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It's been almost a month since I found Isabella and I've never been happier. Isabella has opened up so much more. She's still a little timid and unbelievably shy but she's got sass as Charlotte says and when she's pissed oh Lordy she's magnificent. And I'm not afraid to admit, she's a little scary. Peter, the fucker, laughed at me at first until she turned that temper on him. He was hiding behind Char for a week. It was hilarious. Emmett, Peter, and I have gotten everything from a shoe to a rock chucked at us. Surprisingly more often then not she's able to hit us.

Charlie and Esme are making progress in their relationship but they're keeping it from Isabella and surprisingly she hasn't noticed. But for once she's focused more on her own life then being more focused on taking care of or worrying over everyone else.

Things between Isabella and myself have progressed tremendously emotionally. She can read my emotions almost as well as I can read hers. Physically not so much, but that was never my focus. After what that bastard did to her I knew that she was going to need some time, and I was all for that. I never want to force or pressure her into anything.

I was brought out of my thoughts by Isabella sitting on my lap. I smiled at her and hugged her close. Now that she was away from Edward she didn't shy away from contact too much.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked.

"How amazing these past few weeks have been," I told her and her answering smile was dazzling.

"They've been amazing for me as well." She said and I smiled at her.

She bit her lip and looked at my mouth. I was suddenly hit with a wave of her lust. "Darlin'?" She leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine. I, of course, responded. I'd have to be senile not too. When she ran her tongue across my bottom lip I gladly opened for her.

She leaned back slightly and looked at me, red staining her cheeks. "I've never kissed like that before. So I have no idea what to do." She whispered.

I ran my fingers through her hair and cupped her cheek and places a chaste kiss on her lips. "Can I lead then Darlin'? I promise not to do anything that you will be uncomfortable with."

She swallowed hard then nodded. I gave her a reassuring smile before I leaned in and claimed her lips. After a few seconds I ran my tongue across her bottom lip, begging for entrance. She allowed it and my tongue quickly went into her mouth. I gently explored the hot silky cavern and groaned her her taste. She shifted so she was straddling me and moaned into the kiss. Her arms went around my neck and threaded her fingers through my hair. My hands moved down to her hips and squeezed slightly, and was rewarded with another moan.

I started tracing circular patterns on her hips. She pulled back from the kiss and looked at me through hooded eyes. I was about to apologize when she breathed out, "Touch me."

I blinked and the random thought of I am so lucky Charlie said that he's going to be late tonight. I gave her a devilish smirk and said, "Yes ma'am."

I pulled her back to me and attacked her mouth with a new passion. I shifted us so that she was laying underneath me on the couch. I held myself off of her with one arm while the other trailed from her face and down her body. I was enjoying the moans and gasps that were coming from her. I shifter my legs onto either side of her so I was straddling her and moved my lips down to her neck nipping, and sucking as I went. My other hand trailed down her body to join the other one that was resting on her stomach. I looked up at her when my hands moved to the end of her shirt, silently asking permission. She nodded eagerly and my hands slipped right under her shirt and a loud gasp fell from her lips. I quickly captured her mouth and slipped my tongue between her parted lips. My hands went up further and started to gently knead her breasts and she moaned and arched into me. Her legs moved so that they were hooked around my hips. I moaned at the contact. I could feel the heat radiating from her core. She gasped/moaned again and pushed down onto my aching hardness. I growled slightly and thrust my hips. Another moan escaped her lips and I moved my lips back to her neck. Licking, nipping and sucking. She would have marks tomorrow. I wanted everyone to know that she was mine. I lightly pinched her nipples and she arched even more into me. I continued thrusting and she continued to buck her hips onto me.

I was so far gone that I only realized someone else was in the room when a throat was cleared...loudly. Isabella jumped and I pulled back fast only to see Charlie standing there looking slightly amused, and slightly pissed off. I started taking deep breaths to calm down and Isabella turned a shade of red that I didn't know humans could turn. "Dad! I thought you were going to be late tonight!" She gasped out.

He raised an eyebrow. "Well I had to run home to grab something." He put his hands on his hips, looking every inch the cop that he was. "What the hell is this? Bella, you said that you two were only friends. And if this is how you are with all your friends I think that we need to have a talk."


I felt my face get even hotter and I started to splutter, eventually managing to get out, "No! I don't do that with anyone else!"

Oh god I can't believe my dad had caught me and Jasper! That was the most intimate thing that we had ever done and my dad has to walk in! The only thing good about this situation is that he hadn't shot at Jasper. Thank God! "Listen Bella," he sat down so I knew that the embarrassment wasn't over. "I know that your almost an adult and you handle situations very well, but I'm sure you know that hormones can get you to do some crazy things." His face started to get red.

My eyes bugged. "Dad! We don't need to talk about this! Please no! I already know how everything works! And I'm pretty sure Jasper does too."

I looked at Jasper who looked pretty embarrassed himself. "Well Bella I just your growing up and I want to make sure that your being safe." He mumbled out, going even redder.
I was pretty sure my face was on fire. "Dad you don't have to worry about that."

His head whipped up to look at me, real fast. "What do you mean?" He practically shouted. "You're not pregnant are you!?"

My eyes got real wide. "God no! Dad I meant that me and Jasper aren't having sex! Geez!" My face got even redder with those words and another look at Jasper and he looked like he wanted to bolt out of the house.

Charlie's red face slowly went back to it's normal color. "Well okay then." Then he turned his attention to Jasper, who shifted uncomfortably. "What are your intentions for my daughter?"

"Dad!" I exclaimed but was ignored.

Jasper looked my dad straight in the eyes and said, "Charlie I have no intention of getting involved with your daughter just to sleep with her. Trust me that's not so high on my list. I'm involved with your daughter because she makes me unbelievably happy and I care so much for her. I know that I'm falling in love with her." I got tears in my eyes at that. "I want to make sure that she is comfortable with me. I want to show her what a healthy relationship is. I want to treat her like my momma raised me to treat a woman, with tremendous respect. I will never push or pressure her into having sex with me. If and when she's ready she can tell me and only when she's ready."

By the time Jasper finished talking I was rapidly blinking to keep the tears from falling. Dad looked at bit shocked but he recovered, stood up and nodded. "I'm trusting you two." he said before he walked out. A few minutes later I heard the front door shut.

I turned and looked at Jasper. "I'm falling in love with you too."

He gave me a wide smile and kissed me breathless. "Darlin' I never thought that I would ever be this happy."

When I had gotten my breath back I gave him a smirk and teased, "So the big bad Major had a human sneak up on him?"

He glared and my and I knew that if he was able, his face would be beat red. I burst out laughing. He just glared harder at me then gained a smirk. I stopped laughing and he quickly had me flat on my back and was tickling me. I shrieked with laughter and soon tears were streaming down my face. When I was gasping for breath he stopped and nuzzled my neck. "Your father was able to sneak up on me because my mind was on more pleasurable things."

My arms came around his neck and I played with the hair at the nape of his neck. He let out a purr and I whispered, "Well I don't blame you. I think the world could have ended I wouldn't have noticed."

Jasper chuckled into my neck and kept on placing little kisses all over it. "Same here Darlin'."

We laid there for awhile before I said, "Let's do something with Emmett, Rose, Peter, and Char tonight."

He removed his lips from my neck and looked up at me. "Like what?"

I shrugged. "We can go to Port Angles and just walk around."

He pressed a kiss to my lips before getting up. "Alright."

I jumped up with a smile and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. "You call Peter while I go change."

As I walked away I heard him mumble. "The fucker probably already knows."

I giggled on the way to my room. Peter was so funny with his gift. He was always getting on Jasper's nerves which of course caused them to start swearing at each other and Esme to step in and swat them on the back of their heads scolding them about language. Peter and Jasper were worse with swearing then Emmett was and he swore a lot. Esme was always scolding them but it only stopped them for like a half an hour. I still remember the first time I swore in front of Esme. The whole house went quiet as I curse out Peter and started throwing things at him. I have never seen a vampire so scared of a human before. Esme though, I shuddered, she was scary. She almost grounded me.

I pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans, knowing that Jasper loved when I wore them. I slipped into a red plaid button up shirt and left a couple of the top ones undone, showing some of what I got. I slid my feet into a pair of combat boots and quickly ran my fingers through my hair. With a light application of makeup I deemed myself necessary and ready for a night out. I quickly bounded down the stairs and to Jasper's side. He gave me a deep kiss and when he pulled away I was breathless. "Darlin' you are very lucky I don't just take you back upstairs." He said in a husky voice.

I gave him another kiss and started for the door. "Come on Cowboy." I heard a pleased growl at my nickname and smirked.

Soon we were at the house and were all piled into an SUV and we were off for a night of fun. And fun we did have. Peter and Jasper stuck to Char and mine sides after some boys tried to get grabby. I wasn't uncomfortable, I knew that the wars had made Jasper a possessive man, and at times I quite liked it. We seen a movie, got me some dinner, and even went shopping for a bit. Most of our time though was just spent walking around and talking. We didn't get back home until two in the morning and well let's just say that I was lucky that I had called my dad earlier in the night to tell him I was going to be very late or he would have had my ass on a platter.

The next day was spent at Rose and Emmett's house with everyone, just lazing around. Emmett, Jasper, and Peter were playing some video games, Rose and I were talking and rolling our eyes at the boys, and Esme and Char were working on a project. Char just adored Esme and loved to help out with her design projects.

It was around one or so when there was a knock at the door and Jasper said, "Darlin' it's your father." He didn't even look away from the game.

I just rolled my eyes and got up. When I opened the door there he stood, looking kind of nervous and very aggravated. Instantly I knew something was wrong. I waved him inside and asked, "Dad what's wrong?"

His hand went to rub the back of his neck and he sighed. "Renee called." I narrowed my eyes at those words and waited for him to continue. "She's coming to visit."

Everyone went silent. I didn't talk about Renee much and I guess they wanted to know why. I crossed my arms over my chest and huffed. "Is she bringing Phil?" No matter how much I disliked my mother I liked Phil. He was a decent guy, blinded by my mother.

"No. Well at least she didn't mention it." He said.

I raised my eyebrow. "What does she want?"

"She said that she missed you and wanted a chance to reconnect."

I snorted. "Reconnect my ass. What she really means is that she wants to come here and dissect every part of my life and criticize everything I do and to see if she made a bad decision in letting me come to see you."

Dad pulled me into a hug. "Sorry kiddo. But it's not like I can ban your mother from seeing you."

I sighed into his chest. "I know I just wish you could."

"So do I kid. It killed me when she took you with her and didn't allow me to see you."

I cuddled further into my dad's chest and said, "It's okay now. She can't hurt me anymore."

Dad stepped away from me and grabbed my shoulder's. "Did she ever?"

I bit my lip. "She may have slapped me once or twice." Charlie's eyes narrowed in anger. However, I smirked. "But that stopped when I broke her nose."

He chuckled and ruffled my hair. "That's my girl." He leaned down and pressed a kiss to my forehead. "Well I just stopped by to give you a heads up. I have to get back to work. She'll be here in a couple of days."

I nodded and watched him leave then walked back into the living room. When I got back I seen that everyone had moved into the living room and the game was paused. Everyone was looking at me. I ignored them all in favor of walking straight to Jasper and sitting on his lap, burrowing my face in his neck. "Isabella, what was that about?" He asked.

"My mother is not the best mother around. She actually sucked at it and I had to raise her instead. I learned how to cook when I was five in order not to starve. I paid the bills and had a part time job at ten just so we had enough money for food and bills. Renee was too caught up in her own life to worry about mine. The best thing that woman ever did for me was let me go without a fight when I said I wanted to move to Forks." I paused and contemplated about telling this next part but I knew that Jasper would get it out of me sooner or later so I decided to just tell all now. "I told her about some of Edward's behavior toward me in the beginning and I asked her if that was normal or not. She told me not to worry about it and I should just do as he says and that she couldn't believe that I had asked her something so idiotic."

Jasper let out a loud angered growl, not the only one but certainty the loudest. I pressed a kiss into his neck to calm him down, it worked. "how could a mother do that to her own child! Or better yet to anyone! If I could I would rip her arms off!" Esme growled out. Damn I knew that she could be scary! She turned to look at me. "Now I know why you always clung to me so much in the beginning and how you always seemed shocked when I hugged you or did things for you."

I nodded. "Yeah, my mother had it drilled into my brain that I was worthless and no good."

Jasper held me tighter to him and whispered in my ear, "You are worth more then anything in this universe to me."

I practically melted right there and with a loud laugh from Emmett, "Where did you learn the cheesy lines from?" the tension was broken. Everyone went back to what they were doing with one exception. I was now sitting in Jasper's lap while he was playing the game, and he was still kicking ass!

I just grinned and leaned back against him and started talking to Rose again. Not wanting to even think about all the drama Renee was going to bring with her. I knew that nothing could ever come between Jasper and me and that's all that mattered to me.

So Renee is coming. Are we going to see Renee and Bella get into an argument. Oh and how is Esme going to feel about her mates ex-wife coming into the picture, the same ex-wife that for some weird reason believes that her ex-husband is still in love with her? Do we see trouble ahead? Well if you don't you might want to get your eyes checked! Lol. Yes I know that was lame.

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