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**3 years later, December 17, Friday**

I was walking through my apartment, putting in silver hoop earings, while singing Call Me Maybe. That damn song was always gettig stuck in my head. I walking in front if my full-length mirror and checked to make sure I looked okay. I had on a navy blue pencil skirt, a white blouse with the three buttoons undone, which revealed some of my cleavage. I also had on black stilletoes. My hair was down and curled. I fixed myself and got my phone. I checked the time and it was 7:30 I have 30 minutes to spare. I did'nt have to go to work untill 8. I gravved my purse and walked out the door. I locked the entrance to my apartment and took the elevator down to the lobby. I walked up to the man at the front desk. His name was Tim.

"Hey Tim! Any mail?" I greeted him with a smile.

"yup, here ya go." he handed me my mail and went back to typing on his computer.

I looked through the mail and said "bills, bills, and more bills. Just like every other day, nothing exciting." I sighed and slipped the envolopes in my purse. I said bye and walked out the apartment building. I found my way to my car and drove off. I stopped to get coffee before heading to work.

I worked at a editors office. My job was to write for a sports magazine. I loved writing. It was a serious job, and I didn't fool around with it. Yeah, its boring but it pays really good. I wanted to be a teacher when I was in highschool, but I somehow ended up in the writing industury. Once I reached the building, I walked in and walked to my office. I was lead editor, which meant i was the best writer in the company. I set down my coffe and bag and sat in the desk chair. I turned on my computer and checked the time. I was 10 minutes early, which meant I could get a head start. Today I had a huge meeting with my boss and the other employees, including my bestfriend from work. Me and Kelly weren't close anymore since she moved to london. We dont talk. When I began working here, I forned a close friendshio with Maria kanellis. The firery redhead was crazy. She was alaays talking me into doing stuff, like going swimming in the middle of january. I had a cold for a month! me and her were bestfriends, and im thankful for her. I've told her about John, and she was about the only person i told from work. I didn't want my personal life going around, its too much to deal with. I was friend with pretty much everyone from work, but I just wanted them to find out about John when he comes back, that is if he does. I havent heard from him for 3 years, and Im scared about it. I love him so much, and I want just want to see him. I dont even know if its worth waiting anymore.

As I prepared for my meeting, my eyes landed in the picture of me and John from graduation. I put the frame on the desk for moravation. I thought about our memories, but my trance was interuppted by my my door opening. My assistant peeked her head through the door and said "Phone call, line 3. The person said it was important."

I nooded and said "thanks" she smiled and shut the door. I pcked up the phone attached to my desk and pressed the 3 button. I said "Tracey McElroy here." professionaly.

A deep voice came through the phone. It said "hey Trace."

I could feel all the blood rush to my brain. I was shocked to here this voice. Excited, I stood up from my chair and said "John?" Curiously in a hugh voice. My vouce got high wen i was nervous.

Noticing my high voice, he laughed and said "yeah. Hey beautiful"

I squealed and said "John! Where are you! Where are you calling from!"

"From Iraq. I talked commander into letting me call you. I miss you so much Trace."

"I miss you too. When are you coming back?"

"Only time can tell." I heard a door slam in the backround.

"what was that?" i asked curiusly.

"nothing, Tracey Im sorry I gotta go. I love you, stay strong."

I frowned and said "I love you too. Stay safe. I miss you."

"me too. Bye." He hung up.

I sighed and put the phone down. I sat down in the chair and put my head in my hands, thinking. Over the loud speakers, a voice said "Everybody please report to the meeting room immediatly."

I grabbed my file and walked to the meeting. I walked in and sat in the seat next to my boss, which sat at the end of the table. Soon, everyone was filed into the room and sat in their seats. Once the meeting started, we talked about the christmas edition of the magazine. About two hours later, the meeting ended and I walked back to my office. I turned on the loud speaker and said "Maria, report to my office, please." Soon enough, my assistant opened the door and let Maria in. She sat in the chair infront of my desk and sat in the desk in front of her.

"whats up?" She asked while sitting.

"you know John right?" I asked her while also sitting.


"well, before the meeting.." I paused and sniled to myself. "He callled me for the first time in 3 years."

she squealed and jumped up. "No fucking way! Omg Tracey thats aw-"

I quickly covered her mouth and whispered "Maria! Shh!" loudly.

She giggled and said "soory! But thats awesome! What did he say?"

I laughed and said "not much, he doesnt know when he's coming home. Im just thankful that he's safe and i could hear his voice."

"aww! Thats so cutee!"

I giggled an checked my wrist watch. "Im going home, im done everything i needed to get done. Ill call you later."

"okay" we walked out and I hugged her. Ithen walked to my car and drove home. When I got home, I slipped on a pair of pajama pants and a tanktop. I tied my hair up and layed on the couch. I soon fell alseep watching tom and jerry.

**8:00 pm.**

a few hours later, I woke up from my long nap. I looked at my phone and saw it was 8. Great, now I wasn't going to be able to sleep tonight. I got up and went into the kitchen. I got a wine glass out of the cabnet and a opened a bottle of red wine. I poured some in the glass and swirled it around before taking a sip. I walked into the living room with the glass and sat on the couch. I curled up in a blanket and watched an episode of "The Office". I laughed to myself while watching. Suddenly, i heard a knock at the door. I got up and wrapped the blanket around myself. I stomped up to the door and turned the knob. I opened the door and saw a mail man standing there with a bouque of red roses. I looked at him confused. He just smiled and said "Delievery for Miss. McElroy comma Tracey."

I slowly grabbed the flowers and said "thats me.."

He just smiled and said "have a nice night!" He walked down the hall. I just stood there looking at the roses. I shook my head back to reality and shut the door. I walked into the kitchen and set the flowers down. I found a little card that said "from: Someone". I laughed and said "idiot." i walked back to the couch and sat down. I was interupted by a knock again. I just sat their and thought "if I ignore them, they'll go away." Another knock came and I groaned. I got up and walked up to the door. I said "I swear if its the gay mail man, this better be important!" I opened te door and froze.

"Im not that gay." The guys said while smirking.

My face lite up and screamed "John!" I jumped into his arms and hung on.

"hey baby" he looked at me and hugged me tightly.

I let go and pulled him into my apartment. I soon took the duffel bag in his hand and threw it. I smiled and got in my tippy toes and kissed him. I didnt want to let go of his lips. I wanted to suck them off thats how bad I missed him. After making out, we stopped and put our foreheads together.

"I missed you so much baby girl" he whispered to me while I wrapped my arms around him. I put my head in his chest.

"Me too. I love you"

I smiled and looked up at him. We kisssed again. I finally lost control of myself and pulled him into my bedroom. I locked the door and layed him on the bed. I smiled and thought "this is gonna be fun."

I think you know what happens next(;

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