Hello, ladies, gents, and passengers of all kinds! For your in-flight entertainment today, I've got a rather angsty little one-shot. Hope you enjoy!

Description: Things changed after Martin.

Disclaimer: I don't own Cabin Pressure (Or, as they say in Limerick, "I am not the owner of CP—if I was, you can imagine my glee. For no longer would it take 'til November to sate my desire to hear series three!*)

*Unfortunately, I'm an American (How's that for national pride, eh?) and I just joined the Cabin Pressure fandom two days ago, which means the only episodes I've heard are "Abu Dhabi" and "Rotterdam." BUT I believe they're releasing a collection of all three series in November, so I'll be able to hear all the rest when I purchase them.

Additional AN: And now, all that's left to say is sorry for the out-of-place humor and on to the angst!

After Martin

Things changed after Martin.

MJN Air stayed open, but only because the Captain would have wanted it that way—the hearts of his friends were no longer in it.

Each one felt the loss deeply, and each one dealt with it in his or her own way.

Carolyn, feeling almost as though she had lost a son, became more subdued and even paid for Martin's funeral, for once in her life sparing no expense.

Arthur bought three otters and named them after each of the remaining crew members—that way, when they died, Martin would have a little piece of his friends up there with him.

Douglas eventually became the new captain, since it didn't seem right to let anyone else take the job, but he refused to introduce himself as anything other than First Officer.

Even GERTI seemed to take it hard, groaning just a bit more with every takeoff and landing.

The airdot and its crew still had their wings, but without Martin, there was no longer a reason to fly.

Well, that's it—my first foray into the Cabin Pressure fandom. Hope I did alright and you're all suitably touched (Anyone get a bit of smoke in their eyes at Arthur's bit? No? Just me, then...). Thanks for reading!

P.S. Oh yeah, and feedback would be wonderfully well received (But if you have a complaint, my response shall be much the same as Carolyn's! ;P).