A wise man once said, put your all in your dreams, and they will come true. This is a standard that I have gone by since I started training as a shinobi. My name is Tenzo Senju. I am one of the last remaining members of the Senju Clan. While my clan originated from Konohagakure, I have never been to Konoha. I was born in Iwagakure. My parents had left Konoha to start a journey and see the entire world, but when they were ready to give birth to me, they decided to settle in Iwagakure. There we lived until I was of age to go to the Academy, and we moved to Kusagakure, where I began and sustained my shinobi career.

I am just a plain, normal guy. Passed the Academy, did missions as a Genin, took the Chuunin Exams and passed. Since then, I have just lived on as a Chuunin for Kusagakure, doing missions as needed, and also training. There have been some problems in the history of Kusagakure, and they have carried onto the present day.

Kusagakure is known as a peaceful median, in the midst of the Five Nations. This is only true to the eyes of those living outside of the country. The leader of the village here, Dantako, is a very evil man. It is said that anyone and everyone who he doesn't deem fit for Kusagakure he kills. Numbers of very good friends of mine have been killed by the hands of this monster. Day by day, I go about wondering, when will he try to come after me? Maybe he…..

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

I closed my book and set it to the side, and then I went to the door and opened it.

Me: "Yes?"

Mysterious Man: "Hello! My name is Mao. I have been instructed to bring you to Lord Dantako."

Me: "Alright, please give me a second while I get ready."

I walked back in my house and closed the door. Could this be it? Has he finally decided to come after me? Well, I say bring it! I put my black long sleeve shirt, slid my black pants on over my weights that were around my ankles, and then put my flak on over it all. I grabbed my pouch and ensured I had plenty of essentials in it. I put my headband on and walked up to the door.

Me: "I'm ready, let's go."

Mao: "Right! Follow me!"

We ran off into the forest, striding so fast that I felt dizzy from the sudden transition from relaxing at my house to running full speed through the forest. This cannot be good. I'm being lead from the village, to meet Dantako. This could only mean that he wants to finish me off to the side so that a scene is not caused.

Mao: "We are here."

Me: "So, what is this all about?"

Mao: "He he, I'm not sure, but it must be something serious if Lord Dantako wanted me to bring you all the way out here to talk to him."

I sighed. Suddenly, three Kusa ANBU jumped out of some nearby trees, followed by a tall, shady man.

Mao: "Lord Dantako, I have brought him to you like you asked!"

Lord Dantako: "Go back to the village Mao."

Mao: "Yes Lord!"

How sickening. He is the most rude, careless guy in all of Kusa. The way he just orders us around and doesn't give an ounce of appreciation just turns my stomach!

Lord Dantako: "Tenzo…"

Me: "Yea?"

Lord Dantako: "I need you to do something for me. A special mission. It is a mission that will bring Kusa to the brink of war if carried out wrong. An assassination of a highly statured person."

Me: "What if I refuse?"

Lord Dantako: "I thought of that."

He then snapped his fingers and three more people came out of the forest. It was another of the ANBU, and…..MY PARENTS!

Me: "What is the meaning of this! Why did you kidnap my parents!? What is going on here!"

Lord Dantako: "I told you, this mission is very special and vital. We need someone that can take care of it without causing an uproar and bringing attention to Kusa."

Me: "Why me though? That is what the Kusa ANBU are for."

Lord Dantako: "That is true; however, they cannot do a mission of this caliber without standing out."

Me: "What do you mean?"

Lord Dantako: "I need you to infiltrate Iwagakure, and kill a kunoichi by the name of Aida. We have had reports of her becoming the new Head of the Iwa Medical Corps. From the intel, I hear that this will put Iwa ahead of everyone in medical advances and ready them for anything, including war."

Me: "Aida…I guess I will accept the mission…as long as you promise to let my parents go."

Lord Dantako: "Once the mission is successfully completed, I will let them go free."

Me: "Alright, is there anything else I need to know?"

Lord Dantako: "Everything will be in the file that one of my ANBU will give you."

He snapped his hands again, and one of the guys walked up with a folder and handed it to me. I then nodded, and walked back towards the village.

Me: "Aida….."