Weeping in sorrow, crying from the emptiness inside of me. As far I could remember I always alone. My mother died when she gave birth to me, ever since then I knew what I was. A monster...no one would come near me, I didn't want to be born this way but I had no choice. It was decided before my birth. Why!? My heart ached with pain and tears flooded out of my eyes. Every night, every day I'm alone with this pain that no one could understand. Why!? Why me!? WHY!? Ack! The pain surged from my heart, it felt as though I was going to explode. I walked to school alone childeren my age and their moms staring at me and talking to each other.

"Is that him, the one with the sand demon in him?" The first mother whispered.

"Yes! I wouldn't let my child go near that monster!" Said the second mother. They both stared at me menacingly like I was some kind of monster.

I sat on the swings with my teddy bear, gripping it tightly. My nose tickled from the furry head of the bear when I held it covering half of my face. As I sat there watching the mothers drop off their kids I sat in wonder about my own mother. Would life be different with her? Will I not be alone and have that aching pain in my heart? I do not know, the more I thought about the more I longed for her...