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I knew that I would have to be patient and gentle with my mate and I had no problem with that. She deserved the best and I would give it to her.

Soon we could smell scents of other vampire's. Peter, Char, and I smirked as they neared the door and paused before the door opened and we saw...


The door opened and we saw the Volturi walk in looking like the smug bastard's they are and Peter looked like he was gonna start daning like a freak, whatever his shit was telling him it was fucking good. His emotions almost had me skipping around like a fucking school girl. Jesus Christ that is something I did not want to do. "Captian!" I snapped at him and he looked at me.

"Sorry Major." He apologized and reined in his emotions.

"Ah, I see the Cullen's already have visitors." Aro's haunty voice said. I always hated the fucker personally, his cheery borderline psychotic mood freaked me the hell out but Peter thought he was a hoot. I got more along with Caius, he was more like me, battle hardened. I just wasn't quiet as umm violent as he sometimes, hell most of the time, was. Char for some odd reason liked Marcus and he didn't even speak to her. She says he's all sad and shit, well hell everyone knows that!

"Aro." I greeted drawing attention to me.

Aro stiffened as he saw me and I felt his fear spike. I smirked and he swollowed. "Major." He said with a poliet nod and everyone else nodded at me. "What seems to be going on here?"

I slightly narrowed my eyes at being questioned. "Why don't you ask them?" I nodded to the three I had under my power.

Aro snapped his fingers and instantly Felix, Demetri and Santiago had grabbed them. "Release them Major."

This time I lightly growled and Aro's fear spiked again. I did not take orders well, the last time Aro tried to order me he lost an arm. Aro looked at me with wide eyes and knew what his mistake was he was so scared he could barely speak. "Major, could you please release them?"

I nodded curtly once and reined in the lathargy I had sent at them. I usually wasn't this angry but I was fighting to keep my demon down and I knew that one wrong move from Fuckward I would lose it and that was something no one wanted to see. I was afraid that my demon would scare my mate, and while no part of me would hurt her ever, I never wanted her to be scared of me.

All three vampire's groaned then their eyes widened in horror as they seen who was in the room with them. Jane grinned sadistically at them and the horror spiked.

"Well Cullens, I had come to visit with Carlisle and to check on the coven and I find you three incapacitated, care to explain?" Aro asked.

Edward the pompous dick started going off, "Aro, those three came in here unannounced and attacked me and tried to take my mate from me!"

I roared when he said that Isabella was his mate. I crouched down and growled. My control was hanging by a thread and one word left my mouth, "MINE!"

Edward sneered at me. "Like she would ever go with you. You are bloodthirsty and savage! She is mine!"

A red haze clouded my vision and I snapped.


When I first saw the Major (I don't know if I can use his first name) I thought I might pass out because he was the vampire I had been dreaming about. When I gazed into his gorgeous crimson eyes I felt like he could protect me. I spoke without thinking, it seems to happen to me a lot, I have no brain to mouth filter and I knew that it would get me into trouble. I reluctantly looked away from his eyes and looked at Edward to apoligize. I was so scared for what was coming later, I knew that he would be finishing what he started earlier and it almost sent me into a panic attack. I was so worried that I didn't catch what was being said but all of the sudden the mystery vampire was ripping his shirt off and he stated, "I am Major Jasper Whitlock of the southern vampire armies. Also known as the God of War." My eyes wondered over his body and I felt my own lust spike up. But I shoved it back down when I thought of the horrible things that Edward had done to me.

When the Major asked who had hurt me I was almost paralized with my fear and I didn't answer him. I didn't know what Edward would do to me or what the Major would do to me.

Suddenly one of the other vampires walked up and told me that everything would be okay and that the Major just wanted to know who hurt me so that he could rip them apart. That got the wheel's in my head turning and I wanted to know why he would do that. Then I learn, holy shit! We are mates. I'm not too sure how I feel about that but I do know that I feel like he can protect me against anything. However, mates or not I can not get into another relationship. He could turn out to be a controlling bastard.

I'm so lost in my thoughts that I miss some conversation that I don't hear anything until the annoying twit, otherwise known as Alice is screaming "Why didn't I see this coming?!" or some shit like that. The man that was with the Major said something along the same lines and I was confused, did he get visions like Alice? When he said that he just knows shit I once again proved my lack of filter and said the first thing that came to my mind. When the Major growled I was instantly terrified that he was angry I had moved away from his side and touched another man without his perrmission just like Edward I explained why I was scared and he said he wasn't mad at me I felt relief. Then he went on to explain how he was and I didn't know if I could handle that with a relationship.

We sat down and talked about our pasts and I felt like I understood him better when he told me all about his pasts in the war. He was fierce because back then if he wasn't then he would have been killed, he gave order's and expected them to be followed. Well we are going to have to talk that one over.

Soon the visitors that everyone was expecting showed up and I didn't even know what to think. my mind was still processing everything that had already happened.

Then Edward said something that pissed the Major off and he roared crouched and growled, "MINE!" I knew then that they were talking about me.

Edward told him that I was his and the Major just lost it. He lept right at Edward without a second thought. I watched in facination as I witnessed a vampire lose control. Everyone seemed frozen to the spot as the two vampires snarled, growled, and snapped at each other. I was sure that I was missing the finer details but I knew that they were fighting and quite vicously. Suddenly there was a metalic ripping noise and just like that the Major ripped Edward's arm off and threw it across the room. I spotted the smirk on the Major's face and a jolt went through my body as I realized he wasn't even trying. There was another ripping noise and the Major ripped another one of Edward's arms and hit him in the face with it. The other two vampires that came with the Major laughed while the other's looked on with couriosity. Alice was screaming and Carlisle had a looked pained and discusted. Edward was screaming in pain and call me sadistic but with all the pain he had caused me I found some satisfaction in it. Edward's eyes flicked to me and before anything else could happen the Major had him pinned to the wall and wdas growling vicisouly in his face. "I don't want you to ever look at MY mate again!"

I could see all the pain Edward was in but the dumbass was being very cocky. "What are you going to do about it?" I almost wanted to roll his eyes, from what he told me the Major was a badass vampire and had Edward pinned to the wall missing his arms. I probably would have been begging on my knees by now, but I guess that's because I'm not stupid like Edward apparently is.

The Major suddenly smirked and it sent shudder's through me. "You are questioning me boy? I have you pinned to the wall with your arms missing! But since you want to know. I'll burn you, one part at a time, slowly. Who knows I might spread it out over months. You will know the pain that you have put my mate through. I will personally make sure of it. You want to see? I've done it before to hundreds." I have never heard words spoken so threateningly.

By the look on Edward's face I knew that he was reading the Major's face because the very small cockiness that had shown on his face instantly disappeared and horror took place. "B-but surely the Volturi would never allow it, we are friends of the Volturi!" He spluttered out.

One of the new vampires glidded foward and said, "It seems that you have angered the God of War and our friendliness to him outweighs our friendliness to you. What he sees fit to do to you is up to him, not us. His quarrel is with you not us, the Volturi does not get involved with such matters."

It sounded like to me that they were just afraid of him. Edward, Alice, and Carlisle now looked positively horrified. The Major stepped away from Edward and he just slumped to the ground, looking very weak. Alice the stupid twit that she is opened her mouth, "Your mate will never forgive you for this! She will be forever scared of you and horrified."

The Major looked like he was incapable of talking to her. He still looked like he was struggling with something. The vampire that had spoken to Edward walked closer and layed his hand on Edward's forehead. A few seconds later he pulled away with a hiss. A low hum started and I knew that they were talking with vampire speed, I could see the Major struggling more and more with each word being said.

Someone must have said something that the Major didn't like because he let out a bone chilling roar and I suddenly found myself pressed against the wall with an absolutely feral looking Major in front of me. Everyone looked at us with fear and I could see them getting into submissive stances. I whimpered in fear of not knowing what was going on and he straightened up. Everyone in the room tensed but he only gently pulled me into his arms and purred. His hands ran soothingly up and down my back and through my hair.

After a while the sooting stroaks of his hands and his purring allowed me to relax fully against him and I felt no fear. I wrapped my arms around his neck and layed my head on his chest. I felt protected. I could feel the tension that he carried within him so I soothingly ran my hands through his hair, hoping to calm him down. It seemed to work, I felt him relax against me. His lips moved to my ear and he whispered, "I never want to scare you." I hugged him tighter to me and appreciated his efforts to be semi private. "And please call me Jasper." I pulled back from him and smiled up at Jasper to nod then snuggled back into him.

When we pulled back from one another I took in the stunned expressions of everyone. The one that had touched foward stepped towards us and said, "Hello Isabella. My name is Aro and I'm one of the leaders of the Volturi." I nodded, Emmett had told me about them and he said they were like vampire royalty. "These are my brothers, Cauis" He gestured to a stunned blonde haired man that was looking at me with a mixture of respect and boredom. I nodded at him and he inclined his head. "And this is Marcus." He gestured to a vampire with brown hair and he wasn't even looking at us. Most would just say that he was bored but I could see that all consuming pain in his eyes. I just wanted to make him feel better.

I stepped away from Jasper and he gave me a curious look but made no move to stop me. I walked slowly toward the vampire, Marcus. I could feel everyone staring at me but I ignored them all. When I stood in front of him I whispered, "So sad."

His eyes flicked to me in shock and I offered him a small smile. I put my hand against his cheek in a comforting gesture and whispered, "I'm sorry for all the pain."

He blinked at me once and the barest hint of a smile came onto his face. I heard everyone inhale in shock. He reached up and patted my head gently, almost affectionaitly. "Thank you, Cara."

I nodded at him and made my way back to Jasper, I didn't envy him in that moment. He must be almost paralized by all the shock that he was feeling from everyone. I gently carrassed his face and it seemed to snap him out of his shock, he smiled at me and pulled me into his arms again.

"Alright, we will just be taking these three back to Volturra with us." Aro said gesturing to Edward, Alice and Carlisle. They looked realived until he said, "Felix wants to practice some new techniques and these three are perfect for him." I was confused but new better to ask. "Major you can check in on them anytime you want and since young Edward has harmed your mate at any time you can take over."

I looked at Jasper to see a sinister smile come over his face. "I think I'll leave Edward with you for a while before I get to him. I think he needs to learn some things from the Volturi before I take over lessons." He looked over at Edward. "And they will be very painful lessons. I WILL get my revenge for you ever laying hands on my mate in harm."

Everything happened quickly after that, and soon the house only had Jasper and his two companions with Esme, Emmett and Rosalie. Everyone moved to sit and Jasper chose to stand behind my chair, resting his hands on my shoulder's. I realized that my family was looking at him warily. "I guess I'll start. As I already told, I am Major Jasper Whitlock. And this is Peter and Carlotte." He gestured to his two companions and I took the time to study them. Peter was almost as tall as Jasper maybe one or two inches shorter with a build very similar to Jasper. They both had clearly definded muscles. Peter had dirty blonde hair that was short. Charlotte was very beautiful, she stood about two inches taller then me with platinum blonde hair that hung to her shoulders. She was very petite and I almost shuddered thinking about her fighting in a war. "I am also known as the God of War. I fought in the southern vampire wars for eighty years and its a harsh environment to wake up too."

My heart ached for this man that had to fight for his life the moment he woke up. Jasper gently squeezed my shoulder's and continued. "Due to my power as an Empath, my sire, Maria decided that I would be very useful to her and kept me alive. Pretty soon I was comanding her armies. It started to take it's tole on me. I had met Peter, my second in command about thirty years after I woke, I changed him right away and he too soon rose through the ranks. The wars turned us into hard unfeeling men. When Peter met Char I was as happy as I could be for them and let them escape. It was not unpunished but to feel the love that they had for each other was truely the best thing that I had ever felt and I will never in my existence regret letting them go. Another ten years later Peter and Char came back for me talking of peace and no fighting. Hell that was the best news I ever heard and I followed them without a second thought. Peter is my brother and I trusted him. Things got easier for me when I wasn't living in constant bloodshed. Feeding became easier and I slowly got out of the depression I had sunk in. However, I never had what I desired most. My mate." Jasper paused and looked down at me with gentleness in his eyes. "One day Peter came to me and said that we needed to go north. That was where my mate was. I was instantly filled with joy but when he told me that my mate was hurting my demon was closer to the surface then it had been in twenty years." He paused and looked around again. "I don't do this often but I truely apologize to you for losing control of my demon." My famliy shook themselves out of the fascination that they had fallen into and nodded in acceptence. Jasper continued, "We took off as soon as I gained control and didn't stop running until we got here." Jasper leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to the top of my head.

When he straightened up Esme was the first one to speak. "I am truely sorry for what you three had to go through. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like and I'm horrified that, that was your first experiences and most of the life you had lived. I don't like to see people in pain." Esme was so compassionate I knew that her heart truely bleed for these warriors. "I want to extend the inventation for you three to stay here in my home for however long you shall be here."

The three were silent for a minute as they took in what Esme said, when I glanced that them it seemed that they were in shock. Finally Jasper snapped out of it and bowed his head, "I am honored to stay in your home ma'am. I thank you for the inventation." I smiled.

"Yes thank you so much." Peter added.

I glanced at Charlotte again and it seemed like she was going to cry. She held onto Peter's arm as she looked at Esme with gratitude. "Thank you." No more needed to be said. We all could hear how thankful she was.

Esme nodded and smiled, "If you will follow me we can start working on your rooms."

"I'm sure whatever you have will be fine." Jasper said.

Esme gently smiled at him. "Nonsense, if you three shall be living here I want you to be as comfortable as possible."

All three of them grinned at her. "Thank you ma'am."

Esme got up and Peter and Charlottle started to follow. "I'll catch up." Jasper said.

They nodded and Esme said to Rosalie and Emmett. "Can you two clean out Alice and Edward's old rooms? I want nothing left here to remember them by."

Emmett and Rosalie gained evil smirks. "Most deffinatly." Emmett said.

I stood up and called out hesitantly, "Esme?" She turned and looked back at me. I bit my lip and asked nervously, "Do you think the piano could stay?" She tilted her head at me in confusion and I shifted my weight from foot to foot. "I never said anything, but I know how to play and there isn't any piano's around that I can play on except this one."

Esme flitted over to my side and hugged me. "Of course sweetheart."

I smiled at her. "I want to hear you play one day." She said and I nodded.

Finally they all left the room and left me with Jasper. I slowly turned to face him and saw him watching me, I offered him a tentive smile and he grinned back. I looked down and started to play with my finger's nervously. I felt his finger under my chin and he coaxed my head up so I could look at him. "Don't be so nervous Darlin' I wont hurt you, and I will be as gentle and patient as you need me to be. I know that you are not ready to be in a relationship. I can feel it. I'm handing over all control of this to you, we take it how you want to."

I instantly relaxed and smiled. "Okay."

"Now, I think we should spend sometime getting to know each other." He said.

I bit my lip and nodded. "Okay, what do you want to talk about?"

He shrugged. "Everything."

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