Pendragon and I are standing in the hidden cave where the flume is. Every time I am near him, my heart quickens and it's harder and harder to control my feelings. I am glad that he is going. And yet I am also sad. He is ready to leave, and I'm ready to pretend not to care. A light appears in the tunnel, and the strange tune tumbles out at us. But, Pendragon hasn't called out a territory yet. What is going on? The light pauses at the tunnel's mouth, and I'm frightened. This isn't supposed to happen. Suddenly, I see him. I see Saint Dane. I see the rage, the hate. It scares me. Before I can react, he drives a large sword into my chest. I fall back, grabbing at my heart. I here my breath leave me. I think. . . I think I'm dead.

I float in a dark sky. I'm floating, drifting. Rather quickly. But I don't mind. Every once in a while, something will sparkle across me, like lightning. It tickles. What is lightning? What is tickles, too? I'll ask the cloud. Excuse me, Sir Cloud, what is lightning and tickles? Silly me. I am the cloud. I am not a sir. I am a. . . what am I? I am a cloud, of course. What is a cloud? Hmm. I can't be what I don't think I am. And I don't think I'm anything. So, I'm nothing. Ha ha, I am nothing. Hmmm, what is a nothing? I hope I'm a pretty nothing. I pass other nothings. Some are bright, and some are dark and ugly. Huh. Ugly nothings. I'm a pretty nothing, though. I just know it. What's that? I hear something. Stupid something. Something can't talk to nothing, don't you know that? Silly something. That something is saying something. "Loor!" What is a Loor? Not me, certainly. Hmm, I feel warm. Someone is touching me. Someone has their hands pressed on my chest, and in their head they are screaming "Loor, live! Live Loor! Live for me! LIVE LOOR!" I am not Loor, I am nothing. And what are hands? They must not be important. And chest? Maybe I have a treasure chest! Mmm, yes, and it has purple and gold in it, with lot's of red. I don't know what that is, so they're nothing. Pretty nothings, just like me. "Live Loor!" I am not Loor! Irksom something. Most irritating. I am not Loor. I am nothing. A cloud of nothing. And yet. . .
I don't feel like nothing. I feel like. . .
A warrior girl from Zadaa, with dark skin and hair and long wooden staff. My name is Loor.
No, that's silly! I'm not Loor! I'm nothing.
NO, I'm not nothing! I am Loor, I think! And the person crying out, that is Pendragon. Pendragon! I love Pendragon! He wants me to live! So I'm dead! I guess I'm a dead nothing.
NO! I am NOT nothing! I am Loor!

My heart beats. Faintly. I have no memory of my last few minutes. Pendragon is here. I'm glad. He saved me. He tried to kiss me, in the rain. I wish I could've kissed him, and tell him I love him.
I love you, Pendragon.
I love you, my Bobby.

Whaddya think? I was bored and wanted to write something poofy. So I wrote about Loor's death? Hmm. I'm a strange one. RxR! Please be nice about it. I meant it to be poofy and odd. So don't go saying it's ridiculous. I know it is. So shut up. Tell me what you thought!

Peace out.