The Last Theseus

Anthony jumped out of bed and ran to his dresser he plucked the old sword off its showcase, in fact this sword was given to him by his father before he died. Anthony unsheathed it, making sure the razor-sharp blade didn't touch his hands. there was writing on its blade, it read "Estas Paratus" Anthony never knew what that meant but he didnt care. all he knew it was a sword that had been built specifically for him.

Anthony felt the ship shake and shudder as something hit it "BOARDING CRAFT ATTACHED TO HULLSECTION 45 ROOM SIX AND LOWER DECK 2" ROB said into the loud speakers.

'room six is nearby!' Anthony thought to himself as he busted through his door and sprinted down the hall to the fennecs room. Anthony heard gunshots coming from somewhere else on the ship, 'probably Fox and Falco' Anthony thought to himself as he reached Fara's room.

Anthony pressed his back up against the door and listened, he heard muffled voices. "haha what should we do with her?" one man said "maybe we could take turns?" another laughed. Anthony had heard enough, he backed up and made enough room between himself and the door. Anthony took a deep breath, lifted his leg, and kicked.

Fara tried to yank free of the space pirates grip but couldn't, he was bigger and was holding her arms tight against her back. the vixen tried once again to tear free of the space pirates grasp, he slapped her in the face and laughed to his friends who were rummaging her room looking for something. "what should we do with this one?" he asked his friends grinning. one took the hint "Maybe we could take turns" the one guarding the door laughed, grinning back. just as that pirate finished speaking Fara's door flew across the room smashing one of the five pirates.

there was lots of smoke from the door being smashed off its hinges. Fara saw someone standing in the doorway, his eyes were a glowing shade of yellow. " .DOWN" he said in a menacing voice to the large space pirate, he dropped Fara to the floor and pulled out his sidearm. "which one of you wants to die first?" the vulpine asked he raised a sword up to his chest.

one of the space pirates unsheathed a machete and charged the vulpine. there was a quick slicing sound as the vulpine brought his arms down as quickly as the pirate started running he stopped dead in his tracks, literally, and fell to the floor, in half.

"HOLY SHIT SHOOT THIS GUY!" the large pig yelled and fired at the figure but he was gone. there was a gurgling sound as one of the smaller space pirates fell to the floor, half of his neck was sliced largest pirate grabbed Fara by her arm and started towards his ship.

there were multiple gunshots, she heard a grunt and something hitting the floor, there was a clinking noise as a small ball rolled near the figures feet. and explosion went off inside Fara's room. there was a moment of silence. Fara saw the figure standing in a cloud of dust, with a large knife sticking out of his back.

The vulpine grabbed the knife and pulled it out without making so much of a grunt. the large pig pulled Fara up and held her by the neck, pointing his gun at her head. "YOU S-STOP OR-OR I will SHOOT HER!" he said scared of what the pissed vulpine might do.

"Alright..." he said and turned around "I'm going" the vulpine's eyes grew darker as he started walking. "no,no,NO!" Fara shouted as he walked away.

"Alright, YOU'RE going to pay for what HE did to my friends" he yelled at Fara and hit her with a taser's electrical shock, making her fall to the floor.

"now your going to pay!" he yelled as he tossed Fara into the ship and raised his fist to hit her again. she prepared to be punched in the gut but instead she heard a slicing noise and gurgling. Fara opened her eyes and saw a sword through the space pirate's neck.

just as Fox and Falco entered the room, the brown vulpine ran up to the space pirate, gripped the sword and put his boot on the pirates chin, he yanked the sword hard to the right, sending half of the hog's head flying into the ship. he swung the sword in a figure eight and sheathed it.

Fara looked at the vulpine "Anthony!?" she shouted just as Fox and Falco entered the room, weapons raised.

Falco looked at Fox, who nodded his head "that's him"

Anthony looked up from the dead hog and saw Fara, fear in her eyes, as soon as he saw her he immediately calmed down, his glowing eyes went back to their normal silver color, he walked over to the downed fennec, he knelt by her side "How do you know my name?" he whispered and picked up Fara and held her in his arms.

"are you alright?" Anthony asked as he started walking towards Fox and Falco. Fara didnt say anything she just stuck her muzzle into Anthony's chest. "Fara are you alright?" the light brown vulpine asked again but this time he noticed a tear streaming down her cheek "Fara?" Anthony said. "do you know what they were going to do to me?" Fara asked sobbing into the vulpines chest.

"what they said they would do!" she said squeezing the vulpine closer to herself. "If I had just a few more seconds with them."

Anthony knew the mechanic was tough but being shocked with one of these tasers could bring even that ugly lizard, general Scales, to his knees. Anthony walked by Fox and Falco, who were still shocked about what they had just seen. "Fara I know what they said" the vulpine tried to comfort her "I wouldn't let it happen" he said as the fennec fell asleep. Anthony walked down the hallway towards his room. 'I guess you'll have to stay in my room Fara' he thought to himself and sighed as he entered the password into his door console.

Fox and Falco watched as Anthony open his door and walk inside holding the fennec. "should we uh-" Falco started but Fox stopped him "no, you go in there without his permission I'm sure he would tear you a new one."

"why doesn't he like others in there?" Falco asked puzzled.

"I don't know, Krystal said he trusted the wrong people" Fox replied and turned around and walked towards Fara's room. Fox kicked into command mode, "Hey Falco come on we need to move Fara's stuff so when we remove the ship it isn't sucked out into space"

"alright" Falco moaned as he stood off the floor "aaw come on Falco you can't be tired now!" Fox said and lifted the bed up off the floor and dragged it into the hallway. "alright Falco I will be right back Im going to tell Katt and Krystal that its alright and its ok to come out"

"whatever" Falco said and started moving Fara's book shelf. "I'm not used to waking up at eleven o'clock at NIGHT for this"

"you think I am?" Fox called back as he ran through the halls

Anthony set Fara down on his bed and covered her with his blanket, the fennec looked beautiful when she slept. Anthony sighed and exited his room, he saw Falco and walked up to him "need any help?" he asked the blue avian but got no response, only a grunt. "guess your still sour about gettin' your ass kicked by me" Anthony joked and kept walking down the halls of the Great Fox III, as he did he accidentally left a small trail. he finally reached the storage closet and opened the door, he looked for an extra blanket. Anthony picked up the extra green blanket and started back towards his room.

Katt peeked out of her room and spotted Anthony walking down the hall, a gaping wound in his upper left shoulder which was bleeding all over his back. "oh my god Anthony!" Katt said as she ran up behind the vulpine.

'great, I just hope she isn't like the rest' Anthony thought to himself and turned around to face the pink feline. "whats wrong Katt?" he asked as he saw the feline's distressed face.

"Anthony! your back! Its bleeding!" she said spinning the vulpine around and examining his wound.

"Katt its ok I'm fine" Anthony said and started walking down the hallway, ignoring Katt "Anthony its not ok, you look like you've lost a lot of blood!". Anthony stopped, she was right his head started to spin a little as his room. "well I have some herbs to stop the bleeding I'll be fine" he said as he punched in the numbers for his door.

Fox entered Fara's room and smelled blood, "ugh Falco do you smell that?" he said looking around the dim room

"Yeah but Fox, did you see this?" Falco said kneeling by a body. Fox walked over to the downed pirates and gagged, two were headless, one had a hole in his head about the height of a pencil from eraser to point, one other had been sliced in half, and the last was crushed by a heavy door and the wall.

"holy" Fox said as he examined the gore and looked around the room, there were bullet holes all around, an explosive had gone off, and an old bent machete was lying on the floor with blood dripping off of it. clearly these pirates fought back.

Falco stood up and looked at Fox "Do you think he did this?" Falco asked as he started to move the headless soldier.

"who Anthony?" Fox said still looking at the broken door and what was left of the space pirate "probably, if you piss him off enough, but how did he do this?" Fox said as he kicked the left half of the space pirate.

"I dont know. definitely a sword of some type, Vibro-blade maybe" Falco said tossing the dead pirate into his own ship.

Fox reached for his earpiece "Krystal, the upper deck is clear, how are things down there?"

a small amount of gunfire was heard "Slippy and I just finished the last one Fox, were clear on the lower levels."

Fox sat for a minute staring at the carnage. than he remembered from earlier that day when he literally almost blew his friend's head off. 'there was a sword on the top of his dresser. but he said that it was most likely-'

"Ugh lets do this tomorrow" Falco said dropping the last body into the ship and interrupting Fox's train of thought.

after looking at the smashed pirate for a minute longer he finally sighed "agreed" and walked out of the room. Falco wasn't the type who cared about the floor very much, but spotted a trail of blood on the floor. he looked down the hall and saw the trail lead to Anthony's room.

"hey Fox, we've got a blood trail here!" he shouted behind him.

Anthony woke up and saw darkness, he stood off the floor and looked around, there was nothing, just mist and darkness. "what the hell?" he said noticing that it wasn't his normally dark bedroom. just a dark, never-ending, eerie abyss.

Anthony saw someone walk out of the mist and stop, he approached the figure, he started to see it more clearly, Anthony gasped at what he saw. It was a splitting image of himself but he was missing the large scar near his neck and had grey fur instead of brown.

The strange figure looked at Anthony and started walking towards him. Anthony reached for his sword but stopped when he realized who the person was.

"Father?" Anthony said shocked to see the man who had died a few years back

"Anthony, son listen to me" the Grey vulpine said approached Anthony "You are being hunted" he hastily said "You are the last one of us, son"

Anthony knew exactly what he meant by that. very easy thing to know when you are the only survivor of an exploding planet. "hunted by who?" he asked his father, but he was starting to feel woozy, his vision started to blur and his head was spinning. Anthony dropped to one knee and looked up at his father, who was reaching an arm out.

Anthony tried to stand but was anchored to the ground, he watched as his long lost father reached out a hand and touched Anthony's forehead, he felt an electric current go through his entire body, his father started turning to mist and a bright light shone behind him, he turned around and started walking towards the light. "NO!" Anthony yelled as he picked himself up off the floor, and tried to walk, instead he started to go backwards.

His father turned around and grinned "I am sorry to say I cannot help you son. Only when you realize what has to be done will I help you." he said before disappearing in a bright flash of light. Anthony closed his eyes and threw his arms up to protect himself.

"NO!" Anthony yelled as he jumped off the table he was laying on, knocking over medical supplies, a light, and nearly kicking Fox in the face.

"Whoa Anthony calm down!" Katt said as she dodged the falling floodlight. Anthony stopped and calmed down. he took a second to rethink about what has happened in the night before. "wait a second" he mumbled and looked at his left shoulder blade. he had used a small can of Bio-foam to stop the bleeding, so he couldn't have passed out from blood loss.

Fox raised his hand, but Krystal stopped him. "Anthony, this is going to sound strange but, did you get any strange feelings before you passed out last night?"

Anthony stood for a moment and rubbed the back of his neck. "now that you mention it, I felt a little woozy just before I went unconscious"

Krystal only murmured a small "hm"

"Anthony!" someone said behind him, he turned around and nearly got tackled. Anthony was stuck in a death hug that he couldn't get out of without hurting the fennec.

"Fara, please... let go" Anthony choked as her death grip got tighter. Fara released Anthony from her grip and looked into his eyes, although she expected to see pure silver, there was a small hint of blue.

Fara took a small step closer to Anthony and leaned close and kissed on the cheek before whispering in his ear "thank you" and quickly left the room.

Anthony saw images, of what he didn't know, but he knew they were his. images of someone important in his life. Anthony closed his eyes and tried to focus on her face, but was unable to directly identify the woman.

Anthony opened his eyes and turned to look at his friends.

Anthony stood for a moment feeling his cheek where Fara had kissed him not noticing Katt standing next to him. "whats wrong? never got a kiss from a girl before?" Katt joked as she walked past the shocked vulpine.

'at least, not in the past few years'

Anthony snapped out of his state and looked at the clock 'four in the morning!?' Anthony silently screamed in his mind, Fox and Krystal started walking past him when he held out an arm to stop Fox. "how long was I out?" he asked and motioned towards the clock.

"you've been unconscious for an entire day Anthony" Fox said to his friend as they started walking down the hallway "oh and is it alright if Fara stays in you room for a while?" Fox asked Anthony.

"what happened to Fara's room?" Anthony asked.

"well, when we removed the space pirate's ship Fara's room got eh, messed up" Fox paused for a second "we are unable to repair it anytime soon" he said as they reached Anthony's room. "Alright she can stay in here but I need an extra bed..." Anthony said to Fox.

"we could just move Fara's mattress in there, dont worry about a thing." he said before yawning.

"you know what, I can just sleep on the ground no big deal"

"alright man whatever you say, I gotta hit the sack" Fox said to Anthony.

"alright see you later Fox" Anthony said before entering his bedroom.

Anthony looked around his room for a minute before walking over to his dresser and pulling out a new change of clothes, he removed his shirt and walked into the restroom, something stopped him dead in his tracks. he saw his reflection in the mirror and noticed something on him changed.

Anthony took a step closer and saw, that running along part of his neck and cheeks there was very small patches of dark grey fur. "what the?" Anthony muttered as he looked at himself in the mirror and noticed there was also a stripe on his forehead. "wow I've never had those before" he mumbled and took a step back "almost like a tattoo I wanted but never got" Just before Anthony got undressed he heard a knock at the door. 'always before I do something!' Anthony yelled in his mind.

he walked out of the restroom and to his door, he looked out the window of his door, and saw Krystal but luckily she couldn't see him.

'OH SNAP! THAT DREAM IS BECOMING REAL!' Anthony joked in his mind, Krystal had more than likely heard that thought 'that was scary!' he pulled his shirt back on and opened the door.

"what do you ne-" Anthony suddenly got a massive headache, he propped himself up against the wall next to his door, "augh" he murmured as the door slid open, he looked up and saw Krystal glaring at him.

Anthony closed his eyes and moved his hand up to his forehead. "Listen to me" Krystal snapped, making the vulpine's head pulse with a now even worse headache. "ok, K-Krystal I'm listening" he staggered as he dropped to a knee. "I saw how you looked at her" Krystal said as she stepped closer to the vulpine. Anthony's headache went away as soon as it came. Krystal knelt by the vulpine, "If you try anything" she said using her telepathy to create a pain that surely won't be forgotten soon, "I WILL kill you". Krystal stood up and released the vulpine from her mind grip, she walked away and said "remember that"

Anthony took a moment and stood up, "bitch" he mumbled under his breath as Krystal walked away.

the blue vixen turned around and snapped at Anthony "WHAT WAS THAT?"

Anthony's eyes went wide "nothing!" he said and quickly shut the door. "what was that about?" he asked his small bafomdad which had curled up near his pillow.

Krystal walked down the hallway silently laughing to herself.

'ugh why can't we make technology so she stays out of our heads?' Anthony asked himself as he stepped into the shower, he felt the warm water wash all around his body, and got a strange feeling in the back of his mind, the feeling that he was wrong, but wrong about what? Anthony just shrugged it off as another one of Krystal's "warning you" tricks.

Fara picked up the one pillow that survived the space pirate attack. "And if he tries anything just spray him in the eyes with this" Katt said handing Fara a bottle of Pepper spray, "yeah, uh thanks Katt but I'm sure I wont need it" Fara said attempting to hand it back, but Katt wouldn't take it. "Fara just take the darn thing" Katt said pushing the fennec out the door, "now get outta here, I've got stuff to do!"

"LIKE WHAT?!" she joked before the shutting the door slammed on her face.

Fara walked down the hall to Anthony's room the walk was slow, not that she was tired but, nervous. as she walked down she heard something, it sounded like Techno. Fara knocked on Anthony's bedroom door, she heard the music turn off. A few seconds later the door to Anthony's room slid open.

Anthony was expecting to see Katt coming to scald him about Fara, but instead he got the fennec herself. "oh, hey Fara" Anthony said shyly and took a step to the side "why don't you come in and set your stuff down?" he said as the fennec stepped into his room.

As Fara stepped in she noticed a very different scent from the one in the Great Fox's hallway, it was a good kind of smell though, "um please don't mind me asking but, what is that smell it's..." Fara took a deep breath in "kind of indescribable".

"oh yeah, this" Anthony said walking over to his bed stand "is 'seus', it helps me relax during times of stress, or I just need to think." he explained picking up a burning flower "the strangest thing is, is that these flowers never die, even if they're on fire" Anthony set the flower back down into a small bowl and turned around.

Fara had walked up behind him and was looking at the flower, as he turned around he bumped the fennecs shoulder "whoa Fara I'm sorry I didn't know you were there"

"No, no its fine you just bumped my shoulder it's no big deal" Fara said, her cheeks burning the brightest red.

"Ok as long as you don't mind, well, make yourself at home, you can have the bed, I've got a hammock I can use" Anthony offered as he walked over to a small storage closet

"No, I shouldn't take your bed just because mine is ruined" Fara said rubbing her right arm. "no Fara you are a guest in my room, you get to sleep on the bed" he said pulling out a net and a new set of sheets. Anthony walked over to a wall and put the net on one of the three hooks sticking out.

"Only if you don't care" Fara said putting a pillow on the left side of the bed, near the door.

"Nah Fara trust me its fine" Anthony said as he pinned the other half of the net to the wall.

Anthony removed the old sheets from his bed and replaced them with the new sheets.

he walked over to his dresser and grabbed out a pair of pajamas. "do you want to change first?" Anthony asked as he closed the dresser.

"sure" Fara said grabbing her suit case, she stood up and walked into the restroom, closing the door behind her.

Anthony stood for a minute looking at his fathers old sword, he looked away once old memories came flooding back to him all at once, 'gah I swear I'm gonna find who ever that was' Anthony swore to himself as walked to his bed and sat down.

Anthony took a deep breath, the room smelled of a beautiful fragrance that makes someone want to sleep. 'ugh I need to wake up some more' he thought to himself. "hey Fara?" Anthony called out to the fennec as he neared his bedroom door.


"I'll be back in a little while" he said as he left the room. Anthony walked down the halls of the GreatFox, and got a strange feeling in the back of his mind that someone was watching him.

'ugh I need to lay off the flowers' Anthony thought as he continued down the hallway. Anthony took a bite of his sandwich and slowly walked out of the kitchen and started walking towards his room. he finally came back to his room, as he opened the door he noticed Fara, sleeping, his bafomdad curled up around her ankles. he walked over to his hammock and climbed in, he closed his eyes started to fall asleep.

(the next day. aboard the Greatfox)

"So, how is Anthony?" Katt asked Fara as they walked down the long hallway towards the game room, where Falco and Anthony were having another disagreement about who was better at what.

"what do you mean Katt?" Fara answered with a question.

"I mean, was he nice to you or did he ignore you?" Katt said wanting to gossip a little before going out on patrol "Did anything happen?"

"well he is nice to me" Fara said starting to wonder why Katt cared so much. she looked at Katt, who seemed very interested in what she had to say. "WHY WOULD EVEN ASK THAT?" Fara shouted trying to make the feline back off. Katt stopped nagging Fara, who was slowly walking down the hallway.

"Fara?, do you like him?" Katt asked another personal question, Fara lowered her ears and swished her tail around.

"If you must know Katt, ask Krystal, she'll tell you" Fara growled and turned to enter Anthony's room.

"I take that as a yes." Katt sighed as her friend closed the door.

Fara closed the door behind her and sighed, "ugh I can't BELIEVE she started asking me that!" Fara said as she flopped down on Anthony's bed. "rough day huh?" she heard a voice call from the restroom, "yes and its barely nine in the morning" Fara sighed. Anthony walked out of restroom and pulled on his training shirt, "hey Fara, I'm going to be repairing my Arwing, I could use a little help, if you want to uh-" Anthony offered and shrugged.

Fara sat up and smiled at the brown fox, "sure" she said "I don't have anything to do." Fara got to her feet and walked beside the vulpine "what will you be doing?" Fara asked looking at the brown vulpine, he had the skills of a pilot, but the mind of an engineer.

"well, there is my left G-diffuser it's been malfunctioning. and the canopy won't close all the way...geez I've got a lot of stuff to fix" Anthony explained as he walked towards the door. Anthony and Fara walked down the halls of the GreatFox, it was surprisingly quite, besides the light footsteps on the carpet.

Fara walked next to Anthony, occasionally looking to her left and eyeing the vulpine. Anthony stopped walking and caught Fara by surprise, she looked back at him, he had his ears laid back to his skull. "whats wrong?" she asked looking around the hallway. Anthony looked around and swished his tail around very slowly.

"someone else is here" Anthony said in a low growl "not one of us"

"wait, if someone else is here how come Krystal doesn't feel him?" Fara whispered not sure what to do at the moment. she tucked her hands into fists and slowly started walking towards Anthony, who was still looking for something.

"I don't know Fara, but I have a feeling that it's close" Anthony said quickly walking up to the fennec "we need to move, whoever it is is moving through the shadows." he said scooping the vixen off her feet and into his arms, Fara mewed when she was lifted up. "are you sure it isn't just Katt or Krystal?" Fara asked the vulpine.

"Does you're sub-conscious yell "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE!" when you're friends watch you?" Anthony replied as he broke into a run

Fara started to resist but then she saw it, a black armored figure walked out of the shadow and started running towards to two foxes.

Anthony heard footsteps behind him, he turned a corner and set Fara down, he quickly turned around. the armored figure walked around the corner, holding a gun and a combat knife, Anthony reacted faster than the figure could, he spun and kicked the knife from the figures hand and grabbed the gun with his right hand.

Anthony tugged on the gun but couldn't get it from her grasp. she laughed and kicked Anthony in the chest, sending him reeling backwards. "I know you better than that Anthony, don't hit a girl. Remember?" the figure said as she towered over Anthony.

"wha- what?" Anthony heard that voice from somewhere before. the figure kicked Anthony's side while he was confused, Anthony grunted in pain, he kicked the figure in the chest sending it on it's back. he looked at Fara and pointed towards the training room doors "GO FARA!" he yelled as the combat knife planted itself in his side.

Fara took one look at the scene and decided to do what Anthony told her, the vixen was good at hand-to-hand combat, but the way the soldier was moving, Fara knew she was outmatched. she stood up and bolted to the door, she heard Anthony curse as he pulled the knife from his side. Fara reached the door and opened it, she saw Fox and Falco on the training mat wrestling each other to the ground. "Fox, Falco, we need help!" Fara yelled as she neared the two pilots.

Fox shoved Falco's face into the mat with his left elbow, "Fara whats wrong?" he asked as the avian under him tried to free himself. "Someone else is on the ship! Anthony is holding her off in the hallway but she fights better than Krystal!" Fara said as she grabbed a training staff. Fox jumped off Falco and started running towards Fara. "listen we are going to hit the armory STAY HERE!" Fox said dashing in the other direction

Anthony pulled the knife out of his side and dropped it on the floor, as he got up he looked for the person in the black armor. Anthony heard a click as the action of a weapon was pulled back. he turned around to be face to face with the muzzle of a pistol. "Alright then, you're going to come with me" the figure said letting her guard down, she pulled a small box from her pocket and started pressing buttons on it, Anthony took this chance and kicked the person's chin, her helmet flew off her head and landed next to her.

'well there goes the chance to find out who she was...' Anthony thought as he saw the woman was wearing a mask under her helmet, although her ears were showing. she was clearly a tan minx.

the figure cursed and sat up, she looked at the vulpine, he was grinning. she jumped up on her feet and started circling the brown vulpine, she watched his every move, but didn't hear the footsteps that were going towards her.

Fara ran up to the minx and swung the staff she was holding, it hit her in the back, the tan minx turned around and grabbed the staff from Fara's grasp 'shit' Fara thought to herself, and swung it at the fennec, the staff hit Fara in the neck. Fara stumbled back holding on to her, now sore, neck.

Anthony took that moment to his advantage, he leapt for the minx while she was distracted, he tackled her to the ground and tried to pry the staff away. but to no avail. the tan minx put a boot on Anthony's chest and kicked, sending him into a wall, he hit his head hard enough for everyone to hear. he stood there holding the back of his head with both hands "aw man that's gunna hurt in the morning!." the tan minx picked up her gun and pointed it at the brown vulpine.

Fara saw the vixen pull the gun off the floor "cheater" she murmured, and started toward the woman who was on the floor. the tan minx looked over and saw Fara running at her, she quickly turned to her right and shot the fennec just above her knee.

Anthony had the perfect moment to strike the cat. possibly knocking her out. but for some reason, he held back.

Anthony heard a light "puff" noise, he looked at Fara, she had a strange dart sticking out of her leg, shortly after, she fell to the floor unconscious. Anthony looked back down at the tan furred girl. he kicked the gun out of her hand and pounced on top of her.

As soon as Anthony gained control, Fox and Falco entered the hallway with combat gear "wow Anthony you just can't stay away from trouble can you?" Falco joked as he saw Anthony sitting on top of a tan minx holding her arms with his knee. "I guess, Falco." Anthony leaned down in front of the minx and said "alright listen" Anthony said and looked the minx in the eyes. "I'm going to let you go, but don't do ANYTHING without our say so, or Fox over there will blow you're brains out" he said and stood up off the feline, he took a look at her and realized she was bleeding from the left side of her mouth. Anthony said calmly "As long as you don't try anything I won't hurt you" he held out a paw to pick her up. but instead got a boot to the stomach.

Anthony reeled backward, and looked down at the armored cat, he was half shocked and half still angry, but the minx on the other hand didn't waste a second, she kicked Anthony's legs out from under him and quickly jumped up. Anthony landed flat on his back, 'DAMN IT!' he yelled at himself for being so stupid. The minx jumped on top of Anthony holding her armored knee to his neck and cuffing his hands with plasma handcuffs. she bent down and whispered into his ear, "got ya"

Fox bolted forward and tried to tackle the bounty hunter. he saw her pull out a small rectangle, she glanced at Fox, who was running at her, and grinned. she blew a kiss to Fox and pressed a button, both Anthony and the tan minx disappeared in a bright flash of blue and yellow.

"Shit" Fox mumbled to himself