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Chapter 1

Thunder boomed, shaking the whole house, and lightening illuminated the hall as the young and scared blonde haired boy ran down it.

His feet fell silently on the carpet, his shadow raced along the wall. He ran and in fear, burst into his older brothers room.

Gilbert, bolted upright at the sound. "Oi!" he yelled in surprised

Ludwig came to a halt and looked at his brother with bright blue eyes that were filled in fear.

Gilbert immedietly stood and went over to his brother, kneeling in front of him.

"I-Its l-loud…" Ludwig stuttered

Gilbert smiled softly "Ja? And?"

Ludwig looked away "I can't sleep…"

Gilbert sighed, he had to leave early in the morning.

"Do you want to sleep in here?'

Ludwig nodded, bitting his lip. Gilbert picked up his brother and walked over to the bed, placing him down on it before getting in.

"D-danke bruder." Ludwig said looking at him.

Gil nodded "Mhm. Now go to sleep, I've got to leave early tomorrow."

Gil closed his eyes and rolled onto his side. Within five minutes he felt Ludwig stirring, twisting and turning and shaking whenever thunder boomed or lightening flashed.

After ten restless minutes Gil sighed. Not only did he want to sleep, but he wanted Ludwig to as well. The morning would be hard enough without the added tiredness.

"Do you want to hear a story?" he asked

Ludwig stopped turning, and rolled onto his back and looked at his brother.

"Ja…" he said carefully, his eyes now fixated on Gilbert.

Gilbert rolled onto his back, and thought for a moment. He didn't know any kids stories by heart, and didn't want to go hunting for a book.

Ludwig cut into his train out thought with "Why are you leaving tomorrow?"

"War. I must go." Gilbert said simply

"Who fights?" Ludwig asked shyly

"Knights and soldiers." Gilbert answered glancing at him.

"What are you?" Ludwig asked

An idea flickered across Gil's mind.

"You want the story or not?"

Ludwig was silent for a moment. "I would like it."

Gilbert closed his eyes and began.

"One day, the noble king of Prussia sent his finest knights-the Teutonic Knights out to battle an enemy. They were elite soldiers, excellent swordsmen, and had undying loyalty to Prussia, the king, and their leader. They were the knights of purity- the white clad-men. Lightly armored, seeing as they traveled on foot. Chain mail, with white cotton breeches and a white tunic over it. Sturdy yet comfortable black boots, a black leather sword belt, and bracers. A black cross was stitched on their chests, the only color on their uniforms. Their leader, was dressed no differently- besides for the fact he had on a white cape, a cape white as fresh snow. And, an Iron Cross. A medal of loyalty, bravery, and valor. This man, was the Awesome Knight. On this particular day, a light zephyr blew across the hill top he stood upon. His men were behind him, resting, talking and laughing. He stood alone, surveying the field below the hill. Down a ways lay the enemy and their camp. The Awesome Knight was an excellent fighter, and he knew full well his men were of caliber. They could easily win this fight, yet he was never brash. His men were loyal to him, and he was to they. Their lives, lay in his hands. He called for two scouts to go and estimate the enemies numbers. They swiftly departed. He watched their progress, as well as any shifts in the enemies formation. Within the hour his scouts returned, and reported roughly 100 enemy soldiers. The Awesome Knight nodded, and turned to his soldiers. Men, he said, a fight lays ahead. Fight with courage-for this land! And with that he turned, drawing his sword and running down hill. The company followed and the enemy reacted- sending their troops to stop the oncoming hoard of white-clad Knights. Their efforts were futile, until by surprise a group of over 200 flanked the Knights. The Awesome Knight saw this, and above the din shouted, fight! Fight on! Don't lose faith! And so he fought on, a model for them. Soon the battle ended, the swords were sheathed, and the Knights re-grouped. Good battle, the Awesome Knight said wearily, but with pride. Remember, he added, never lose faith."

Gilbert fell silent, his tale over. Ludwig's eyes were only open a crack, it was evident he fought sleep to hear the tale.

"Guten nacht." Gilbert said softly.

And with that Ludwig drifted off to sleep, a mental image of the Awesome Knight in his mind.

Gilbert smiled to himself, glad his brother was asleep. Come the morrow there would be a tear jerking farewell, for both of them. But for now, there was just sleep and he settled in, and drifted off.

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