Chapter 2! Enjoy!(:

about 2 hours later, we collapsed next to eachother. After we caught our breath, John said "Damn girl, you're talented."

"psh, not as good as you. You must have of really missed me." I pulled the blanket over our naked bodies and I cuddled with him.

"you don't even know how long i've wanted to get my hands on you're body." He kissed the top of my head. I kissed him and got out of bed. I put on my thin pink silk robe, that fitted me perfectly. it formes over little detail on my body. I went into the kitchen and got two bottles of water. By the time I got back into the bedroom, John was asleep. I smiled and slipped into a big shirt and shorts. I climbed into the king bed and trned so I was facing John. I kissed his forehead softly. I just stared at him. I watched him as he chuckled softly and opened his eyes. He said "what are you looking at?"

"just making sure really here. I don't wake up in the morning and you not being there because I was dreaming."

He grabbed me and pulled me close to him. He kissed me and said "Im not leaving for a long time."

I smiled and said "I wish."

He looked at me and said "what do you mean?"

I sighed and said "you're going back to the army soon."

He smiled and said "not uh, Im not going back."

I looked at him confused and said "why not?"

"It was horrible there. I don't want to go back."

I smiled with joy. I said "im exhasuted, im going to bed. Love you." I kissed him and turned to the side. I got the chills when he wrapped his arms around me. I've been wanting this for years, and now that its finally happening, I feel like im on the top of the world. I fell asleep with a grin in my face.

I woke up to a knocking on the front door. I turned my head and saw John was still sleeping. I smiled and slowly got out of bed trying not to wake him. I walked to the front door and opened it. Maria stood there with a smile on he face. She said "ready?"

I looked at her confused and said "ready for what?"

"to go shopping silly! Hurry up and get dressed!"

I rubbed my eyes and said "Maria, its early in the morning. Why now?"

She looked at me funny and said "Babe, its noon. What the hell are you talkin about?"

I groaned and said "Uggh. I must if overslept."

she smiled and said "its okay! Get ready and lets go!" While coming in. she sat in ine of the chairs in the kitchen. I followed her in and got a glass of orange juice. I set it down and put my elbows on the counter.

"go and get ready! Theres a sale at Victoria Secret!"

"get ready for what?" John walked into the kitchen with boxers on. He came over and wrapped his arms around my waist and put his head on my shoulder.

She looked at him confused. When she realized who it was, her face lit up and said "Your John! Your Traceys boyfriend!"

he smiled and kissed my cheek. He said "the one an only."

I giggled when Maria said "when were you going to tell me he was home?!"

"soon enough." I then kissed him and took a sip of my drink.

"well, we can always go shopping another time. I bet you and John want to sepd time together. Call me later." She grabbed her stuff and walked out the door. I laughed when he said "do I know her?"

I turned around in his arms and said "thats Maria, my bestfriend from work."

"mm. Bragging about me I see?" He smirked.

"maybe." We laughed and I kissed him. A text on my phone interupted. I laighed when Maria said "damn, he's cute. Dont let go of this one, he's a keeper." I texted back saying "back off, he's mine."

I laughed once more and put my phone down. I looked at John who was sitting on the couch watching The office. I went and sat on his lap.

"I watched this last night." I said while playing with his short hair.

"what happened?" He asked curiously, watching the tv.

"I dont know, I was interuppted by a guy at my door." I smiled and continue playing with his hair.

He laughed and said "a super hot guy, if i may add."

"mrrm, he's not that hot. Maybe a 6 out of 10." I smirked and ran my hand over his chest.

"that wasn't what you were saying last night. All I heard was my named being moaned while I fuc-" I put my hand over his mouth to stop him from talking.

"John! Thats not appropiate." I inmediatly pulled my hand away when he licked it.

"Eww! Thats disguisting! I don't know where that tounge has been!" I wiped my hand on his arm, trying to clean it.

"Last time I checked, it was inside your va-"

I smacked him in the head and said "John! What did I say about your language!"

He laughed and said "Sorry mom."

I smiled and said "damn right." I kissed him and got up and went into the kitchen. I yelled "want any coffee?" He responded by say "yes please!"

I turned in the coffee machine and made coffee. I was looking foward to me and John's day alone. I couldn't wait to talk about the last three years apart from eachother.