Return of the Entwives

Harry awoke to the warmth of the sun on his face, the rush of water trickling over rock, the coolness of soft moss and rock against his side, and the sounds of animals scurrying through grass and under-brush.

He groaned, eyes opening as he struggled up into a sitting position. Rubbing his eyes of sleep, Harry glanced around for his glasses. They sat, folded, on a mossy ledge gouged into the large boulder he sat beside, and Harry quickly slid them onto his face.

Then Harry looked for the rest of his things. His invisibility cloak lay folded nearby, under a small rock – most likely to keep any wind or animals from carrying it away. Both Harry's holly wand and the Elder Wand were in his pockets, and the Resurrection Stone still sat in the ring on his finger.

Finally assured of where his things were, Harry then looked around the place he had woken.

He sat in a forest clearing. To his side was a large boulder, triangular in shape, almost entirely covered in dark green moss. On the other side of the clearing a small brook burbled away to unknown places. Great trees, as big as those in the Black Forest, loomed around the outskirts of the clearing. Gnarled and twisted, some looked almost human.

Harry's head whipped back to the human-looking tree. Only to find that it had moved, it's gnarled face peering closely at him.

Harry screamed – not that he would admit it later, it was a yell, a manly yell – in surprise, scrabbling away.

"Burr-hurrum," the tree spoke, crouching down before him. The tree spoke! "Why are men, especially wizards, always so noisy."

"Umm, sorry?" Harry offered, staring in shock and surprise at the tree. "Sorry, what are you? And, where am I?"

"And so you should be, noisy little man-wizard," the tree scolded. "I am an entwife, Fimbrethil is my name. You are in the Rhun Forest, which borders the Sea of Rhun, and lies within the Land of Rhun."

"I'm Harry Potter. It's nice to meet you." Harry bit his lip. "But, I've never heart of Rhun, and I don't know how I got here."

"I expect that you are far from home, young istari. You appeared here in this clearing some days ago, in a flash of brilliant light. I and my fellow entwives, few as we are, have kept watch over you since. We shall continue to do so, until such time as you find your way home, or move on to elsewhere." Fimbrethil pretended not to notice the wizard, Harry, rubbing tears from his eyes.

"Thank you, Fimbrethil," Harry said, thickly. "Is there anything that I can do, to repay you?"

Fimbrethil paused, and thought.

"We entwives are few, Wizard Harry. We have no ent men; they life far to the west in the Fangorn Forest. We would go to them, but we are afraid. The lands between our two forests are rife with the darkness of Mordor, and we cannot forget the pain that cursed place has caused us. Once, we numbered hundreds, and now we are barely a handful." Fimbrethil watched the wizard, and took a breath. "If it is possible, if you are capable of doing this, then we would ask for entchilder."

Harry swallowed, looking into Fimbrethil's deep, dark, eyes. "I don't know if I can do that, but I'm willing to try," he told the ancient tree woman. She smiled, eyes glittering, and slowly stood back up.

"Thank you, Harry. This is all we would ask for. Now, I shall go speak with my entwives and gather you some food; you rest here. You must recovering your strength."

Fimbrethil turned and headed for the trees. Harry was horrified at the sight of the entwife's back. A great gouge, ragged and blackened, was slashed across her back from neck to hip. It was like... Harry's eyes widened as he suddenly understood Fimbrethil's earlier words.

Harry's hands clenched and his eyes narrowed. Somebody had tried to burn Fimbrethil alive. Probably under orders from this "Mordor" place. They had probably also killed many of Fimbrethil's fellow entwives.

Well. Harry would see about that. First, he would make Fimbrethil and her people entchilder – perhaps even fully grown ent men and entwives. All of them protected from fire, so that Fimbrethil would have no need to worry.

And then they would return to Fangorn, crushing all darkness in their way.


Now, the entwives are not like the ents. The ents have slept for many ages, and they do not constantly keep watch over the Fangorn. In my head-canon this is why it takes them a day just to say "hello" to each other – as they have plenty of time to do stuff, they take longer.

The entwives on the other hand, are constantly patrolling the Rhun Forest, coaxing plants and trees to grow and flourish. So, they do things faster.

I also know that Harry hasn't asked a lot of questions, and the main reason for that is not only his confusion on where he is, but also due to the fact that he has amnesia. He knows he was elsewhere, but he doesn't remember where, and the only thing he does remember is his name, his age, the Hallows, and the fact that he is a wizard. He remembers nothing of earth, the wizarding world, Hogwarts or even his friends.