At last

Fortunately for Shang and Mulan, the luckiest day for their wedding according to their birthdates was only two weeks after his proposal. It did not take them long to get over their shyness. Soon they were teasing each other mercilessly at almost every opportunity. It took Fa Zhou and Fa Li some time to get used to it, both of them being such gentle, reserved souls. Grandma Fa on the other hand was enjoying it immensely.

Shang still had to travel back and forth a couple of times to settle affairs at his home. He was able to find a buyer for his property fairly quickly as it was a greatly prized piece of land. He also managed to find a suitable place in Mulan's village and settled the deal, to his relief, the day before the wedding.

The wedding itself went relatively smoothly. The tea ceremony being interrupted by Little Brother chasing the chickens through the living room and Mulan tripping over her dress as she stepped out of the carriage were but minor hiccups in a day filled with joy.

When the whirlwind finally ended, Mulan and Shang found themselves in the peace and quiet of their new home. Shang insisted on wiping off all the make-up that Mulan had been required to wear for the occasion. He moistened a sponge with warm water and caressed her face with it.

"There's my Mulan", he whispered tenderly as the last vestige of powder disappeared.

Mulan met his gaze smiling. At last, someone loved her for who she was. Shang returned her smile as he brushed some stray strands of hair from her face. Leaning down, he kissed his new bride. He tightened his grip on her as she melted in his embrace. They belonged to each other now and nothing was going to separate them.