Title: It's Always the Quiet Ones
Author: fortytwo03
Posted: 10-04-2012
Summary: The Man of Steel, fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Jimmy Palmer, mild-mannered medical assistant for NCIS. No one's sense of direction is *that* bad.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

Author's Notes: This was inspired by the NFA "What Planet Is He From?" challenge, and the fact that Jimmy wears glasses ;).


It's Always the Quiet Ones


"So there we were, surrounded, fifteen of the bad guys between us and the only exit..."

"Actually, there were only eight, Tony."

"Quiet, McPersnickety! As I was saying, there we were, completely outnumbered and out gunned..."

"Not if you count back-up pieces."

"The rest of us non-ninjas can't fire two guns at the same time without losing accuracy, Ziva. Now, if the peanut gallery will be quiet...thank you.

"We were trapped, no two ways about it, caught in the open, and even the power of the gut - ow, boss! - was not going to be enough to get us out of it. Fingers were tightening on triggers - I was sure we were goners - and then Bam! Who came busting in there but Superman! Intercepted all the bullets, grabbed all the guns, and tied up the bad guys - all at superspeed! Couldn't have taken more than seconds.

"And then he flew off. Shame you missed him. What kept ya, anyway?"

"Unfortunately, Mr. Palmer got us lost along some back roads. Right about the time you all were being rescued, I was waiting in the van while Mr. Palmer stopped to ask for directions. Much less exciting, I'm afraid."

"I suppose that's the fate of autopsy gremlins, to be forever examining the results of action but never experiencing any yourself, right Jimmy?"