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Previously on TOW they came back...Joey proposed to Andrea, his girlfriend... David and Ursula are getting married... Ben and his girlfriend are on a break...

It's mostly about Ben in this chapter...


TOW Joey and Ben's worst Thanksgiving

Andrea left. Joey was still on his knee, unable to move. The friends looked at him, all worried and shocked that Andrea said no. When Phoebe was about to say something, Joey got up and ran after his girlfriend. He went down the stairs as fast as he could and saw Andrea entering a cab. He ran towards her.

''Andrea! Andrea!'', he screamed as his salty tears started to ran down his face.

He ran after the cab, but he couldn't catch it. Out of breath, he walked back to the apartment.

''Uh... Is it a bad time to tell you guys who I saw today?", Phoebe said.

"Phoebe!", they all said in unison.

"Come on! You guys will not believe it!", Phoebe said.

"Alright. Who was it?", Rachel asked.

They all sat down on the white couch, forgetting a bit about Joey.

"So on my way over to Central Perk, I bumped into my evil sister. You know... Ursula...", she said.

"Yeah we know Phoebe.", Monica said.

"And guess who was with her?"

"David.", Mike said.

Phoebe punched her husband.

"Hey! I thought we agreed on me telling the story!"

"Sorry." , he said as he rubs the spot Phoebe punched.

"So yeah! Ursula and David are getting married!", she continued.

"WHAT?!", the others said in unison.

"I know right! And they invited us to their wedding, which is next week. Should we go?"

"Well... She is your sister...", Ross said.

"Yeah but she is marrying David, Ross.", Monica remarked.

"Could this BE more awkward?", Chandler sarcastically added.

"I mean... Ursula might be onto something...", she said, ignoring Chandler's comment.

Joey went back up the stairs and sat in front of the door.

Chandler heard a noise in the hallway. He got up and went to open the door. Chandler found his best friend sitting on their old apartment door step. He didn't said a word. He sat next to him and patted him on his shoulder, trying to comfort him. It was the second time he saw him like this. The first being the night he told Rachel he was in love with her.

After a few minutes, all the others came out and sat next to him. Joey was crying. He never thought that Andrea would say no. He thought she loved him. They brought Joey back into the apartment and laid him down on the guest room.

The kids were sleeping in the master bedroom. Ben, on the other hand, tried to call Lucy. She didn't pick up. He got inside the house and told his dad that he is going out a bit.

"Alright Ben. Don't come home too late."

He walked down the street and went into a random party that was going on. He saw one of his friends. Ben slowly walked to him. He told him about Lucy.

"C'mon man. I'm sure you can forget about her in no time! Here! Dance with her!", his friend said as he pushed him on a girl.

"Sorry. My friend is a bit drunk.", Ben said when he bumped into the girl.

"It's okay.", she said with a soft smile before turning back to her friends.

"Um... Do you want to dance?", he asked.

Ben's flirting and dancing skills are just like his father's. (You know...)

"You're lucky you're cute.", the girl said with a smirk on her face.

They danced all night and laughed about random things. Ben may not the woman's man, but he is pretty smooth.

"My name is Courteney! You?", she shouted on top of the music.

"Ben!", he replied.

It was around midnight now. So Ben decided to walk the young lady to her hotel. She was from Canada. She was on a trip to see her grandparents.

"I had a great night Ben.", she admitted with her cute Canadian accent.

"Yeah. Me too. Well... Good night.", he said before leaving.

Before he knew it, Courteney had her hands around his neck and kissed him.

"Um... What are you doing?", he said, pulling back.

"You and your girlfriend are on a break! So I thought why not?",she said still hanging on to Ben's neck.

Ben didn't think. Courteney leans in and kissed him again. This time, he didn't pull back. He deepens the kiss and his hands slowly grabbed Courteney by her hips.

Their make out session was interrupted by Ben's phone.

"Hello?", he answered with his hands still on her hips.

Courteney let Ben go and mouthed that she had to go.

"Come back to the apartment Ben. It's pretty late."

"Alright dad. Be there in 30 minutes."

They waved goodbye and Ben started to walk back to the apartment.

Joey was in the guess room trying to call Andrea. She obviously wouldn't pick up. He was getting worried. Andrea didn't know anyone in New York and it was really dark out.

Someone knocked on the door. It was Monica and Chandler. He didn't even bothered to open it. The couple peeked their head trough the side of the door.

"Hey Joe. Are you awake?", Chandler asked.

"Of course he's awake Chandler!", his wife whispered.

"I'm awake. What do you guys want?", Joey said as he sat on the end of the bed.

"Look. Joey...", Chandler said as he sat down next to him.

"I know how you feel...I mean... Rejection... I went trough it so many times!...", he continues.

"It's not the same thing Chandler!", Joey interrupts.

"I need some time alone. Do you mind?", Joey said, pointing at the door.

The couple got up and looked sadly at their friend. As soon as they got out, Joey started crying.

"How can she do this to me?", he asked himself.

Ben got back to the apartment. Ross was on the couch waiting for his son to be back.

"Where did you go?", he asked.

"To a party. Nothing much, really.", Ben answered.

Suddenly, Ben's phone was vibrating on the kitchen table. He looked at the caller ID. It was Lucy. He picked up as fast as he could.

"Lucy!", he said.

"Hey Ben.",she answered.

He looked at his dad.

"She's been crying.", he whispered to Ross.

"What's up, Lucy? Why are you crying?", he asked, returning to his call.

"You had fun tonight, huh?", she asked, ignoring his question.

Ben froze in shock. His heart stopped for a second.

"Wha-what are you talking about?", he panicked.

"Stop it, Ben. I know what you did to that Courteney girl.", she said firmly.

"How did you know? You weren't even there."

"Emily texted me."

Emily is one of Lucy's friends. She went to her aunt's for Thanksgiving near Central Park. She had always disapproved Lucy's relationship with Ben.

"That cunt.", Ben thought.

His heart felt like if it was going to explode any second now. He was freaking out. Ross knew how this is going to end. Ben went out on the porch, he didn't want to wake anyone up. He knew that a huge fight was coming his way.

"What did Ben do?", Ross said to himself.

Rachel woke up to go to the bathroom. She saw that Ben was on his phone with his girlfriend, so she asked her husband what was going on. Ross told her about their fight but not about their "break", hoping not to bring back that argument in his life.

"This sounds really familiar...", she said looking at her son through the window before going back to bed.

"Look, Lucy. We broke up. So I technically didn't cheat on you." , he explained.

"We didn't break up! We were on a break!", she said.

Their tone started to get louder and louder.

"Exactly! WE WERE ON A BREAK! That means that I could make out with anyone that I want! Plus it was just a one time thing!", he yelled back.

"A break is not a break up!", she said angrily.

"Look! I'm sorry alright? It's not going to ever happen again.", he finally said.

"I'm done Ben."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

No answer.

"It can't be over. Right? Lucy?", he said as tears stared to form in his big brown eyes.

"Then how come it is?"

A few minutes passed. No one said a single word. The cars in streets were the only thing that made any sound.

"Lucy... I ca- I can't be without you. You are my everything. Please, Lucy...", Ben said as he whipped of tears that were running down his face.

"I can't forgive you Ben.", she said, crying.

"Why? Lucy? Please... It was a one time thing. It won't ever happen again!" , he begged.

"I can't stop imagining you kissing her. I'm sorry Ben.", she said before hanging up.

Ben stayed on the porch. He cried. Ross got him in and told him to go to sleep. After numerous attempts of trying to sleep. Ben went into the kitchen to find some milk.

Joey came out of the guest room to go to the bathroom. He couldn't sleep either. He found Ben sitting at the kitchen table.

"Hey Ben. May I?", he asked, pointing at the other chair.

He nodded. He never really talked to his uncle Joey since he left New York to pursue his acting career in LA. He hears lots of stories about him from his dad and uncle Chandler.

"Are you feeling OK, uncle Joey?", he asked.

"Well... getting rejected my your girlfriend isn't a good thing. So I'm feeling not so good."

"My girlfriend broke up with me.", he confessed.

"Why?", Joey asked.

" She told me that she wanted a break and..."

"DON'T TELL YOUR MOM! EVER! If she ever find out. Your mom and dad are going to have a HUGE fight.", he said.

"Great now I can't talk to anyone about this.", the teenager thought.

"Just wait. She will realize that she still loves you. All you have to do is agree that it was your fault."

"Thanks Uncle Joey.", he said with a small smile.

"You are young. If it doesn't work out. You'll find someone else. Unlike me. I'm old and I'm not even married yet. I messed everything up! Now I can't find my girlfriend and my daughter!"

"I'm sure she will call you back and explain everything.", Ben tried to reassure his uncle.

"Thanks kid.", he said.

They finished their warm milk and went back to bed.

Joey checked his phone one last time and saw that someone left a voice message. He clicked on it and listened.

" Hey Joey. It's me Andrea. I'm really sorry for rejecting you... I panicked. I just wanted to say that I'm going to go back to LA tomorrow morning. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.", she said.

"That's it? She's not going to tell me why?", he thought while trying to call her.

She ignored his calls.

"What is wrong?", he thought.

He finally gives up and dropped himself on the bed.

"Worst Thanksgiving EVER!", Ben and Joey said in unison.

Both with their hands on their face, wishing that they could go back before it all started to go wrong.

End of chapter 6!

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