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Mai's POV

Today is like any other day at SPR...quiet and boring! With my narcissist of a boss locked away in his lair...err, I mean office, and Lin always in his, it's so quiet! Well, except for the occasional 'Mai tea!' from the one and only narcissist, and once in a while the gang will stop by to say hey. And even though I do filing, clean the office, and make Naru his stupid tea every freaking hour, it's boring! But today is more boring than usual. Want to know why? Because yesterday at school my friends, Keiko and Michiru, asked me if I could hang out with them today because it's Sunday and we don't have school. It wasn't until later I found out they wanted to take me to a party though. Nonetheless, I told them I'd have to ask Naru first and that I'd let Keiko know today if I could make it or not.

So to get Naru to let me off work early, I decided I was gonna have to be a good girl and not argue or complain about anything. I even showed up ten minutes early for work, surprising Naru and Lin both. Heck, I even surprised my own self! But that's not the point, the point is I did everything an assistant is supposed to do. I even got all the filing done before lunch, but the jerk still wouldn't let me go.

One hour ago

"Mai tea!"

"Okay!" I yelled back. I got up and went to the kitchen to make Naru's tea. 'I think my plan might actually be working!' I thought happily as I filled up the kettle. 'Although I think Naru might know something is up... He's been teasing me a lot more today. Though he's probably just doing it because he's not getting a reaction out of me though...the jerk! I hate having to restrain myself from yelling at him, which I will not do today, but tomorrow he's going to have an earful!' After I got the tea ready, I walked to his office and knocked on Naru's door, waiting for an answer.

"Come in."

Balancing the tray on my hip, I went in and sat Naru's tea down on his desk in front of him. As usual he didn't look up from what he was doing or say a simple 'thank you'. I stood there for a while debating on how I should approach the subject of letting me leave early. If I ask him straight out without telling him I finished everything, he'll most definitely say no, but if I talk too much he'll just get annoyed...


I looked up and saw Naru staring at me. "Y-yes, Naru?" I asked. Naru sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"I know you want something, Mai. Now, are you going to spit it out yourself, or am I going to have to make you?" He told me as he put his book down. He picked up the tea and leaned back in his chair. 'Oh my god! How does he know? Oh, wait, he's Naru. Okay, Mai, you can do it! All you have to do is just ask him! What's the worst that can happen? Just say it and explain!' I sighed heavily.

"Okay, fine... Well, you see Naru, I was um...wondering if you would let me have the rest of the day off."

Naru took a sip of his tea and said in that arrogant voice of his, "And why should I do that, Mai?"

"Because yesterday my friends asked me if we could hang out today. You haven't given me a day off in weeks, so I haven't been able to hang out with them! So technically it's your fault I'm asking for this! AND before you say anything, I already finished all of my work and it's only twelve o'clock. So please, Naru, can I go?" I said all in one breath.

"I have to say, Mai, I'm impressed that you arrived early this morning and actually kept your temper in-check also just because you wanted something." He smirked. Okay, now THAT made my blood start to boil!

"So can I go?" I asked, trying to calm down. I watched Naru as he leaned forward and put his elbows on his desk. I knew then that he was actually considering letting me leave early. 'Hmm, looks like I win this time, Naru! Ha, in your face!' I thought proudly, but then I saw Naru smirking even more. 'Oh no! Please don't let him say no!'

"No." 'Damn.'

"But-but why?" I pouted.

"Because, Mai, everything you did today is what an assistant is supposed to do and not be almost three hours late—"

"That was one time!" I interrupted him.

"—And not slacking off from their work." He finished, efficiently ignoring me.

"But still, I finished all of my work. There's nothing else left to do!" I yelled slightly, slamming my hands down on his desk so I was somewhat towering over him. Naru glared at me in return. I almost retreated because of that intense glare he was giving me. Almost. But I was not letting Naru win so easily. I know I'm probably over-reacting about all of this, but I'm always doing things for Naru...even though that is my job...but whenever I ask him for one simple thing he always says 'no'. So this time I'm not giving up without a fight!

"Fine. You may go."

I blinked in surprise. "R-Really?" I asked cautiously. I slowly lifted my hands off his desk. 'Something's up... Naru would never agree like that.'

"Yes, but only if you wish for this to be your last day here." He replied. My mouth fell open and my eyes slightly widened, but I quickly recovered. Did he just threaten to fire me?!

"You can't fire me!" I bellowed, my temper rising with every word.

"Oh? You think I can't? Fine. Mai, you're—"

I quickly put my hands over my ears and closed my eyes after he said my name. "Lalalalala! I can't hear you!"

"Mai." I heard him call, though it was muffled. 'I can't believe it! Is he really going to fire me?! Ah, I went to far this time!'

"LALALALALA! If I don't hear it, then I'm not fired!"

"Mai!" I then heard Naru raise his voice, so he must be angry or getting annoyed. I quitted my lalala's, opened my eyes, and put my hands down back to my sides.

"Y-yes?" I asked, trying to sound innocent, but I knew I wasn't.

"Stop being an idiot." His tone sounded amused. But before I could say anything, Naru's phone started ringing. I glared at the stupid phone for interrupting me, but Naru was probably thankful it did. I looked back at Naru and saw him starting to pick the phone up but stopped to look at me. He waved me off, signaling for me to leave. I glared at him again before I turned around and walked to the door.

"We're not done talking about this, Naru!" I yelled at him then opened the door and slammed it as hard as I could behind me.

With Lin

The Chinese man was in his office typing away like always when all of a sudden—SLAM! He paused for a minute and looked at his clock on the wall. 'Hmm interesting. That was only the first slam today. Usually that would've been the third one by now.'

He took a deep breath and continued typing.

So that's what happened a while ago. And Naru's still talking on the phone. After I slammed the door, I heard him answer it and then he started talking in English. I wonder who he's talking to...

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