Stiles was sitting in his room, writing an essay for his Criminology class, when his phone rang.

"Hey dad. What's going on?" Stiles propped the phone up between his shoulder and ear while continuing to type.

"I have some news for you that you're not going to like. I figured it's better that you hear it from me now." Sheriff Stilinski sighed. Stiles sat up straighter in his chair, reaching up to hold the phone.

"What is it?"

"Um... well I should've told you sooner but I wasn't sure he would get the job and I knew you would be upset so I didn't say anything and-"

"Dad, just tell me." Stiles snapped, and instantly felt guilty. "Sorry. I have a paper due tomorrow and it's stressing me out. What happened?" he asked in a softer voice.

"Derek…um…Derek applied for a job at the station…and he got it. He's my deputy." Stiles was silent. Derek. Derek Hale. The Derek Hale that ripped his heart out, put it through a shredder, and then put it back together just so he could stomp on it and leave it in the dust. Stiles hasn't seen him since he graduated high school 2 years ago. The night Derek told him he never wanted to see him again and moved to Brooklyn.

"Stiles? Stiles are you ok? I should have told you sooner I know and I'm sorry I just-"

" I'm ok. It's just…you know… I don't have to see him do I?" Stiles knew his voice was shaky but there was nothing he could do about it. He still loved Derek. He had accepted the fact that he always would, but seeing Derek would still hurt no matter what.

"Well…actually, since he's my deputy and he needs to be caught up on all of the cases…he's coming to dinner tonight at 7." Stiles froze. He knew his dad was still talking but he didn't hear a word of it. Derek's coming to dinner tonight. Stiles flipped the phone closed, his chest feeling tight. He stopped having panic attacks a long time ago, but he was feeling one coming. He forced his eyes shut and took deep breaths. Stiles flipped his phone back open and called Scott.

"Hey Stiles, sorry, but can this-"

"Scott it can't wait. Dad just called me and-"

"Stiles, seriously, the baby is crying and he won't stop. We changed him and fed him and burped him and tried giving him toys and cuddling but he wont stop crying!" Scott sounded on the brink of tears himself.

"Have you tried singing to him?" Scott was silent for a secong.

"Allison try singing to him." He said off to the side. After a few seconds the wailing stopped. "Dude, Stiles, you're the BEST! I don't know what I would do without you."

"Yeah, anytime buddy, but listen-"

"I'm gonna go take a nap while he's sleeping. I knew we made you the godfather for a reason!" Scott hung up on Stiles and his shoulders slumped. Stiles loved being the godfather to baby Isaac, but sometimes he just wanted his best friend back. He didn't blame Allison, but ever since Scott met her, their friendship hasn't been what it used to be. He at least got to be the best man at the wedding and the godfather to their baby, and Stiles is there for Scott whenever he needs him. He just wished that was reciprocated.

Stiles flopped down on his bed, feeling his eyes start to well up. He had stopped crying over Derek a year and a half ago, but his feelings were starting to come back to the surface. He hasn't dated since then, but Derek probably had a different girl or guy(he's an equal opportunist) every night. Stiles's breath hitched at the thought. There is no way he can face him tonight. Especially because ever since Derek left, Stiles has felt like he has no one. Sure, he has his dad, Scott and Allison, but his dad's always working and Scott and Allison are busy with eachother and now the baby. He had no real friends at school so Stiles has gotten extremley aquainted with his laptop recently.

Stiles doesn't know how long he laid there thinking about how much his life sucked, but the next thing he knew the front door was opening and male voices were drifting up the stairs from the living room. Stiles closed his eyes, preparing himself for facing Derek. He hopped off the bed before he lost the nerve and tentatively walked down the steps. He got to the last step before he looked up. Derek was standing there, next to the couch. Their eyes met and Stiles stopped breathing. His eyes were so beautiful. Those eyes used to look at him with affection. Derek was always good at hiding his feelings when he wanted to, but he had never hid them from Stiles. Even if he tried, Stiles was able to tell when something was bothering him. Not anymore.

He was also scruffier than Stiles remembered. Derek had always hated having facial hair, but now there was stubble covering the bottom half of his face. Stiles started to wonder what that stubble would feel all over his- MAYDAY MAYDAY ABORT ABORT! Stiles turned and bolted towards the front door. He threw open the door to his jeep and scrambled inside. He started the engine before tearing out of the driveway, ignoring the image of Derek standing at the front door looking like a kicked puppy.