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From where he stood, Boylan had a clear view of the entrance of the Command Center. Standing with one hand raised to block the mid-day sun, he leaned against a support beam from which one of the large market canopies was suspended. Watching as the steady stream of colonists had begun to dissipate after filing in and out of the Command Center, he couldn't help but smile to himself. Today was the perfect day for his favorite pastime. The sun was shining and the weather was pleasantly mild, he basked in the glow of the ideal climate. The day was completely adverse to yesterday's tempest. A violent windstorm had whipped through the colony, bringing monstrous hail and a deluge of rain. For the most part the colony fared well, mostly unharmed except for one portion of the southern quadrant. A power unit was taken out by the pounding hail. Typically the housing of the unit would have protected the sensitive internal components, but a foolish engineer had left a panel open as he fled the hail stones.

Colonists without power had plead their cases one by one nearly the entire day. The Commander's patience was being tested, this clever bartender intended to test it further. He was almost giddy with the prospect of spotting a flustered commander. A hand clasped his shoulder caused him to jump and let out an undignified yelp. Clasping at the beam at which he perched himself, he turned to find the friendly face of Jim Shannon.

"Boylan, any specific reason you're spying on the Command Center?" From the younger man's jovial tone he could tell that the Sheriff asked out of curiosity rather than interrogation.

"My good Sheriff, I'm simply 'observing' not spying." The barkeep attempted to offer his famous grin.

Shannon was clearly in a light mood and merely shook his head and said "semantics!"

"OH OH!" Boylan could not help but point excitedly as Taylor exited the Command Center and took up his usual perch at the railing. "This is why I'm 'observing' the command center."

Taylor leaned forward grasping the rail, 'towering over HIS kingdom' as the bartender enjoyed referring to it.

Gripping the rail as is his habit he was greeted with a rather unpleasant sticky yet viscous substance. With a look of pure disgust Taylor observed the goo covering his hands. Although Boylan could not hear, he could see the string of expletives escaping the Commander's lips as he stormed back into the Command Center.

Doubled over laughing, he wiped tears from his face. The look of shock he spotted on Shannon's face only increased his glee.

"Excuse me" Shannon cleared his throat. "Did you just pull a juvenile prank on the Commander of the colony?"

Throwing an arm on the Sheriff's shoulder he took a conspiratorial tone. "Not just ONE juvenile prank Jimbo! This is one of my favorite pastimes. I call it 'Poke the Bear'. A series of small insignificant pranks to see how many it takes for the Commander to completely lose his well-practiced cool." He threw an arm around Shannon's shoulders and guided him towards the best/only bar in town. "Let my buy you a drink and tell you a little tale." Shannon was obviously interested as he willingly accompanied the bartender to learn the history of the 'Poke the Bear' and what else Taylor had in store.

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