her mind, and her mind was also often wandering randomly, the next thing she said to him, "You're cute." She decided.

He stuttered. "I-uh..." The boy struggled to find an adequate response, but he was spared of impending awkwardness, for she had already lost interest and turned her attention back to the meeting.

They were asking for names. When it came her turn, she told them, and the boy next to her was named Simon.

Then Merridew, or Jack, now that he had given his first name, spoke. "Now we have to decide about being rescued."

They all opened their mouths at once, making it hard for Amelia to understand any of it, except for one of the young boys, Henry, whining about wanting to go home.

"Shut up already." Giselle raised her voice.

Once they quieted, Ralph continued and lifted the conch. "I think that we need a chief to decide things."

The others echoed. "A chief! A chief!"

"I ought to be the chief," said Jack, rather arrogantly.

"Why you?" Giselle quipped, brushing strands of dark hair from her face.

"Because I'm chapter chorister and head boy."

"Oh, how fascinating." Giselle remarked sarcastically.

"I want to be a chief!" Amelia yelped. The choir didn't look too pleased with this, especially the dishwater blonde before, now that Amelia had spotted her again in the crowd, sneering.

"No." Jack said.

"Why not?"

"You're a girl. A girl can't be chief."

The crowd erupted into more chatter at that.

"Well, I-" Jack hesitated.

Roger spoke up. "Have a vote."

"Let's have a vote."


"Vote for chief!"

"Let's do that!"

Oh, a vote! That will be interesting...

"How about him, with the shell?" A voice called out.

Taking one look at him, and at the conch in his hands, she found herself agreeing. He looks like he'd be a better leader than I would be. And with that thought, all her ideas of becoming the chief herself went out the window.

The vote began. "Who wants Jack for chief?"

She watched as the choir raised their hands, some did it eagerly, others grudgingly, as if they were obligated to vote for the tall red-headed boy.

"Okay, now who wants me?" Hands all around shot up into the air, and Amelia herself raised her hand. They forgot to ask who wanted me for chief! But that's okay anyway, I don't really want to anymore.

Piggy was the only one who didn't seem to want to vote, however he grudgingly raised his hand for Ralph, who counted.

"I'm chief then!" The crowd applauded, the choir included. Needless to say, Jack wasn't pleased. Ralph, apparently wanting to offer him something to make amends, spoke.

"The choir belongs to you, of course."

"They could be the army-"

"Or hunters!"

"Jack is in charge of the choir." Ralph said, with an air of finality. He glanced at Jack. "What do you want them to be?"


"Alright choir, take off your togs." Jack instructed. They happily complied and shed their cloaks, piling them up in a pile in the grass.

Ralph smiled and held up the conch, waiting for silence.

"And so we've got to decide if this is an island or not. Three of us will go on the expedition." Ralph finished. "I'll go, and Jack-"

Giselle watched with a sort of detached interest, sitting down on one of the trunks, waiting for Ralph to choose another person.

"-Simon." Ralph decided. Simon stood up and nodded at Ralph.

"I'll go." Giselle looked up to see a tall blonde girl, picking her way through the crowd. Maria, that was her name. She stood up straight, as if daring anyone to argue with her, or claim she could not come.

"We already have-" Ralph began.

Piggy stirred. "I'll come."

"You'd be no good on a job like this." Ralph said.

Maria pounced on this opportunity with a wicked grin to further her case. "I'd be much better than he would!" Smart. Now they'll have to choose between her and Piggy-and everybody knows who they'll take.

Ralph, remembering that the girl obtained some ascendancy within the choir that almost rivaled Jack's authority, felt the need to offer her something as well. "You can come then."

Maria's grin grew even wider.

Piggy looked distraught. "But I-"

"We don't want you." Jack said, flatly. "We have enough."

His eyes flashed behind the thin wall of his glasses. "I was with him when he found the conch. I was with him before anyone else was."

Liar. I was there too...Well, not liked she cared anyway. She had better things to do than to go traipsing through the jungle with them and didn't want to go exploring. Well, maybe on second thought it would be exciting but they didn't need to know that.

"Giselle was there with us too, you don't see her complaining." Ralph countered.

At that Giselle stood up, wiping back the dark hair that was always falling in her face.

"Mm...I wouldn't mind if another girl came with us..." Maria started. Now they're really pushing the rules...Now's my chance! Not like it matters if they won't let me come, but still.

Ralph shrugged. "One more then."

"Yeah, yeah, I'll come." She kept what little excitement she felt well-hidden behind her monotone voice.

Piggy gaped slightly. He was the only one who was with Ralph from the start who wasn't going on the expedition now.

After that was decided, the others dispersed, and Giselle got up to follow the ones chosen for the expedition.

They fell into step, Simon having to shuffle every now and then to catch up with the other, taller members. She felt strangely in sync, walking like that. Piggy lingered, clearly not willing to give up. I am getting sick of this-

Ralph answered her, clearly wanting to fix the problem.


Jack, Simon, and Maria kept walking, pretending not to notice anything. But they weren't fooling her, she knew they were listening. Letting out an audible sigh she turned around, feeling somewhat responsible for this as well. If the other three noticed when she did, they did not show it.

"You can't come."

She turned around just in time to see his humiliated face and quickly decided to rub salt in his emotional wounds and added, "Go back to the others, we don't need you."

"You told em', after I said not to." He glared accusingly at them.

"What on earth are you talking about?" Ralph asked. She wanted to know the same thing.

"About being called Piggy. I said I didn't care as long as they didn't call me Piggy, an' you went right out and-"

"You didn't tell me anything!" Giselle insisted.

He turned on her. "You were there too! You were the first one he told, an' you knew too, that I didn't want to be called that."

She was about to respond but Ralph signaled at her to be quiet, because he saw with understanding that he was hurt and crushed. Giselle saw the same, but she simply didn't care.

"Better Piggy than Fatty." He said it with the directness of genuine leadership, and finally uttered something that sounded somewhat apologetic. "I'm sorry if you feel that way. Now go back Piggy, and take names. That's your job. So long." As Ralph turned and raced after the other two, Giselle stood, staring at the rejected boy for a moment, not really sympathetic but not fully disdainful either. Then she turned heel and ran, kicking up sand as she went.

The afternoon was slowly turning to evening. Cleverly hidden within the foliage of the jungle, leaned up against a tree trunk, there was a girl. Her chestnut brown hair curled around her forehead and she slept peacefully...as peacefully as one could when on the uncomfortable jungle floor. Luckily for the girl, she was a heavy sleeper. Not even the loudest of sounds could wake her, she would arise on her own time. She had slept for hours, the oppressive heat of the jungle lulled her into a lazy state, and eventually, she found herself a place and settled down, trying to forget the unfortunate circumstances. However, while she slept her mind refused to let them go, and so she dreamed.

"I will see you after everything calms down, I promise. They'll bring you back, and then maybe once the war is over, we can go back to our home." The older girl, her sister, the suitcase to her. "Remember the English phrases I taught you?"

The younger girl was nervous, eyes darting back and forth in the busy airport. Once she heard the question her older sister had asked, she looked up and grinned. "Yes." Though it was only one word, it felt foreign and strange on her tongue, though she had practiced the word and others over numerous times. Her knowledge of English was still very basic.

After all, they had moved because of the war not too long ago, thinking England was safe. That, and the fact that the girl's older sister, Franciska was fluent in the language. She however, only knew one language and that was Hungarian. This left her in a very precarious position, for her eldest sister was too old to get on the plane meant for mostly children and teenagers, she had no one to translate for her, only a small book containing useful phrases...and swear words, but she had already picked up enough of those over the years, in both English and Hungarian.

"Good. We will be safe where we are going, and so will you. But be careful just in case, you never know what may happen." Franciska hugged her quickly. "Goodbye, Erzsébet."

Taking a deep breath, the girl nodded and turned, heading to the plane. She turned back for a final farewell, but her older sister had disappeared in the sea of frantic people. For the first time her life, though she was surrounded by people in the busy airport, she felt completely and totally alone.

Erzsébet awoke with a start. The first thing she noticed when she opened her eyes was the leaves of the tall tree she leaned upon, the sun shining down on her, the green leaves giving her a thin cover from the wrath of the sun. Vision blurred from the effects of sleep, she stumbled to her feet uncertainly, clinging to the tree trunk as she tried to find her balance. After a moment of absentmindedly clinging to the trunk, she let go of it and stumbled through the undergrowth. Soon she found herself standing at the edge of a small, clear pool. Erzsébet got on her knees, and gazed down at her reflection in the water. Though it shouldn't come as a surprise, she looked rather...terrible. Normally her wavy hair was glossy and smooth, now it was not so much. The rest of her body and outfit had been smeared with dirt. Gently picking a leaf out of her distraught hair, she lay at the edge of the pool and allowed her hair to float in it, the dirt draining away.

It was then that she realized that she was probably tainting water that could be used for drinking. No, I would need to start a fire and boil the water first, that's what my sister told me. Franciska was always giving her knowledge like that, random things that she claimed could one day "save her life." Erzsébet always thought it was rather ridiculous, the things Franciska said, but now her random tips of survival might come in handy. Will I ever see her again? It just now dawned upon her, once she had awoken from her slumber, that she was alone in the wild. She was all alone, and the thing she deemed most important was to wash her miserable hair.

With that she scrambled to her feet, holding her dripping hair with one hand, ready to prioritize better. She took one look around at the immense forest, the trees that blocked out most of the sunlight and the looming mountain, and suddenly felt a constricting feeling in her chest, and flopped back down to the pool. Calm down, calm down.

...The silence was frightening. The heat was oppressive. The solitude was unbearable. Calm...down...

"I'm all alone!" She wailed. "I'm going to die alone in here! I'll never see anyone again!"

Now that she had freed the insanity inside of her body that beat her insides like a caged bird, she gently put her hands in the water. It cooled both her skin and mind. Take deep breaths. Yes.

"In. Out. In. Out." Erzsébet continued this, washing her face and arms, busying herself with something while she waited for her breathing to return to a normal rate.

Though the pool was clouded now with the mud, she could still see her reflection. "There now. There was no need to panic, now was there?" Talking to herself out loud would keep her sane until she found someone else to talk to. "There were others too, in that plane. Maybe they can't speak Hungarian, but they are people all the same. I just have to find them."

She could be just as practical as her older sister. I just won't get as paranoid, and end up like her, always worrying about something or other.

That was when she saw the dark thing hurtling towards her. The fear hit her again, this time prompting her to move. And move, she did.

Jolting upwards she ran so fast it felt as if she was gliding. She could feel the grass biting at her ankles as she crashed through the undergrowth, screaming the whole way. Her ankle promptly gave out and she fell to the ground. The large thing finally tumbled to the floor, she could tell that it had probably caused destruction when it fell. She heard the crash, felt the vibration of the island and then things grew still again.

The panic inside of her began to grow once more, but she forced herself to her feet to go and investigate. When she made it back to the pool, she gasped at the big boulder that lay there. Now she had one thing to decide, and that was if the boulder had fallen naturally, or if someone had pushed it down. One thing was obvious though, it clearly isn't safe here anymore. Calmed by her somewhat rational inner thoughts, she left the little pool without a second thought.

To be almost to the top of the mountain, was an exhilarating feeling for her. To be up so high, like the ruler of the world. Maybe I didn't get a chance to vie for chief, but it doesn't matter. Merridew's the head boy and head chorister, but she was the head girl and had just as much authority as any of them. The choir knows, and I'll make sure the rest of them know it too.

Giselle was next to her, and an idea came to her. I don't care if it isn't lady-like. "Race to the top?" She inquired playfully, grinning, still happy over their earlier victory of sending the boulder down the mountain.

The dark haired girl looked back with a blank look on her face, before it contorted to a sly smile. Quickly, she began to scale the mountain. It. Is. On. She scrambled to the top, ignoring the shouts of the other three boys asking them what they were up to. They reached the hollowed out top of the mountain at exactly the same time. Maria gasped for breath, her competitive side had been unleashed during the small race. "I won."

"No, I won." The brunette girl protested.

Slightly annoyed, she glared. "I got here first!"

A new voice broke in. "You got there at exactly the same time." Ralph, who had finally caught up to them, hoisted himself up.

"Whatever." Maria continued to mumble to herself softly.

They had long since left the mountain, and the sound of pounding hooves drew Maria out of her deep thoughts, and she moved with the others as they sped up to see what was making the noise. They found a piglet tangled up in creepers, the thorns biting at the soft flesh, drawing blood. It squealed, too intent on trying to escape to notice them sneaking up on it.

Maria found it to be cute, perhaps not the piglet itself, but the complete and utter helplessness it displayed. Watching them surround it, the screaming grew desperate. I could help it...If I wanted to.

"Wait." She held out her hand just as he was going to bring the knife down upon the pig. It was then that the four surrounding the piglet realized, what would happen if he were the bring the knife down. It escaped in that moment.

Realizing he still held the knife, Jack quickly placed it in the sheath, and the four of them laughed.

Maria stood behind however, with a thoughtful expression etched upon her face. Do I detect a hint of nervousness in their voices? Embarrassment perhaps? I believe it is...

"I was choosing a place," said Jack. "I was looking for the right place to stab him."

"You should stick a pig!" Ralph declared. "They always talk about sticking a pig."

"You cut a throat to let the blood out first, otherwise you can't eat the meat." Jack said.

She took the opportunity to speak. "Then why didn't you...?" Maria trailed off. I know why, you coward. You're afraid of the blood. It needed to be done and you couldn't do it.

"I was going to," Jack had walked ahead of them now, his face not visible. "I was choosing a place. Next time-!" As if any would dare contradict him. What have I done?

Maria watched, green eyes flashing with pleasure at the way he took the knife and slammed it into the trunk of the tree. To see the look on his face, whatever it was, was even more satisfying than a stuck piglet. It was then that she noticed a pair of dark eyes, staring at her accusingly. Giselle. Her again...

She smiled at the other girl, sickeningly sweet, hoping that would be enough to get those dark eyes off of her. It always worked back home...

And it worked this time too.

So, have you lasted this long? If you're actually liking it, then continue on! There's still 11 more chapters where this one came from. *Urges you on as if you were a scared puppy about to do something scary for the first time.*