H2O: Just Add Water

Rated for: Not sure yet if its going to change

Genre: Adventure, Friendship, Family, Romance

Fandom/Universe: Just Add Water H2O

Characters: Emma Gilbert / Ash Dove, OC's

Pairings: Emma / Ash, Cleo / Lewis


Disclaimer: H2O and all related characters are the creation of Australian TV and the producers and OC's are all ME. No infringement intended.

Summary: Takes place after the original trio graduate, go to college and start living their lives separate from each other. There's a new moon pool and a secret to be discovered here.

Status: In-Progress


It's impossible not to judge. Tobías tries but the reality staring him in the face is difficult to ignore. He can hear people yelling; see the rundown building- the entire area, really- fresh tag marks over the old and he doubts anyone will care to paint the building who knows for what ump-teenth time. The inside is no better. The white walls are gray, gouged or just busted and he won't dwell on what made the smaller holes peppering the entrance. It's a joke, the glass fronted door with the 'security' lock because he walked in just fine. The mailboxes have been pried open or torn half off the wall- it's a wonder anyone bothers to deliver mail…

The elevator doesn't work. He finds that out after waiting a few minutes, staring at the dim button. He'd really have liked to avoid the six flights of stairs.

Tobías sighs, turns with a dejected slump in his shoulders and heads for the stairs.

It smells.

Urine, if he's not mistaken and wrinkles his nose trying to breathe through his mouth but that's just as gross. And the stairs? The black … whatever … could have at one point been a carpet. It's beyond recognizable and in some spots there's what might be cement floor, which would make sense. He wonders if it could get better but doubts it.

She's been sitting in the stairwell wondering if he was really going to show up. It didn't matter much if he did, the stairwell was the safest place… it beat whatever was going on in their apartment. Davys didn't want to know what was going on- she wanted nothing to do with that.

"Thought you flaked." There's an echo, kinda eerie but she's used to it. Even a whisper carries at least a floor- she would know.

Tobías stopped mid-flight and drew in a breath, almost coughing as the stench filled his lungs. He wasn't in very good shape for a man of his age, 49 wasn't that old anyway.

"Think I'm going to die right here."

Davys barely cracked a smile. Tobías looked kinda ridiculous; his dark hair hung in his eyes, slightly curling. He was dressed too warmly for the mild California weather but then, Tobías was used to Caribbean warmth.

"You're so out of shape… come on." Davys slowly got up and offered him a hand. Something about him reminded Davys of her Father but the memories were vague at best and being sad just wasn't in her anymore. Tobias chuckled, moving up the stairs to where she hadn't moved, obviously expecting him to walk the rest of the way to the proffered hand.

"Am I there yet?" Tobías earned himself an eye roll.

In the hallway he was once again reminded of where he was. The carpet stuck to the soles of his shoes making sucking sounds. Davys either ignored it or just didn't care anymore. She led him to the apartment where they could both hear the argument taking place.

"…" Davys didn't want him to see the mess but didn't know how to make him wait in the hallway. "Shoulda brought my stuff."

"What was that?" Tobías glanced down and got a headshake in response coupled with a muttered 'Nothing'. "Do you need to knock…?"

Davys sighed, wishing never got her much but it seemed a habit she couldn't break herself of. "Not really." Gritting her teeth, she turned the knob and shoved the door open. Her eyes went right to where her Mother was pleading with the looser. "I'm leaving now."

Her announcement got their attention, if only briefly. The 'conversation' taking place stopped and both adults turned towards the door. Davys left Tobías in the living room; rushing to get her duffel and bag from the closet she called a bed room. She could hear them, her Mother barely able to show any interest in where Tobías was taking her only child for the summer. What concerned Davys was the looser. She didn't want him trying to start something with Tobías and it sounded as though the looser was just getting started.

Tobías only had a quick a glance at the apartment but even that was enough to see it was run down and messy. There were wrappers and containers on the coffee table, more stains on the carpet than he'd want to acknowledge. The paint was the same shade of gray that had been in the hallway and at the entrance, with a crack running the length of the wall he was facing.

"Ready!" Davys headed straight for the door without pause- well, until she was yanked back by the strap of her duffel. Years of practice kept her from making a sound but Tobías didn't miss the way she flinched, or that Davys kept her eyes downcast.

"Where the fuck are you going? You don't walk out without a word to your Mother."

Tobías felt a need to step in but Davys was quick to appease the looser.

"Bye Mom." Davys muttered yet again. "See you."

"Be a good girl. Don't make trouble." They both knew her Mother was blowing air. Davys hardly got called on any bad behavior unless the looser had something to say about it. And Davys made it a point her bad behavior never made it home, though it did happen on rare occasions.


"It'll be fine." Tobías assured hoping the tension in the room was just imagined. "Sofí's been looking forward to this. I think she's tired of it always being the two of us. Teenagers…" he smiled and gently guided Davys towards the door. "You have my numbers if you need to get a hold of Davys. Or if you just want to talk, day or night, feel free to call her."


Davys just wanted out. A little time away from 'home' could only be good….