Summary: What started out as a request, turned into entering a competition; what started out as something to cure their boredom, turned them into a worldwide hit. Being a band means two things, one is having fun, and the other…is dealing with those crazed fans.

Warning: Slightly OC characters and language (cuz they're high schoolers)

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Chapter 2: Ryushi Shimohira

The man standing beside Momoka looked like a homeless bub that got treated to some drinks at a nearby pub. His pitch black hair was glossy with leaves stuck here and there, eyes blood shot and unfocused along with a permanent scowl and an obvious hate for kids and teens alike. There was a think shaggy red scarf wrapped around neck and his coat spelled "stole from a donation bin" because it was way too large to his thin body.

Bossun blinked as they stared at the man, feeling utterly speechless until the leader of the club managed a single word, "…Who…"

"Ah," Momoka rubbed the back of her neck shyly, "My songwriter only wants to write songs for a single talent at a time, but he called an old friend…" she glanced at the man beside her. "…his name is Shimohira Ryushi."

Shimohira-san rubbed his chin which had a goatee, before lifting up his other hand lazily and greeting the teens with as little emotion as possible, "Yo." He muttered, before waving away a fly…

Oh yea…they were screwed.

Bossun felt his eye twitch before he ran over by the yankee and grabbed her roughly by the arm and pulling her to a faraway corner.

"Who the hell is he?" the boy hissed, remembering to keep his voice low.

Momoka slipped on a small smile, "He's Shimohira Ryushi…" And upon seeing the look aimed at her, the idol decided to add a bit more detail. "My songwriter: Sahashi-san; said that Shimohira-san is an old friend of his, and a very talented one at that…"

They both spared a glance at the man eyeing Himeko's lollipop, nearly drooling before Momoka said slowly, "…Then again…he said Shimohira-san was talented…ten years back…"

"The old stinkin- geezer," Bossun paused, before continuing, "Is an old stinkin- geezer, how can he know about music?"

"Well if you asked the 'stinkin' old geezer' maybe you'll know,"

The both of them whirled around fast; the idol's eyes were wide while Bossun was openly gaping.

Ryushi sighed as he scratched his
scraggly goatee, "Yes, I can talk."

He was met with more stares and gapes.

With a shake of his head, he muttered, "If this is what the next generation looks like, I'd hate to think where man-kind would be ten years from now."

That snapped, at least Himeko, out of her daze. "Have you looked at yourself lately!?" she shot back.

Ryushi glared at the girl before growling, "I don't think I should buy a mirror when I can't get myself more than two hamburgers a week."

Switch typed out, "He's got a point."

"Oh shut it!" The blonde haired girl hissed, "You damn otaku."

"Says the girl who—"

"Anyways," Bossun interrupted, saving the rest from hearing Himeko and Switch's pointless argument. He walked up to the older man, with a skeptical look on his face, "…do you know what we need help with?"

Shimohira snorted, asking, "I'm not that out of tone, kid."

"So you can write music?"

"Write it?" he asked, shaking his head in a disappointed manner, moving his fingers along his coat to unbutton and tug at his scarf. He draped the both of them over a nearby chair before going over to gaze at Bossun's bass guitar.

What Shimohira had under all those layers were actually decent clothing…though a bit smelly. He wore an all-black shirt with slightly worn out jeans, two silver chains dangled around his neck and on his wrists were grey and black ribbons, tied together messily.

Ryushi stared at the guitar for a moment before gently picking it up and glanced to his side at the boy wearing a red horned hat. "Hey kid," he said, "What's your name?"

Bossun blinked before replying, "Bossun…"

"Here," he held out the instrument to the high schooler, "Play a few notes."


Ryushi sighed before walking over to the boy himself and putting the strap behind Bossun's neck, "Play it." He held out the pick.

Bossun eyed the pick before accepting it and fingering a few starting notes to get his memory going, he glanced up at the man, "I can play anything?" he asked.

"Yeah," Shimohira smirked, "Within the time limit of today,"

He grinned at the reply, hand already posed before asking without looking up, "Can I sing?" He felt a slight blush creep up onto his cheeks before pushing it back down. And repeated in his head: Boys do no blush.

Ryushi snorted, plopping down into a chair right in front of the boy, "As long as I don't go deaf," he replied.

Bossun took that as a yes.

Himeko, Switch, and Momoka stood to the side to give their friend some space; the idol was particularly surprised, she had never heard the Bossman sing and they hadn't mentioned he would be the one singing in the phone call.

I'm going to die

Those were Bossun's exact thoughts at the moment, as he pretended to busy himself with nonexistent tuning and clearing this throat (which did absolutely nothing)

Calm down…calm down.

Well, it sure as hell wasn't working. His heart was beating 100 miles per hour, and his palms were clammy with sweat; the pick nearly slipped out of his fingers.

I can do this…

He looked up into his audience and paled.

Oh no, I can't.

And it wasn't just his self confidence that was deflating (devastatingly fast), it was his memory of the words to the song, the notes he was supposed to play, the ones he was supposed to know by heart cause he practiced nearly every night.

Think back…

And Ayano appeared before him, smiling that smile. Right, that was it…

This kind of nervousness is good…

That's what he said at the fest…and these were his friends (except for the old man that is) of course he'd be nervous, but he could do it.

I can do it.

Bossun took a deep breath, touching the first note before letting his instincts take over. It was the same as it was when he was on stage that feeling of nervousness and fear transformed into something…better.

Cheesy as it is…he felt happy.

He grinned as he felt his fingers glide gracefully, and opened his mouth:

ousama no koe ni sakaratte

Bossun nodded, alright, alright.

barechatta yoru kimi wa waratte ita

Ryushi's eyebrow shot up, as much as he hated to admit anyone having talent, this boy's got it. The passion and he felt there was a story behind this song, it had a history. Bossun made the song his. It wasn't the best voice he had ever heard, but with a bit of polishing, this kid would be a star.

But the big question was: Would he let it get to his head.

And his band members too, what do they feel like?

He spared a glance at the two teens and smirked, Of course, they support him full heartedly.

oorora ni sawareru hoka no ue
ryoute wo nobashite boku wo sasotte ita

The brown haired teen felt like he was drowning, but this was good. He didn't screw up yet so that was a good sign right?

Calm down, calm down.

hodokete barabara ni natta biizu

kirei da ne tte yozora ni purezento

doukashi wa sugao wo misenaide

Momoka felt her eyes widen and her mouth, agape. He was incredible, she saw Bossun in a whole new light at that moment.

"The bossman," she whispered, hands unconsciously clasped over her chest. "Wow…"

Himeko pulled the Pelocan from her lips, grinning she asked, "Good right?"


"Well he's gotta be," Himeko replied, eyes glinting.

Momoka tilted her head, "What do you mean, miss?"

"Bossun," Switch typed, "Practiced his bass guitar every chance he's got, during break and after homework."

"He gets passionate about a lot of things," said the blonde haired girl, shaking her head. "But this time he's serious."

joudan mitai ni aru hi inaku natta

Shimohira smirked as he overheard the conversation, Oh yea…this is what a band feels like. Well, they got the feel, and the look we can work out…

sekai wa kyou mo kantansou ni mawaru

Himeko smiled, Go Bossun.
sono supiido de namida mo kawaku kedo

Switch felt a smile twitch at his lips, He's truly amazing.

kimi no yume ga kanau no wa

Momoka grinned openly, captivated beyond compare

dareka no okage ja nai ze

kaze no tsuyoi hi wo erande hashitte kita

Bossun took a deep breath, closing his eyes, and letting his mind speak.

imagoro doko de doushite iru no ka na

Ryushi grinned, This was what he was searching for
me ni ukabu tereta ushiro sugata ni

This boy would go far, with his big heart…
aitai na

Now I really do sound like an old man.

kimi no yume ga kanau no wa

Bossun felt sweat trickle down from his temple, but went on. Almost done.

dareka no okage ja nai ze
kaze no tsuyoi hi wo erande hashitte kita

Bossun: Good, Good.

tobenakute mo fuan ja nai

Himeko: Good job leader
jimen wa tsuzuite iru n da

Switch: Good Bossun.
sukina basho e yukou

Momoka: Bossman…

kimi nara sore ga dekiru

Ryushi: Good going kid.

He played the final few notes, letting out a deep breath of relief and getting that pleasant lightheaded feeling he did back then.

And he just couldn't shake the feeling that he got performing.

It felt like a dream.

…and he felt like puking.