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Angel continuity note: This fic takes place in Season Three, after Cordelia becomes part demon and before Groo shows up again. Thus, Connor's still a bouncing baby being raised by Angel, and we avoid all that nasty angst; not to mention, we get Wesley before people start messing with his head. He's still the boss, and still da man. And Cordelia, thank God, is still a brunette.

YGO continuity note: Takes place an unspecified time after Duelist Kingdom, but it's been at least a year, probably more. Kaiba's mellowed *a little,* and the whole circle of friends and acquaintances is pretty much filled in on the Yami / Hikari dichotomy. I've read in a couple of author's notes that the two only split when alone - let's say they've progressed beyond that point. As I'm writing this fic from the dub and other fic, (lowly American with no access to fansubs / translated manga, hint hint whine,) please let me know if anything seems terribly off.

If any non-YuGiOh fans should stumble across this work: Cool! Let me know if you think the anime characters need more setup or description, and if possible I'll revise to include it.

Finally, this fic is certified non-slash / yaoi free. Anyone who's icked out by that can read this, no problem. Of course, if you like that sort of thing, you can probably find hints of at least Y/Y if you stare hard enough. I certainly won't contradict you. :-) That being said, there will be a het pairing, but I won't spoil it for you.

Key: "any speech" //any thought// 'words mouthed but not actually spoken'

Disclaimer: I make no money from this. YuGiOh does not belong to me. Angel does not belong to me. But, all your base are belong to us. Rated PG-13 for suggestive dialogue and violence on the level of the average Angel episode.

And now, without further ado,

"The Games Angels Play" A Full-Length YuGiOh / Angel: The Series Crossover by The Mad Fangirl

* * * * *

Part 1

-----"The game is afoot." -Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes-----

"Angel Investigations! We help the...hel-lo."

The door to the Hyperion Hotel cracked open a bit, then a bit more, and in slipped a boy bedraggled by the rain that did, despite popular opinion, occasionally drench the City of Angels. Cordelia put down the phone with a murmured 'Please Hold,' and moved to the kid's side. After all, he'd made it inside, so he wasn't a vampire, and if he were some other sort of nasty...well, in that case, she was up a creek. "Wesley! Hey, Wes!"

The man with the glasses ran out of his office, prepared for anything, or as prepared as he could be without heavy weaponry, as that tended to scare potential clients. He brought himself up short as he saw Cordelia with her arm around a slight, soaked child, his hair hanging down in multicolored stripes. He passed a lobby-level bathroom on his way to the reception area and grabbed a large towel, handing it to Cordy as she guided the boy to a chair.

Cordelia arranged the fluffy bath sheet about the boy's neck and shoulders, toweling him gently, and looked over his bowed head to Wesley.

'Demon?' she mouthed soundlessly.

Wesley shrugged. 'Tea,' he mouthed back.

'Tea demon?'

'Make tea, he's freezing!'

'Oh. Gotcha.'

Cordelia rose to start the teakettle, one of Wes' additions to the office. The Englishman disdained tea a la microwave. Wes, for his part, looked down at the boy half-hidden by fabric.

The child looked up at him and started speaking, quickly and nervously.

And completely in Japanese.

Wes knew a little of that language, though his expertise ran more toward ancient tongues. He focused, doing his best to translate, when the boy switched to English.

"Sorry," he said, "I'm just a little...I'm not sure how to say it all in English. I was hoping you knew a little Japanese?" His eyes were huge, an odd shade of violet. They were bright and guileless, and Wesley was struck with the sense that therein was an innocence worth sheltering and protecting. He pinched himself, surreptitiously, in case the kid really was evil. In his business, you couldn't be too careful.

"I do," Wes replied, "but a very little, I'm afraid. My colleague knows a bit more, and he should be here any..."

"Hey there," a new arrival broke in. Tall, with sculpted, dark hair and opaque brown eyes, his leather jacket featured a suspicious blotch on the left shoulder. "I heard. I was just putting Connor to bed, and I...what?" Wes flicked his eyes to the man's shoulder and made a brushing motion. "Wha...oh. Eww." He withdrew a handkerchief and blotted at the small puddle. "Anyway, um, I'm Angel. Welcome to Angel Investigations. Now, what were you saying was missing? The dark? Darkness?"

"*My* darkness," the boy said, with an odd emphasis. His brow furrowed. "My *Yami*. He's gone."

* * *

A/N: Well, that's the teaser! Interested? Intrigued? Maybe just a little? Also, confidential to my beta-reader: Where'd you go? Haven't heard from you since I sent the fic over. Thus, this fic is relatively un-beta-read, but if you or anyone else who's into both shows wants to beta the remaining parts, e-mail me.