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I slowly turned to face him and saw him watching me, I offered him a tentative smile and he grinned back. I looked down and started to play with my finger's nervously. I felt his finger under my chin and he coaxed my head up so I could look at him. "Don't be so nervous Darlin' I wont hurt you, and I will be as gentle and patient as you need me to be. I know that you are not ready to be in a relationship. I can feel it. I'm handing over all control of this to you, we take it how you want to."

I instantly relaxed and smiled. "Okay."

"Now, I think we should spend sometime getting to know each other." He said.

I bit my lip and nodded. "Okay, what do you want to talk about?"

He shrugged. "Everything."


When I told Isabella that I wanted to talk about everything I really meant it. We had shared our stories with each other earlier but I wanted to get more in depth then what she had said to me, I knew that she was holding things back and I didn't blame her. Hell I was holding things back from her, I didn't want to scare her. I gently grabbed her hand and led her to the couch. We both sat down and she turned so that she was facing me. She nervously bit her lip and asked, "So where should I start?"

I had one thing that I really wanted to know. I wanted to know the whole situation that had happened with Edward and I hoped that she would tell me without holding back this time. I wanted to know everything because that really made me angry that I couldn't be there for her. I gently ran my fingers across her cheek asking, "Can you tell me without editing what happened with Edward?"

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath then nodded without opening her eyes. "Darlin' if it's too soon I'd understand. I just want to help." I would get down on my knees and plead with her but I knew that it wouldn't help, she needed to be sure on this on her own.

"It's okay Jasper, I'm sure." She took another deep breath and opened her eyes. "When Edward and I started out I loved him completely," I suppressed my urge to growl at her loving another man, I couldn't do anything about it now. "I loved him and his whole family. I finally felt like I belonged somewhere. For a while everything was perfect but I started giving Edward more and more control over me. First it was little things that I never even thought about, like what I should wear, I just figured that he was letting Alice have her fun I never realized they were taking choices from me. Then it changed from that to what I should say and how I should speak. After that came who I should hang out with and then things started spiraling out of control. I think that when I gave him that bit of control he got the taste for it and wanted more of it. He started becoming very obsessive and I started to realize what he had done to my life, he had taken it over and turned me into an object. I hated him and myself for allowing it to happen. I was going to end it with him, I had enough of his behavior but when I went to do just that, he hit me for the very first time. I'm surprised he didn't kill me or really damage me with his strength. I only stayed with him because when I still threatened to leave him, he was going to kill my dad. I could never let anything happen to him ever. So it was either stay with Edward or get my father killed." She shrugged.

I was floored. Most people would have just taken the simple way out regardless of the consequences. I was pissed off because of all she suffered but most of all I felt respect. My little mate had to deal with things that no one else had ever had and she got through them. "You are very brave, most would have let their father die. And I'm sorry that you had to go through that, it kills me inside to know that I could have protected you but I wasn't there. However, I cannot change the past and once you have healed you will find that you are stronger then you were."

She leaned forward and brushed her hand along my cheek. "Thank you so much for saying that to me, Jasper. I appreciate you not saying that everything will be fine because well it's not. I have to heal both physically and mentally." She looked down and bit her lip. "Things between us are going to have to go slowly. I can't just jump into a relationship with you and I hope you understand that."

I put both of my hands on the side of her face and tilted her head so that she was looking at me. "Darlin' we are taking this at your speed. I want you to feel comfortable with me and I will do whatever you need for that to happen."

She slightly smiled at me and nodded. Then in a move that was totally unexpected she snuggled into my chest. I just took it in stride and rested my chin on top of her head and closed my eyes. She brought me the peacefulness that I had so desperately needed. Whether she knew it or not I needed her just as much as she needed me and I would make sure she seen it.

I honestly have no idea how long we sat there but Isabella's stomach growled and I realized that she was hungry. I looked down at her and she blushed a bright red as I chuckled. "Come on Darlin' let's get you some food."

I followed her into the kitchen and watched as she prepared her meal. She looked perfectly at ease. "I've always loved cooking. I cook for my dad all the time." she said.

"Well Darlin' you look like you enjoy it." she turned and nodded at me with a bright smile. "So what about your father?"

"Well Charlie is like myself in a lot of ways. He sits back and observes people and he's good at it. He doesn't talk to much and isn't good with emotions but for me he's willing to do anything. Even the so called "mushy" stuff as he calls it. I love my father very much and would be lost without him. My parents split up when I was young and my mom took me away with her, breaking my father's heart. I never had a stable home in my childhood. With Renee I was very much the parent while she flitted about her life. I made sure we had food and the bills her payed. God if I left it up to her we would have been thrown out of our house. I raised Renee when she should have been raising me. I have never had a mother figure until Esme. Renee also went through men like I went through socks. And some of them were real creeps. When she finally met Phil, her husband, I thought that she would mellow out but she didn't at all. She had Phil to take care of her and really had no need for me and I was thankful. She never let me have a childhood, so I called Charlie without a second thought. I loved my dad and missed him. When I moved in with Charlie, everything was so different. He took care of me and showed me that I was loved and wanted not just needed. I got to be a teenager with Charlie. Though I took joy in taking care of my father too, I didn't feel obligated. He never asked me to start cooking or to clean up but just as he took care of me I took care of him."

The emotions coming off of her when she was talking about her father were so deep. I had never met a human that could feel things so deeply. It warmed my heart to hear about her life with her father, it made me respect the man and I had never met him. Her mother on the other hand sounded like she needed to get knocked upside the head by common sense. I couldn't wait to meet her father to see if he felt things as strongly as Isabella did. I was excited for the first time in my long existence and it was all because of the little woman sitting next to me.

We talked all through the day and I felt like she was getting more and more comfortable with me. It was getting dark out when her phone rang. "Hello?" She answered.

I could hear the conversation on the other side. "Bells? It's getting kind of late." A man said.

She sat up straighter. "Oh dad, I didn't even realize the time. I'm so sorry."

There was a chuckle over the phone. "You don't need to apologize for forgetting something Bells. I just want you to come home soon."

A smile came over Isabella's face. "Oh you mean you want me to come home and cook some dinner because you are dying of starvation."

"You know me so well." He joked to her.

She laughed. "Yeah I do dad. Don't worry. I'll be home soon."

"All right. Love you Bells."

"Love you too daddy." I could feel all the love she had for him and I just wanted to sit and bask in it.

Isabella hung up the phone and looked at me. "Well I need to get going. I have some good news to share with my dad." I tilted my head quizzically at her. She shrugged. "Well Charlie never liked Edward in the first place and when I tell him that I'm no longer dating him, he'll probably throw a party!"

I chuckled at her. "Your dad sounds like a good man."

She smiled widely. "He's the best." She stood up and stretched. "Well I need to start heading for home."

I stood next to her and ran my fingers through her hair. She leaned into my touch and bit her lip. "Do you think that you could come visit me later?"

I pulled her into my arms and purred. "Of course I will."

She held me tighter for a second before she stepped back. "Esme?" She said at a normal volume knowing that she would be heard. A few seconds later the oldest vampire was in the room.

"Yes Dear?" Esme asked her.

"Do you think that you could give me a ride home?" Isabella asked.

I felt a burst of joy coming from Esme when Isabella asked her question. I cocked my eyebrow at her and her emotions turned to embarrassment. "Oh course Bella. I can take you home."

Suddenly Isabella gained a sly smile and said, "Now you can see Charlie."

Esme's eyes got wide and she stuttered, "W-what do you mean?"

Isabella rolled her eyes. "I have eyes you know and I notice the way you look at him." She shrugged. "Kind of weird because it's my dad but oh well." She shrugged again and I resisted my urge to laugh at the look on the older vampire's face.

Esme looked down and shuffled her feet. "I told you last week that Carlisle wasn't my true mate. I've never felt the pull that you feel with Jasper. When I met your father for the first time I felt that pull and I was scared. I still am scared."She whispered.

Isabella stepped forward and wrapped Esme in a hug. "I'm glad that it's you Esme. Charlie deserves to be happy and so do you. I wouldn't have picked anyone better for him, and now you'll actually be my mother."

Esme looked like she wanted to cry as Isabella said that to her. She hugged her and they rocked back and forth. I absorbed their emotions and let them seep out to everyone else in the house. Soon the whole house was filled with love and contentment.

Isabella stepped back from Esme and walked over to me. "I'll miss you Jasper." She whispered while hugging me.

I hugged her back. "I'll miss you too Darlin'. But it's only for a couple of hours." I brushed the hair back from her face. "Besides it will give you time to reconnect with your father."

She smiled radiantly up at me. "You're right." She got up on her tiptoes and pressed a kiss to my jaw, the highest place she could reach. "I'll see you later."

I stepped back from her. "Bye Darlin'."

I watched as they walked out of the house together and focused on not chasing her down and bringing her back to me. "Jeez, Major you're acting like such a girl. She's coming back." I smacked him on the back of the head. "Fuck man! What was that for?"

I just smirked at him and walked away.


The ride back to my house was peaceful. Esme was allowing me peace to take in what I needed to and process it. I thought that it was great that she was probably mated with Charlie, lord knows that man needs a woman and Esme was just the woman that my father needed. She would ground him perfectly, ever since my mother left him, Charlie's just been floating along. I asked him once if it was because he still loved Renee and he said hell no! The only thing that Charlie was glad about with his life with Renee was me and that I made it worth it to him. He told me that he just hasn't found the right woman for him. Well he no longer had to worry about that.

Esme just pulled up to my house and I got out. "Esme, do you want to stay awhile?"

A smile broke out across her face and she nodded. "I would love to."

We both walked into the house and I called out, "Daddy? I'm home."

"I'm in here, Bells!" Dad called from the living room.

We both walked to the living room and when we walked in Dad looked at me surprised. "Hey dad. You remember Esme?"

He nodded his head looking slightly flustered. "Yeah. Carlisle's wife."

Esme's eyes narrowed. "Not anymore. We got a divorce."

Charlie's eyes widened. "I'm sorry."

Esme shrugged. "We've been growing apart for a long time now."

I walked over to my dad and gave him a hug. "Guess what dad? Edward and I broke up."

Charlie jumped up. "Bella, I'm so glad for you. I'm sorry but he just wasn't right for you. He changed you far too much and he controlled you."He looked over at Esme with an apologetic look. "I'm sorry Esme, for talking about your son like that but my daughter comes first with me and I don't care if you took offense at that because what I said was true."

Esme nodded. "I agree Charlie. None of us seen it but Edward started to control Bella and well I sent him and Alice with Carlisle. Alice never liked me anyway and I couldn't have Edward around me after how bad I realized it got with Bella."

I could see the respect Charlie had for Esme just shoot up. "Well I'm glad I wasn't the only one seeing it. Now I just want my baby girl back."

I hugged him. "She's right here daddy. I'm not ever changing anything about me again. No matter what."

"So when did everyone leave?" Charlie asked.

"Tonight. Younger cousins came to stay and well Jasper and Edward came to blows and it sped things up." Esme said.

"Where is this boy I think I need to go shake his hand." Charlie said with a grin.

"Dad!" I exclaimed but couldn't keep the smile off my face.

"Well sorry Bells, but that boy needed a good ass whipping."

"Well Jasper did kick his ass." I told him. "Scared the shit right out of him too." Charlie laughed. "I think you'll like Jasper dad. He and his brother Peter and Peter's wife, Charlotte, are really nice."

Charlie just nodded. "I'll have to meet them then."

"Okay then. You two can just talk I have dinner to make." I told them smirking at Esme.

Well can you really blame me? I just wanted my father to be happy. I retreated to the kitchen and twenty minutes later dinner was done and Esme was leaving.

Esme gave me a hug. "Goodbye dear. I'll see you soon."

I nodded and returned her hug. "Night Esme."

Charlie and I sat down at the table and ate as we caught up. I explained some things to Charlie but I obviously couldn't explain everything to him, and when I was done he was pissed and ready to hunt Edward down with a shotgun.

When he calmed down he looked up at me with pain in his eyes. "Baby, did he ever hit you?"

I looked down and whispered, "yes." I just didn't want to hide anything from Charlie anymore and I couldn't wait for the day when he would be told everything.

"Oh Bells." he got up from his seat and pulled me into his arms. I let go and cried into my daddy's chest. He just rocked me back and forth gently shushing me. Like Jasper had done earlier he didn't tell me that everything would be okay because he knew that I would need time to heal.

When I was finally calm enough dad pulled away from me and pushed my hair off of my forehead. He leaned down and pressed a kiss on my forehead and we just stood there for a bit.

I pulled back a bit more and said, "I know what your thinking but you'll never see Edward Cullen again."

Dad raised a eyebrow at me. "What did this Jasper fellow murder him?"

I chuckled. "No but he scared him good and trust me he's not coming back." That's because I'm pretty sure that Jasper is going to kill him. Steering my mind away from the sadistic thoughts forming I said, "I'll bring Jasper over to meet you sometime."

Charlie leaned back to study my face, his eyes narrowed. "You like this Jasper fellow don't you?"

I blushed. "No! We just met today!"

He chuckled. "Bells, that doesn't mean anything."

I bit my lip. "I did feel a connection with him but he understands that I'm not ready for a relationship for a long time."

"Good I don't want you jumping into another relationship just getting out of a horrible one." Dad said.

I reached up and kissed his cheek. "Dad thanks for being here. I love you."

He ruffled my hair. "I'm always here for you. I love you too, now get your butt up to bed it's late and you have school tomorrow."

I rolled my eyes at him. "Yes sir!" I mock saluted him and he just rolled his eyes at me.

I went up stairs to take a shower and took my time. The hot water eased all the tension in my muscles I hadn't even realized I had. Washing my hair always soothed me so I took my time washing it with my cherry scented shampoo and conditioner. When I was done in the shower I just wrapped a towel around me and walked across the hall into my room.

I was just about to drop my towel when a voice startled me. "Well Darlin' I promised you that we would take it slow but if I see you like this a lot then I just might not be able to stop myself."

I turned around fast to see Jasper reclined against my bed with a teasing grin on his face. I was embarrassed to be seen only in a towel but yet I was strangely comfortable. Maybe it was because I knew on a deep level that I was safe with him. "How long have you been here?"

He shrugged. "Awhile. I just got bored waiting at Esme's house so I decided to come a little early. And boy am I glad!" He said and winked at me.

I blushed and turned back around. I grabbed the clothes I wanted and walked into my closet to get dressed. I was back out a few moments later in a tank top and short shorts. Jasper patted the spot next to him and I crawled into bed beside him and snuggled right into him. His arm came around me and he pulled me a bit closer to him while pulling the blanket around me. One thing I noticed about Jasper was that he didn't feel cold to me like the rest of them did. He started to stroke my hair.

I rubbed my cheek against his chest kind of like a cat and whispered, "Your warm."

His hands stilled in my hair and he asked, "What?"

I propped my head up on his chest to look at him. "All the others they feel cold to me, but not you. You feel just right."

His hand started moving again. "Well I'm glad."

I laid my head down again. "Hmmm me too." We were silent for a few minutes before I said, "You know I have school tomorrow."

I felt him sigh. "Yes I know. I was thinking that maybe I could drop you off?"

I looked up at him with a quizzical eyebrow raised. "I got a truck earlier when Esme dropped you off. I was hoping that I could drop you off tomorrow and maybe pick you up?"

I smiled at him. "Of course you can." I laid my head back down and soon he was purring. "I like your purr." I said sleepily.

Jasper chuckled quietly. "I'm glad you do."

"Hmm it's really nice."

"Go to sleep sweetheart. I'll be here." Jasper cooed.

It wasn't long before I succumbed to the sleep calling me.

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