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Mai's POV

My eyes widened considerably. I whipped around and saw Naru standing beside a bed with confusion and suspicion written on his face. I quickly scanned the room and instantly knew that it was his; it just screamed 'Naru' everywhere to me.

His bed was the first thing you saw when you walked in. It was in line with his entrance door but a good ways from it and it was also going horizontal. The duvet on it was black and dark blue as was the rest of the room. A window was next to the bed. There was a desk on the left side of the door right when you walked into the room with a computer and a bunch of neatly stacked papers on top of it. He had a chair of course pulled up to the desk. A door, which led to his personal bathroom, was in the far left corner while another door—which I'm guessing was a closet—was in the far right corner. His dresser was against a small strip of a wall between those two doors. He also had a few tall bookshelves that was stuffed with books in different places against other parts of his walls.

"N-Naru..." I panicked, stuttering.

"What are you doing here?" He repeated. His tone of voice wasn't angry or anything like I thought it would be; it sounded like he just genuinely wanted to know. I relaxed a bit, knowing he wasn't mad. "Mai?"

"Um...Luella only told me that she forgot all of your guest rooms are being remodeled or something like that...then she said 'I hope you don't mind staying here' before she pushed me in here." I explained with a blush on my face. "I-I'm sorry, Naru. I had no idea this was your room."

"Of course she did..." I heard him mutter under his breath, probably not intending for me to hear, before he let out a sigh. "How would you have known, Mai? You've never been here before." Naru crossed his arms over his chest and raised an eyebrow in a 'you should at least know something as simple as that' kind of way.

"Oh, uh...yeah I guess you're right." I laughed nervously. 'Why am I so nervous anyways? Is it because I might actually have to share a room with Naru? That is if he doesn't kick me out... What was Luella thinking anyway, I mean where am I suppose to sleep?! There's only one bed! Is it even big enough for the both of us?! What am I suppose to do, snuggle up to Naru and enjoy the warmth of his body while he has his arms wrapped arou— Woah! Back it up! Where are you going with this?!'

"Mai." Naru called, breaking me out of my delusional thoughts. He had a small amused smirk on his face. I wondered why until I remembered—as he had told me countless times—that he can read me like an open book. I started to blush.

"I-I'm just going to go find a...couch o-or something to sleep on." I stammered before I turned around only for my head to come into contact with the door. I stumbled back and placed a hand on my forehead, rubbing it to try and reduce the pain. "Oww..." When did I even back up so close to the door?!

I heard an exhaling of breath coming from Naru, which would be considered a chuckle from him. I can't believe Naru is finding this funny! To save me from further embarrassment, I decided to just leave without saying anything. But things didn't go as I planned, nope. When I tried to turn the door knob it wouldn't move. I placed my forehead on the door, defeated, trying to stay calm and not panic about the current situation.

"Naru..." I mumbled. He made a sound to let me know he heard me. "The door won't open..."

"What?" I heard Naru ask himself. He came and stood beside me. I lifted my head when he tried to open the door. "Mother." Naru accused dangerously with narrow eyes when he realized his attempts were futile. He went back to his bed and sat down on it. Sighing heavily in frustration, he ran a hand through his black hair.

I tried to fight the blush that threatened to resurface but I lost. 'It should really be a crime to look that...' I mentally shook my head and focused back on the situation at hand. 'Now is not the time to be thinking how Naru looks! What's wrong with you lately?!'

"It seems we're locked in." Naru stated monotonously after a few moments. How can he just say that like it's no big deal? Oh yeah, because he doesn't love me as I love him. I'm just his assistant...and maybe, hopefully his friend? I'm really not sure what Naru considers me as.

"Locked in?" I inquired. The full effect of actually sleeping in Naru's room—by force—coming down on me. "As in locked in, locked in?"

Naru nodded and closed his eyes momentarily. "Yes, Mai. Mother—I believe—is the culprit. The reason why she decided to do this I have no idea, but she'll have to let us out in the morning so stop panicking."

"Panicking? I'm not panicking."

"Says the person who acts like I'm about to jump on them at any second." Naru replied mockingly as a ghost of a smile formed on his lips. I could feel my eyes widened out of embarrassment and I flushed bright red. "Do I make you nervous, Mai?"

"No!" I squeaked a little too hurriedly. I firmly pressed my lips together after I saw Naru smirking. In a second his stoic mask slipped back on. Falling on my knees, I sighed and I sat on my legs. "You're such a jerk, you know that?" I asked once I completely knew he meant nothing by his comments; he was just teasing me like always.

"Hm... You okay now?" Naru questioned while looking at me. I blinked in astonishment especially when I realized I had calmed down. Did he say that on purpose because he knew I'd call him a jerk and be back to my normal self? I don't know what I was thinking I'd actually have to sleep in the same bed with Naru. I mentally rolled my eyes. I can just get some blankets and sleep on the floor, duh!

"Yeah, I am... Thanks." I replied, mumbling the last part. I jumped and cringed a bit when a big rumble of thunder was heard followed by a quick flash of lightning. "S-Sooo..." I began to save us from the awkward silence that I knew was going to surround us. "Where are the extra blankets so I can sleep on the floor?" I asked as I made a circling motion with my hand beside Naru's bed where I'd be sleeping.

Naru paused for a moment as if remembering where they were before I heard him give a slight groan, "They're in the linen closet next to the bathroom in the hallway."

Tonight is just not my night is it?

"Seriously?! Now what am I suppose to do..."

"You honestly think I was going to let you sleep on the floor anyway?" Naru lifted an eyebrow in a disbelieving way. Is he actually being considerate of me? "I don't need a sick assistant." He added. Never mind. He's just doing it for his own benefit.

"Naru, I'm not kicking you out of your own bed."

"I'll be the one who sleeps on the floor."

"No, you won't."

Both of us stared stubbornly at each other with our arms crossed.

'I can't believe we actually did this...' I thought as I was lying in Naru's bed staring at the door.

One minute we were arguing about who would sleep where, and then the next I accidentally suggested that we both just sleep in the bed before I could stop the words from coming out. Naru had just stared at me a moment longer before he climbed in his bed saying 'let's just go to sleep.' I had stood there blushing madly, then I hesitantly climbed in too.

So now we're both in the bed with about a foot or two between us and our backs facing each other. All we could hear was the raining pouring down. I shifted ever so slightly to try and get more comfortable. I felt so stiff, but I guess it's because Naru's right beside me and I didn't want to move and disturb him. Although he hasn't moved either; I don't think he's moved since he laid down. He must hate having to share his room with me—not to mention his bed. All of a sudden I began to briefly wonder if this was Gene's room too. To be honest I hoped it wasn't. If it was then I think me being here just got more awkward since Naru's convinced I love Gene. I didn't really want to voice my thoughts but for some reason I had to know.

"Naru...?" I asked quietly after a while. I wasn't sure if he was already asleep or not.

"Yes, Mai?" He mumbled sleepily.

"I was just wondering... Was-was this Gene's room also?"

"...No. When we turned thirteen we got our own rooms. He stayed in our old one that's across the hall and I got this one."

"Oh, okay..." I silently sighed in relief. "That's good..." I whispered before I fell asleep, not knowing that Naru had heard me and it left him puzzled.

When I woke up the next morning I felt so warm and comfortable that I didn't want to get up whatsoever. Deciding that I was going to continue sleeping until Naru or someone else woke me up, I nestled my head more into my pillow. But then I remembered that pillows don't breathe. Just like the day before—on the plane—my eyes flew open and I lifted my head from Naru's chest to find his face only inches from mine. Since I was more aware of my surroundings now I noticed Naru's arm was slung over my waist lazily. I carefully removed his arm and slipped out of the bed. Before he could woke up, I fled to his bathroom.

How lucky am I to get away with this twice?! Although the first wasn't as bad as this one since it had just been his shoulder and not his whole body!

After my blush calmed down and I finished getting ready for the day, I went back into the bedroom. Naru was just waking up then. Once he got dressed too, I followed him downstairs to the dining room where everyone else already was.

"Oh, there you two are!" Luella's voice came before I saw a few bright flashes of light.

"Luella!" Martin scolded as she ran back to her seat. "What did I already tell you?"

"Ah-ah!" Luella grinned as she looked down at a camera. "You said I couldn't take pictures in Japan. This is England now." She reminded him. Martin frowned at her. I heard Madoka laugh while Lin continued eating his breakfast not paying anyone a bit of attention. Naru dragged me to our seats since I was still seeing black dots from the flash of the camera.

"Did you sleep alright last night, Mai?" Madoka asked me as I sat down.

"Yes...I did." I answered, remembering the events that happened this morning. Thankfully Naru spoke before the two women could comment on the blush that now adored my face.

"Mother, was it really necessary to lock Mai and myself in my room last night?" He questioned with a cool glare. Luella looked up from her camera with a frown and blinked.

"Locked you in? I did no such thing!"

"You really expect me to believe that, especially after you pushed Mai into my room without telling me?"

"You what?"

"Ah, so that's why Mai's blushing."

Luella ignored Martin and Madoka. "Yes, you should, Noll! I swear it on my mother's grave that I didn't—"

"Luella, your mother isn't dead." Martin interrupted, giving her a stern look. "She may travel the world all the time, but she isn't dead." Luella casted a glare over to him.

"That doesn't matter! I'm only saying I did not lock Noll's door!" We all gave her a mistrustful stare. "I may be crazy, but I'm not that crazy to lock two teenagers in a room alone together! I'm not that desperate for grandchildren!" So she knows she's crazy?

Since we all were looking at Luella, everyone failed to see Lin's smirk.

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