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I laid my head back down and soon he was purring. "I like your purr." I said sleepily.

Jasper chuckled quietly. "I'm glad you do."

"Hmm it's really nice."

"Go to sleep sweetheart. I'll be here." Jasper cooed.

It wasn't long before I succumbed to the sleep calling me.


I woke up slowly and stretched. I had the best night of sleep in a long time and I think it had something to do with the hunky vampire laying next to me. I blinked up at him and he grinned down at me. "Good morning Darlin'."

I blushed slightly. "Good morning Jasper."

He gave me a light kiss on the forehead and said, "Why don't you go get ready for school and I'll be back in an hour or so to take you to school."

I nodded. "Okay."

With another kiss pressed to my forehead he was gone. I released a breath and walked over to the bathroom to take a shower. I took a long shower and finished and dried myself off quickly, I let my hair fall down after brushing it. I looked through my closet for one of my sarcastic t-shirts. It was a gray v-neck that said 'Every piece of paper has two sides...unless you use magic marker, then you're fucked!' and grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans and my combat boots. I quickly dressed then turned to my mirror. I adored my sarcastic t-shirts and used to wear them all the time but Edward and Alice changed that. I actually looked pretty good. The shirt was fitted so it clung to me but it didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all. Getting back into my old clothes made me feel more confident even if they were a little revealing. It's not like my boobs where hanging out for the world to see, no that was Jessica and Lauren's jobs. My hair had dried so it was in loose curls to my hips. I smoothed on concealer to cover my bruises and put on a thin line of black eyeliner and mascara. I stepped back and deemed myself ready and put on a black zip up hoodie and grabbed my combat boots and headed downstairs. Dad was in the kitchen with a cup of coffee ready for me. He smiled happily at me.

"Morning Daddy."

"Morning kiddo." He practically chirped. I hid my smile as I took a drink of coffee. I saw him take a good look at what I was wearing and he frowned. "I don't want you getting in trouble for wearing that."

I smiled at him. "Oh dad, that's why I have the sweatshirt. If anyone says anything then I'll just cover it up."

He just rolled his eyes at me and walked over to the sink to rinse out his mug. "Don't get sassy with me."

I giggled. "Where did you hear that at?" He turned to look at me with a raised eyebrow. "Really dad sassy?"

He just rolled his eyes at me and continued to wash out his mug. "Umm dad? Jasper is gonna give me a ride to school today."

He turned around to look at me and his eyes narrowed slightly, like he was concentrating. "Okay Bells, that will give me the opportunity to meet and thank him." I blushed slightly. "Bells I want you to call me at any time today if you aren't feeling so well. The things that happened to you take time to get over and I want you to know that I will be there when you need me."

Tears filled my eyes and I rushed forward to hug him. He was a bit surprised but nevertheless hugged me back. Just as we finished I heard a knock on the door. I pulled away from dad to answer the door. I tried to will my heartbeat to slow down as I opened to door. The sight on the other side did not help me at all. There Jasper stood in his all and glory in tight black jeans, a tight black shirt, and cowboy boots with his honey blonde hair mussed a bit like he had been running his hands through it. I looked at his eyes and seen that they were an odd shade of purple. He must have been wearing blue contacts, it didn't look bad but I loved his crimson red eyes. I could get lost in them. "Hello Darlin'." Jasper's voice brought me out of me staring and he chuckled a bit making me blush.


When I left Isabella's this morning I ran back to the house I would be staying at and met up with Peter. "Hiya Major. I picked up a truck for you it's a Chevy Silverado. Bran new and it's freaking huge. You'll like it." Peter said.

"Thanks Peter." I told him.

"Oh and Charlotte went shopping for us, but don't worry she got us things that we will actually wear." He added on when I looked at him panicked. One time she went out and bought us a bunch of clothes, like dress pants and polo shirts that we ended up just throwing away because we wouldn't wear them.

"Charlotte you're a Godsend!" I shouted to her.

"Thanks Sexy, now hurry and shower, you haven't showered in a week and well Little Bit needs a man that is actually gonna try a bit for her." She shouted back.

I growled at her. "Watch it woman!"

Her tinkling laughter was heard. "You don't scare me. I've been hanging out with you for far too long." I walked into the house muttering about women in general and how lucky Charlotte was that she was a woman so I couldn't kick her ass.

I took a shower and got quickly dressed then went back downstairs to wait until I had to leave to go pick up Isabella.

It seemed like I had to wait for forever. Emmett finally said, "Jeeze just go already! We have to leave in a few minutes anyway and you need to go to Bella's so just go!"

I stood up and glared at him a little. I was amazed when he met my stare head on and didn't flinch. I walked out of the house to Peter's laughter. I quickly got in my new truck and took off.

Soon I was pulling up in front of Isabella's house and I heard the end of her conversation with her father and I was almost drowning from all the love that was coming off of them.

I got out and headed towards her house and knocked on the door. I heard her heartbeat speed up and felt her nervousness. When the door opened I watched her take me in and I felt extremely pleased when her lust spiked. As she was looking at me I allowed my eyes to take her in. She was wearing some jean that hugged her figure a t-shirt that Peter would absolutely love and dear sweet Jesus she was wearing combat boots. I don't know about you but that is sexy as hell.

"Hello Darlin'." I brought her out of her staring and chuckled at her a bit and she blushed a lovely shade of red.

"Morning Jasper. Umm my dad wants to meet you." She said.

Shit now I was nervous. Hell I don't care a father is a father and he's the one that can take Isabella away from me. "Okay." I followed her into the house and into her kitchen where a man was sitting at the table.

He stood up and he was tall. About six foot four so an inch taller then me and he was packing some muscles on his frame, he looked like someone who would do Esme good. Someone to keep her grounded and he looked like he could use some of Esme's lovin'. He reached for my hand and gave it a firm squeeze. On anyone else it would have hurt but not me. "Nice to meet you. I'm Jasper Whitlock."

"Likewise. I'm Charlie Swan. And I just wanna thank you. I heard you kicked Edward's ass and well thanks."

I chuckled. "No problem. I don't like him and no man has any right to treat a lady like that. Why my mama would kick his ass if she were alive, I'm pretty sure she's turning in her grave right now."

"Yeah, I never liked him. There was always something about him. Well Jasper where you from?"

I almost chuckled at his change in conversation, he was just looking out for his daughter and I admired that. "Well I'm from Dallas, Texas. My brother and his wife came up to visit Esme, she's pretty much all the family Peter and I have left and well Charlotte hasn't ever really had a family except when she married Peter then we became her family so she's excited."

Charlie nodded. "Esme's a good woman." Isabella smirked at her dad and he went red at the ears, it was quite amusing to see. "Well she took in all those kids at such a young age."

I snorted. "To bad only two turned out good."

Isabella snorted as well. "Well it was probably because they were spending too much time with Carlisle."

"Yes well he was a terrible parent." Charlie said, I could feel the jealousy coming off of him.

I reminded him that Carlisle was gone and was never coming back. "Esme wont let him."

Charlie tried to hide a smirk but we both seen it. "Well Isabella it's time to go. I don't want you to be late for school." I said.

Charlie looked at Isabella with a raised eyebrow and she blushed. "It's okay when he says Isabella." She muttered and I felt extremely smug in that moment.

"Consider yourself lucky kid. She kicked the last person were the sun don't shine when he called her Isabella." Charlie said chuckling while Isabella blushed.

I didn't even have to fake the wince. Hey just because a human can't hurt us doesn't mean that another vampire can't!

"Well bye dad, see you after school."

"Remember what I said. Anytime you need to call I'll answer."

I turned to give them some privacy when they hugged then we went out to my truck. Isabella looked up at it and said, "Damn! Nice truck. Though I don't think I can get into it."

"Don't worry Darlin' I can help you there."

I helped her into the truck and she was blushing the whole time, I tried to rein in my amusement but I knew that I had projected some of it when she glared at me. "Sorry Darlin'." She just rolled her eyes and I went to go get in on the other side.

The drive to her school was filled with chatter about the likes and dislikes in our lives and I thanked the good Lord above when she hated shopping. "Thank God Darlin', I don't know what I would have done if you had been dragging me to the mall everyday."

Isabella giggled. "Well maybe I will just drag you there. I might like the sight of the Major carrying my bags everywhere."

I was pleased when she said 'Major' I was very, very pleased. "Well Darlin' I might hate it but I would go with you and wait out the torture."

She giggled again and soon we were pulling into the school parking lot. She looked over at me with panic in her eyes and I quickly got out and was over on her side to help her out, and into my arms. She held on tight and I just gently rocked her. "I don't want to be without you all day." She whispered.

"Darlin' I don't want to leave you all day either, but I know you have to go to school and there is no way that I would ever be able to pass as a student."

She tightened her hold. "I'm just going to miss you. I guess I had gotten used to you not being that far away from me."

I leaned down to kiss her forehead. "Darlin' it's gonna hurt me to be away from you all day too. Don't think it's just gonna be you."

She nodded and sighed. We stood like that for a long time before we noticed all the stares we were getting from other students. With a sigh I pulled back from Isabella and said, "We are drawing quite a few stares."

She quickly turned red and ducked her head. I took in the emotions from everyone and felt jealously and lust from both females and males. That had me tensing a little. These little boys were lusting after my mate. It shouldn't have surprised me because she was gorgeous as hell but hell I didn't like it at all.


I felt Jasper tense up a little and I looked at him. He was scanning the students. "Jasper, what's the matter?" Oh God I hoped that I hadn't done something wrong! I didn't want him to be mad at me.

He must have felt the fear in me rising because he was quick to start soothing me. "Hey, it's okay. I just read some emotions that I didn't like to much."

I took a deep breath and slowly let it out. "Well yeah. Of course you could feel all the girls lusting after you." I felt a pang of jealously and I knew that Jasper felt it too because he smirked at me.

"Don't be jealous Darlin'." God his accent made me melt! "It wasn't that. I can feel all the lust from the boys for you and surprisingly even some females. All directed at you. I'm not going to lie and say no ones feeling that about me because I wont ever lie to you. I'm angry at the ones feeling it for you."

I smiled a little. "Don't worry Jasper, I don't feel that for anyone except you." I blushed a little but knew that the embarrassment was worth it when he smiled at me.

The bell rang for class and before I could change my mind I stood up on my tippy toes and kissed him quickly on the lips. Before he had a chance to really respond I pulled back and grinned at him while blushing scarlet. "See you after school."

Jasper looked a bit dazed. "Bye Darlin'."

I giggled again and quickly hurried to class. Everyone turned to look at me as I walked in right as the bell was ringing. I blushed from the attention and soon everyone was whispering. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know that they were talking about me. I went and sat by Angela, I hadn't talked to her in a while and she smiled at me. "Hey Bella, glad to see the old you is coming back." She said gesturing to my t-shirt.

I grinned and whispered, "Yeah it feels awesome. I never realized how much control I gave Edward until I broke it off with him."

She grinned. "I'm so proud of you. So is that where he is? Sulking somewhere over his loss of control?"

I grinned even wider. I knew that the remaining Cullen's wouldn't mind if I helped to start spread this around. "Actually. Edward and Alice left with Carlisle. He and Esme got a divorce. She didn't like the man that he became."

Angela's face showed shock. "Oh wow. I did not see that one coming."

"I didn't either. When Esme said that it was the absolute last thing I was ever expecting to hear."

Angela nodded in agreement. Then she suddenly smirked at me. "So who was that yummy man that dropped you off? And if I wasn't mistaken you two kissed."

I blushed crimson. "That was Jasper. He's Esme's distant cousin along with his brother Peter. They and Peter's wife Charlotte are up visiting from Texas."

She wiggled her eyebrows at me. "And?"

I blushed even harder. "Well he's just so perfect for me! Like in every way. He makes me feel safe and not to mention he's drop dead gorgeous! He even understands that I'll need time to get myself together and find myself after what happened with Edward. He gave complete control over the relationship to me. And that's saying something because he hates giving up control to other people." She gave me a slightly concerned look and I was quick to correct myself. "I meant that he had looked after Peter for so long and then Charlotte that he was used to being the leader and having the last say but he's willing to give all that to me, so I can feel comfortable and assured."

Angela's face broke into a smile. "Oh Bella, I'm so happy for you."

I smiled. "I'm real happy for me too. I like all the space that I get with Jasper yet I don't feel like he's letting me go."

Angela's face turned dreamy. "He sounds perfect."

"Well I can ruin that image by giving you what I don't like about him."

"Nope I'm fine with the perfect image I have." She giggled and I laughed at her.

"Miss Swan care to share what is so amusing with the rest of the class?" The teacher suddenly asked.

I raised my eyebrow and figured that this was the time for some of my old self to come back. I looked at him and said, "We were just talking about the sexy as hell man that dropped me off this morning."

He looked shocked for a second then mumbled something and went on to teaching again. Angela looked at me shocked and I just raised an eyebrow at her. She giggled and we went back to whispering about Jasper.

Class soon ended and I was heading towards my next class when Rosalie caught up with me. "So I heard that a sexy as hell man dropped you off and that you two kissed."

I blushed. "Yeah Jasper dropped me off this morning."

She flashed a smile at me. "Do tell me everything."

We were now in class and I went to go sit next to Rosalie, ignoring all the stares we were receiving. "Well after he dropped me off last night I had a nice talk with my dad and we are finally back to where we should be. When I started to get ready for bed later that night he showed back up and we laid together. When I woke up in the morning he was still there and after a quick reassurance he left to go get dressed and come back to pick me up." I had to start whispering by now because class had started. "When he came to pick me up he met Charlie and they really got along well together which makes me very happy! At school I felt a raising panic about being away from him all day today and he was quick to comfort me but not in anyway that made me uncomfortable. I shared some insecurities with him and right as the bell rang I gave him a quick kiss and started to walk away before he really had time to react."

Rosalie grinned at me. "No wonder everyone was gossiping about you. One day you show up out of the blue with a sexy southerner and kiss him."

I smiled. "Yeah I'm going to have to live through a lot of gossip from everyone but Jasper is worth it."

"I'm glad you really think that. And Bella, I want to take this chance once again to apologize for my behavior. I know I told you my reasons for doing it but I can't help but still feel guilty about it."

I smiled at her. "Rosalie it's okay, I perfectly understand. If I would have been in your position I would have done the same thing."

"Call me Rose." I nodded and we stopped talking at that moment.

An hour later I was ready to tear my hair out in frustration or start bawling my eyes out. Everyone kept asking me questions and it kept getting on my nerves and once people found out I was no longer with Edward I had pesky boys like Mike and Eric asking me out. They really didn't understand the word no. Then there was everything that people were saying about me and some of it was downright nasty enough to bring tears to my eyes, and on top of all that I missed Jasper like crazy.

Finally it was time for lunch and just as I was paying Jessica and Lauren walked past me and whispered loudly, "Oh look it's Forks resident skank."

"No more like whore." Lauren said.

Tears filled my eyes and I quickly walked to sit at an empty table. A few minutes later Angela showed up. "Hey Bells don't listen to them."

I looked at her and sniffed. "I try not to but sometimes I can't help it."

She sat down next to me and squeezed my hand. "No matter what anyone else says you got me okay?"

I nodded and wiped my tears. Just then we were approached by Emmett and Rose. "Do you guys mind if we sit here with you?" Rose asked.

I smiled. "Not at all."

Angela smiled warmly at them. "I'm glad that Bella still has you two as friends."

"We would never leave Bella-Boo!" Emmett boomed causing me to giggle.

We started a conversation and I could tell that they were all trying to make me feel better and it was working until Lauren and Jessica's bitch crew walked by us. "Oh look, it's Bella! I wonder if she's gonna sleep with Emmett next!"

I froze and looked at the table while Rose turned to glare at the new arrivals. "Yeah I mean Jessica said that she's a skank and Lauren backed it up with how much of a whore she was." One said.

"Yeah Edward probably caught her with someone else and that's why he left her."

Rose went to get up but I stopped her. "Leave it Rose. They aren't worth it."

As the girls left a group of boys sat not to far from us and I guess they didn't realize I was there because they were talking about me. "So now that Swan is free I wonder how long it will take to get her into bed."

"I bet it wont take to long for me to get her into bed. She's so sexy and it's always the quiet ones that are wild in the bedroom." To my dismay it was Mike and Tyler talking.

Tears filled my eyes and I just wanted a hole to open up and swallow me. Emmett this time looked murderous but before he could do anything, the doors to the cafeteria opened up and there stood Jasper. His eyes quickly scanned the room before landing on me. He started for me and the whole place was silent. When he reached me he quickly leaned down and swooped me up in a hug. I finally let the tears fall as he sat on the bench with me in his lap. "Jasper, they are so terrible. People are calling me a whore and skank and boys are betting to see how long it takes me to get into bed and it makes to feel so terrible. Especially when they make Edward sound like the poor sap who's heart got broken."

Jasper's arms tightened around me. "I'm so sorry Darlin'." He rocked me back and forth and whispered loving words in my ear.

When I finally stopped crying Jasper seemed to realize that the whole place was staring at us. "Do y'all mind? It's rude to stare and I'm not in a good mood." He growled out.

Everyone quickly turned away and conversations started to pick back up. Emmett, Rose and Angela turned away from us to give us some privacy. "I missed you." I whispered.

He pressed a kiss to my forehead. "I missed you too Darlin'. My chest was aching."

I snuggled into him. "Is that how you knew to come?"

He nodded. "Yes, when the ache got worse I knew that something was wrong and I needed to get to you. Darlin' I'm sorry about what they are saying. People are mean and nasty and you don't deserve that."

I pressed a kiss to his cheek. "It's okay. It's not your fault. Teenagers love to gossip and well I'm their target. I shouldn't get so worked up."

He took my chin in his hand so that he could look at me. "Darlin' you didn't overreact. I heard some of the things that they were saying before I opened the door and they were downright nasty. I felt all the emotions and I knew that all of them were directed at you. Pissed me right off. Took everything in me not to rip the doors off the hinges." He smirked down at me. "But I knew that you wouldn't like that."

I rolled my eyes. "No I don't particularly want to answer the questions that would come with that."

He grinned at me. "So how are Peter and Charlotte settling in?"

His grinned softened into a smile. "Charlotte is loving it. She just adores Esme and is loving the maternal presence that she is giving. Peter is being his normal self the little fucker."

I giggled. "I'm happy for Charlotte. It must have been terrible for her when she first woke."

Jasper nodded grimly. "Yes it was. Charlotte was lucky that she was a better fighter then some of the other females."

I didn't need any other words to know what he was implying. I shuddered. "I'm so glad that she found Peter and you."

"I am too. Charlotte made all of our lived better. She was a ray of sunshine in never ending darkness." He lost the serious look and grinned. "She had to be. Putting up with our grumpy asses."

I laughed at him. "I would have loved to see that."

We were quiet for a moment then we heard. "Damn that bastard with Bella. Now it's gonna be harder to get her into my bed. Well maybe not from the way she bounced from Edward to this guy." Tears filled my eyes as I thought God Mike is stupid. Does he not think we can hear him?

Jasper's eyes hardened and his whole body tensed. He sat me on the seat and stood up to walk over to Mike's table, unconsciously sending off a bit of fear. Rose and Emmett looked at me wide eyed, they knew what he could do. I however, knew that Jasper was perfectly under control. I watched as he walked up to Mike and when Mike first spotted him his eyes went wide and he tried to mask his fear. Jasper planted his hands on the table and leaned down to whisper to Mike. I couldn't hear what he said to Mike but I could see Mike's facial expressions. He went from masking his fear to it showing plainly on his face.

When Jasper was done talking not only Mike but the whole table looked about ready to piss themselves. I had to hold in a laugh of amusement. Jasper slowly walked back over to me and said with a smirk, "They wont be bothering you anymore."

I stood up and kissed the corner of his mouth. "Thank you."

He smiled at me and pulled me in for a hug. "Anytime."

Just then the bell rang and I looked up at Jasper with sadness in my eyes. "How 'bout we get out of here." He said.

I smiled then frowned when I thought of dad. "What about Charlie?"

He shrugged. "Well we can leave and go tell him, maybe stay at the station for a while. Hell I like Charlie and talking with him is fun."

I smiled big at him and took his hand. I started dragging him towards the door and said, "I like that you get along with my dad."

"Hell who wouldn't? He's a hoot."

I chuckled at him and rolled my eyes. "Let's just go."

When we got outside he lead me to his truck and helped me into it. When he got in on his side I quickly slid over to the middle seat so I could sit right next to him. He looked at me in surprise then grinned at me. He started the truck and I snuggled into his side. Jasper's arm came around me and I closed my eyes to enjoy the ride to the station.

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