Hey there, fellow fanfictionados! I decided that for my first fanfic ever, I'd do a crossover. Difficult, I know, but I embrace the challenge. If you aren't in it for the long haul, get out now, because I promise this'll be a huge one. Go big or go home, right? Right! The first chapter may be short, but it'll be awesome. Now, that's enough of my rambling. Onward!

Phantom Rising

By Fullmetal-Soul

Chapter one: Crash Landing

Danny was tired. Tired of the running, tired of the pain. He wanted to give up so much. There was nothing left for him anymore. They were all gone. Jazz, Tucker, his parents, and worst of all- no, he wouldn't think about it. The halfa pushed the dark thoughts out of his mind. Right now, he needed to focus on shaking the Guys in White off his trail.

Despite the gravity of the situation, Danny chuckled. Out of all the names for an evil agency, they picked some cheesy knockoff from a movie? It never ceased to make him smile.

"There it is!" Agent O yelled from the ground. "Don't let it escape!"

Crap, I've been spotted. Perfect. Danny sped up his flying to his full 200 miles per hour. He loved to feel the wind whipping through his pure white hair, watch the world blur into a hodgepodge of colors, all sound fading away. If he wasn't being chased by a society of crazy agents who wanted to vivisect him, the moment would have been perfect.

Something buried itself into Danny's side. He screamed and started plummeting toward the earth.

"Dammit, K, I wanted throw the ecto-dagger! I love to watch its face when it's in pain"

Ecto-dagger? Danny thought hazily as he tumbled through the clouds. They just keep inventing stuff to kill me. He smashed through the trees and skidded to a stop beneath a giant oak.

Agents O and K started clomping through the forest searching for him. Danny managed to get to his feet and started heading toward the city.

The ecto-dagger was still in his side. Danny placed his hand on the hilt and steeled himself. With one sharp yank, Danny pulled the dagger out. It took all his willpower not to scream.

Glowing ectoplasm pumped out of his side. Danny channeled healing energy to his hand and placed it over the gruesome hole, Skin and muscles knit themselves together. Organs repaired their tears and began there functions once more. It would have been cool to watch if not for him being on Death's door.

Danny dragged himself to a large green trash bin on its side. It was gross, but he wasn't in the position to complain. The last thing he saw before he lost consciousness was a giant billboard. It read



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