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"Ten more seconds till the gong sounds, after that I need to run," I whisper quietly. Even though I am a district four tribute I don't trust anyone in these games, the horrible Hunger Games. During this you learn not to trust anyone. I'm lucky I learned that early.




I get into position to run, the other careers don't know I'm leaving the alliance tonight, I scan the cornucopia to see what there is, a mace here, a knife there, a pack over there. Just like most of the games.




I run as fast as I can towards a spear, I cant find a trident must be one some where. I lift up the spear and instantly know I cant kill but a few people with it. I swiftly turn my body around and aim at the other teenager behind me. Thankfully its not another career and throw it at his heart. After he collapses to the ground I carefully make my way to the boy, I believe his name is Keeth. I yank the spear out of his heart and grab another weapon and sprint around the cornucopia to my allies.

"Chive! Over here!" I hear someone yell out to me. I turn my head and see the other careers surrounding the twelve year old boy from district nine.

I rush over there and find that Gilliam, the tribute from my district is wounded in the arm, and holding it with his hand.

"What ya gunna do with him?" I point towards him with my spear.

"Well," is all that Colbee could get out before the boy pulls out a knife and stabs him in the stomach. I catch the boy before he runs off and I snap his neck. I turn and look at Amme the chick from district one rushing over with a bandage.

"That won't help, the boy knew where to hit him, and got him in a deadly place," I say as she wraps up the wound. They all look at me with a questioning look.

"The kid hit a major organ, Colbee you can die any minute," I look at him and see that he is slowly fading away. I pull him over to the center of the field and walk back as I hear the cannon's to familiar boom. I count the booms and only count five of them.

"This is going to be a long game," I mutter to myself as we pick the cornucopia clean of weapons and supplies.

If you liked this please review for me, I honestly tried my best, it is short but, yes. Umm, anyways, if I get enough I will write more for this story. Here is the character list. In order of appearance.

Chive: main character, district 4

Keeth: first kill, district 9

Ramarow: 12 yr. old boy

Gilliam: district 4

Colbee: district 2

Amee: district 1