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Concrete Angel


Hmmmmmmmmmm, how do I begin? Well, I guess I start at the beggining. It all started when My mom met Jeb. They 'fell in love' and got married. Not long after, I came into the world. My name is Maximum Ride. I don't have their last name. I don't want it. Anyway, so I came and my mom left. She left when I was three. Jeb blamed me. He said it was all my fault that she left, but I knew better. I knew he had been abusing her to make her do what he wanted. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW. So he then turned on me. First it was the odd thing here and there. He'd push me down the stairs, tripp me up, that sorta thing. But then it got bad. He started hitting me, beating me up and he even knocked me unconcious a few times.

Then he met Dr. Martinez (A/N: How do you spell that?) And everything started getting better. He stopped hurting me and eventually, they got married. When I was eight Angel came into this world. She was beautiful. My little sister that I swore I would protect. Jeb started drinking. Things got bads again. But he only hurt me and Dr. M. He left Angel alone.

Until one day, he came home extra drunk and tryed to hit Angel. Dr. M jumped in the way. He was so drunk that he just kept hurting her. I took Angel by the hand and we went to our room. The next day we came out to find Dr. M dead. I was eleven and Angle was three. The same age I was when my mom left. He blamed Angel and started to beat her aswell. I tried to protect her. I'd jump in the way or direct attention to myself instead.

Right now. Well . . . My name is Maximum Ride. I am 14 years old. I had a little sister named Angel. And this is my story.