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Bella sat tiredly at that table, staring at her bowl of fruit. She lived in a cloud of depression. Her "boyfriend" Edward ran her life. He told her what to wear, what to eat, when to get up and when to go to sleep. He even told her who she could talk to. It never used to be like that. Bella used to love Edward with all her heart. Then he started to control her life, and she hated that. Bella would have broken up with him a long time ago but he threatened to kill her father, Charliem and she would do anything for him, and let's face it he's a million times stronger then her. He proves it to her a lot.

Charlie walked into the kitchen and sadly observed his daughter. She had changed so much lately and he knew taht Cullen had something to do with it. His once outspoken and outgoing child was now timid and demure. She looked at Edward for everything. "Good morning Bells." Charlie said.

Bella looked up at him with a smile and said, "Morning daddy."

Charlie's heart warmed at her calling him that just like it did each and everytime she did it. He ruffled her hair on the way to get some coffee. "What's the plans for today?"

Bella shrugged. "Edward will probably come and pick me up and we'll go to his house." There was a time when her heart would have fluttered in love when she said that, now not so much.

Charlie just sighed, not really knowing what to say. All to soon the doorbell rang and Bella spent the entire time walking to the door putting an enthusiastic smile on her face. When she opened the door there he stood, her personal hell.

Edward stood with a smirk on his face that Bella just wanted to smack off. "Hello love, ready to go?"

Bella almost gagged. "Yeah, just let me go say goodbye to my dad."

Brief annyoance crossed his face but he let her go say goodbye to her father. When she returned to him he grabbed her arm and practically dragged her to his car. When they were heading to his house he looked over at her outfit in discust and was glad that they were going to be with Alice today. She was wearing black skinny jeans, combat boots, and a t-shirt that said 'Save Your Breath ... You'll need it to blow up your date!'. It was not the proper attire for a lady!

"Bella, love Alive has some clothes for you at the house so you can change."

Bella breifly wondered if she took a crowbar to his face if it would hurt him or just break the crowbar. "What's wrong with what I'm wearing? I like it and have you read my shirt? It's funny!"

"Love those are not proper clothes for a lady"

Bella snorted. "I'm not fucking properand we aren't in your time. Women can wear whatever the fuck they want."

"Isabella, language!"

Bella snorted again. "Fuck. You. Edward."

Edward gripped her arm tight and squeezed. Bella whimpered. "Enough! You will do as I say! Or I will pull over and give you another lesson!" Edward threatened.

"Sorry Edward." Bella whimpered thinking about the lessons. He hit her into submission most of the time for her lessons.

"Good girl." Edward let go of her arm and Bella started rubbing it right away. She knew that she would have a bruise.

When they pulled up to the house Alice immediatly was opening her door and whisking her up the stairs. When Bella saw all the dresses, skirts, and blouses and beauty products out her thoughts were Welcome to hell.


Jasper was a fierce warrior. He fought for eighty years in the southern wars and was the most feared vampire as the God of War. His brother Peter came back after Jasper had let him and his mate, Charlotte, to get Jasper out of the wars. Peter was Jasper's second in command and known as the Captain while Jasper was known as the Major. Being an empath was both a blessing and a curse for Jasper. A blessing because it kept him alive after his newborn year and a curse because he had to feel all the emotions around him, when he killed newborns, the feelings their paths of destruction brought on, it took a lot out of him. Luckily feeding didn't bother him because he fed on the scum of society.

He had briefly met a vampire woman named Alice who was bat shit insane and tried to convince him that they were mates and that they would go to a family called the Cullens who drank blood from animals. She said that it would help with his depression and that because he was her mate he had to listen to her. Jasper nearly fell over laughing. he was the fucking God of War not a squirrel muncher and even if she was his mate he would not take orders, he was a very dominate vampire. The funny thing was that he wasn't even depressed! He sent her off with a big 'Fuck you!'

Jasper was pulled out of his thoughts by sensing some emotions that weren't his. Joy infused with some panic. Jasper quickly jumped up and waited for the vampire to emerge and show himself. A minute later Peter was in front of him with Charlotte a few yards behind him.

"Major, my shit is telling me that we need to go north. Your mate is up there." Peter reported.

Joy infused every cell in Jasper's body and he started planning before he focused on the part of Peter that was panicking. His eyes snapped back to Peter. "Why are you feeling panic?"

Peter shuffled his feet nervously, he was afraid with this next bit of information that Jasper's demon might come out. "Well, she's human and she's in a bad place right now. Someone is hurting her."

Jasper started growling loudly and both Peter and Charlotte gained submissive postures quickly, fearing their sire's rath. "Captain report everything." Jasper barked out.

Peter shrugged. "That's all I know. Someone's hurting her."

Jasper roared in both frustration and the fact that his mate was hurting and he wasn't there to help her. His demon was fighting to break free. He snarled at Peter and said, "We are leaving NOW!"

They all took off like bats outta hell. The further north they got the more Jasper could feel a tugging in his chest. I'm coming my Mate.


Bella sat up, startled. "What's wrong, love?" Edward always acted nice in front of his family.

"Nothing." Bella said but she could have sworn she heard a man's deep southern voice say 'I'm coming my Mate.' But since no one else was reacting she figured she must have imagined it.

Bella sighed as she wondered what happened to her life. She hated it. She was abused and threatened. She knew that Edward didn't love her anymore it was all about control to him now. "Love. Alice, Carlisle and I are going hunting. Stay here and wait for me."

Bella nodded and he kissed her cheek and took off. About a minute later Rosalie burst out, "Why do you put up with him?!"

Bella looked up sadly at Esme, Emmett and Rosalie. "I can't leave him. Literally I can't. He'll kill Charlie."

There were gasps from everyone but surprisingly the loudest was from Esme. "Oh Bella, I'm so sorry!" Esme said. "Does he hurt you?" Bella stayed silent and didn't look at any of them.

"I'll fucking kill him!" Emmett roared, apparently her silence was enough.

"God, he is all kinds of fucked up! Alice too and so is Carlisle. He's changed a lot and doesn't see anything wrong with the way Edward treats Bella!" Rosalie said.

Esme nodded sadly. "Yes Carlisle has changed, he's not the same loving vampire I used to know. To be honest I don't think that Carlise and I are true mates either. I don't feel a pull to him." She whispered almost looking ashamed.

Everyone gasped but Bella figured why she looked ashamed. "Esme it's okay if Carlisle is not your soul mate. With the way he is now I'm glad he's not. Edward and Carlisle are so far up Alice's ass it's not even funny and they are all bat shit insane."

Everyone chuckled at Bella's assessment and Esme looked relieved as everyone agreed with Bella, she thought that maybe they would kick her out or think badly of her. The rest of their time was spent getting to know the real people and not just what Edward and Alice said everyone was like.

All too soon the others came back and Edward was at Bella's side immeadiatly. "We are going to have visitors in a few days." Alice announced, practiaclly vibrating with excitement.

"Don't even think about straying from my side when they visit." Edward whispered low in Bella's ear. She nodded not wanting to her another 'lesson' later.

Later that night Bella's dreams were filled with a mysterious red eyed vampire with a smooth southern accent coming to save her.

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