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Task Force 231 HQ

06:13 8/13/14

TF 231 2nd company, Echo platoon

The three sergeants lined up off set from the Lieutenant, the February morning was unusual warm. They heard the shouts of the training going on to warm the men up for the day ahead. The bus full of the new recruits to the program came into view, The sergeants were pulled from one of the four original platoons of the program, and placed into the new platoon to get the greens ready for expectations. As the bus stopped in front of the line of sergeants, the doors swung open, and the recruits came out, The Lieutenant yelled, "Get your asses on the yellow line, NOW!" The lieutenant spoke to the Gunnery Sergeant directly to his right, and said, "These kids can't be much out of basic."

Gunnery Sergeant Jerry "Coyote" Purdue said, "Agreed sir." He turned to face the recruits and yelled, "Platoon, Attention!"

Everyone in the platoon snapped to attention and the two staff sergeants came to the middle to speak with the Lieutenant. Staff Sergeant Alan "Snake" Sadler started speaking first asking, "Sir, do you want us to take them to the barracks?"

The Lieutenant nodded and Purdue turned facing the platoon, and said, "While you are here, I am your executive officer, you got a problem with your platoon mates, you talk to me or the Lieutenant, is that understood?"

They all said, "Yes Gunnery Sergeant" in broken up unison.

Purdue shook his head, and said, "If I wanted to hear whispers of sweet nothings, I would have stayed at home, I said is that understood?"

In a yelling unison they yelled "Yes Gunnery Sergeant" Purdue clapped his hands walking back and forth across the lines.

He stopped in front of the group and said, "Pick up your things, and follow me and the rest of my esteemed colleagues, and do it quietly, we have the major asleep, and I doubt you want to get on his bad side the very first day here."

Purdue walked back to the group, and Sadler said, "Nice touch Coyote."

The Lieutenant said, "Everyone fall in, two ranks." He waited till they did, and he said, "Dress right, dress" They raised their left arms and looked right, minus the ones on each end. The lieutenant said, "Platoon, front." They dropped their hands and turned their head back to attention. The lieutenant said, "I will say this one time and one time only, I am Lieutenant Mathew Sketch. You can call me by my call sign Rake if you want, I honestly don't give a damn. I am your platoon CO, the program commander is General Rommel, you will refer to him in mission as Godfather."

Staff Sergeant "Vendetta" LaCovetta said, "Platoon, Right face" The platoon pivoted and turned to the right. Vendetta said, "Forward, march." The two columns started off, and were moving correctly to the barracks.

Purdue said, "Fall out, fall back in in alphabetical order." They scurried around trying to figure out who had the last name closest to them. Sketch stood against the wall by the door as the sergeants gave them their places. At the end of it, one recruit, the only female of the class was standing at attention. Purdue said, "We have a separate barracks facility for the women who join, Snake," Sadler looked at Purdue and walked toward him, Purdue continued, "Show the young lady to the women's barracks." Sadler nodded, and showed her to the barracks to put her things down and be ready to start the training.

Sketch stepped out and Purdue said, "Bring out your weapon cases next stop is the cage." The recruits opened their bags and pulled out the hard cases that held their weapons. Purdue rested his right hand on his pistol holster, and said, "Fall in line, alphabetical," The recruits fell in line, Purdue continued, "you all will be running the cage, if you are one of the snipers, when it is your turn to go out on the course, you swap barrels with a guy before you enter. Now, lets go, we are civi walking it."

When they got to the course, Sketch, LaCovetta and Sadler were already topside, Coyote said, "One at a time, bets score only means that you can shoot, but max time allowed is one minute and thirty seconds." There were some grumbles, Purdue looked at them and said, "If you prefer, I can IT you for the next hour and a half." They went quiet and Purdue pointed to the gates and said, "Alphabetical order, as soon as the gates open your time starts. First up, load up your weapon, and then get in the starting gates."

Three hours later, after everyone ran the course the platoon was in the mess hall with the rest of the company, enduring teasing for the older guys. One of the recruits blew his top and stood up in the room heading to the table where the guy he was insulted by was seated. The recruit was named Lenard Walker and he towered over everyone with his six foot two inch, two hundred fifty pound frame. The other guy, corporal Alan "Bear Trap" McAlahey continued talking to his team mates until Lenard dropped his fists on the table with his weight pressing down on them. Bear Trap was five foot ten inches tall and all of his one hundred ninety pound weight. McAlahey turned to face Walker and asked, "Do you have a problem?"

Walker said, "I've got a problem, and it is with your smart ass."

McAlahey smiled, and said, "Why don't you shut the fuck up, and go back to your seat?"

Purdue saw the commotion, but was watching how this was going to end up. Walker said, "I want you to stop this crap, am I understood?"

McAlahey's smile widened, and he said, "I understand you, but you need to learn your place recruit. I have been here two years now, you think I am bad, you should see most of your own instructors, I have the decency to talk it over first hand instead of beating the shit out of you over it. Now, walk back to your seat, sit down, and eat your meal."

Walker moved slowly back to his seat, but turned around as he grabbed his tray, Purdue grabbed his wrist and said, "You try it, you're out of the military with dishonorable. Back to your seat Corporal."

The training lasted a total of two months, over that time, the platoon earned their right to be part of the two thirty first. Two members of the contingent task force, designation one four one. The two were officers, and obviously British. One had his hair cropped into a Mohawk and wore a t-shirt under his combat vest. The other wore a pair of sunglasses, a balalaika and a fleece under his combat vest. The one who had the Mohawk was identified as Captain John MacTavish, the other as Lieutenant Simon Riley. MacTavish walked up to Lieutenant Sketch and Riley walked up with him, Purdue walked to The lieutenant and MacTavish started talking in a heavy Scottish accent, "Morning Lieutenant Sketch, we were sent to observe your unit."

Sketch nodded and said, "This is my Executive officer, Gunnery Sergeant Purdue." MacTavish acknowledged and said, "This is Lieutenant Riley, the only other officer in the one four one." Riley stood up a little straighter as MacTavish introduced him.

Purdue said, "The Barracks are this way, with the men, and the two staff sergeants." Purdue started off to the barracks and the officers were behind him conversing. As they entered the barracks LaCovetta stood up from his cot near the door and noticed the two men that weren't from the unit.

Lieutenant Sketch tapped on Purdue's shoulder and said, "Get them to the Field, seems that the one four one want a team on team competition. Break them into the teams that we designated. Purdue nodded and relayed it to the Staff sergeants. They yelled the names of the men that they needed, LaCovetta called out the names of his squad, "North, Parcel, Lavern, you're all with me." Alexis Parcel was the young lady of the platoon. Timothy North was the EOD expert, and Kevin Lavern was the auto rifleman.

Sadler called out the names, "Walker, Maverick, Richardson, your with me." Lenard Walker was the Heavy weapons, Maverick was the rifle man, and Richardson was the other heavy weapons.

Purdue called out, "Chamblan, Durant, Rowe, your with me, The rest of you who didn't get their name called are in the command team with Lieutenant Sketch." Everyone fell into line and moved out. Purdue and his team were up first, they replaced their receivers with the simu-bullet receivers and got ready to face the men of TF141.

Durant asked, "Gunnery sergeant, where do you want Chamblan and I to go?"

Purdue said, "Find a good place to use your rifles, and Rowe and I will find them. Call signs, if you want them used, this is where you get them, in field, I am Coyote, other places, I am Purdue, understood?"

They nodded, and the buzzer to start sounded. Rowe and Purdue moved forward as quiet as possible and Chamblan and Durant ran to a shrub and set up shop. Purdue walked forward nearly silent and Rowe following shortly behind him. Purdue heard a shot and Durant said, "Hit, don't have a clue in hell who it was. Coyote, three yards and you will want to turn north."

Purdue acknowledged and said, "We're moving, thanks for the heads up Durant." Coyote turned to the north and saw the building that was in the middle of the course. He keyed his radio and said, "Durant, Chamblan, on me." Rowe turned around and watched the rear as the two snipers were on their way. Chamblan arrived first, and Durant was right behind him. Purdue said, "I need both of you in one of the trees. Rowe, cover them until they are in the tree, and then follow me." Purdue moved off low and quite slow. Durant jumped into the tree after he handed his rifle to Chamblan and got onto a large branch that had plenty of concealment, Durant grabbed his rifle and Chamblan's rifle as Chamblan climbed up to the perch.

Rowe moved low and quick to Purdue's location and Purdue said, "I hate this sniper on sniper game, we need to find them to bring the fight to them."

Rowe nodded and asked, "What is the plan of action?"

Purdue said, "I think the best idea would be to split up," he pressed the radio channel and said, "Chamblan, you are giving over watch for Rowe, Durant, your over watch for me." there were two bursts of static for acknowledgment. Purdue said to Rowe, "Move around to the west side of the building, I'll go east."

Rowe nodded and they moved. Purdue moved to the edge of the building and pressed against the wall. He looked around the corner and saw a leg protruding from the wall, barely, but he could tell it was there. Rowe was on the other side of the building and he saw the entrance to the building, he pressed the comm button and said, "Entering building, Watch my back."

Purdue turned the corner watching for anyone else and moved to the leg. He shot the leg and heard the man say, "Royce down." Purdue moved around back and saw the guy sitting down. He walked around the back and saw the other door.

Rowe was already in and finishing clearing the building when he heard over the radio, "Coyote entering the building." when Purdue got up the stairs Rowe said, "Building clear Coyote." Purdue nodded and raised his weapon pointing straight up.

Purdue said over the comm, "Come on boys, to the building. They have two down, and should only have two more." Purdue looked at Rowe and said, "Cover the front and west, I have the rear and east."

Rowe said, "On it."

Durant slid out of the tree and hit the ground in a crouch covering for Chamblan to get down. When Chamblan hit the ground, they started to trot to the building. Running up the stairs the found the rest of the team. Purdue told them to watch the windows. As Purdue and Rowe ran out the back door Durant was setting up his stand and Chamblan was watching the entrance with his pistol out. Durant was looking through his scope and searching for targets as Chamblan set up traps for anyone wanting the nest for themselves. Durant spotted a third guy to kill, and fired. He said, "Hit." He pulled the bolt back to let the spent cartridge escape, and pushed it forward to chamber a new round. And pushed the bold down to lock it down. He searched for a new target and saw a man taking aim at him, before he could zero the man, the man fired the round hitting Durant in the chest. Durant sighed opened the communication channel and said, "Durant down." Chamblan walked back up the stairs and Durant sat down. Chamblan used the stand that Durant was using and replaced the rifle with his. He sighted the man who downed Durant and fired knocking the guy on his ass.

Chamblan said, "Hit."

Purdue and Rowe were having no luck finding anyone of the TF141 team. But from what they understood, there was only one soldier left from the one four one to take out. The radio clicked and they heard Chamblan say, "Chamblan down." Purdue was thinking to himself, We lost the sniper element, someone must be scoping out that building.

Rowe asked, "What do we do now Coyote?"

Purdue said, "We find the guy." at that moment a man walked out with a pistol and fired two shots into Rowe, and Purdue sighted his rifle and fired, also being hit from a round. Rowe said, "Rowe down."

Purdue said, "Shit, Purdue down." he let go of the comm and said, "God damn it, that was too damn close."

The guy from TF141 scoffed, and said, "Ghost down."

They heard over the radio, "Good job Bravo, get back to the watch tower." Purdue let his rifle fall, and drop in between his arms. Rowe slung his M-16 over his back and walked back to the starting line. Then to the control complex. The assault teams went to the kill house and tried it the same way. The results were mixed, Charley won their match, Delta lost theirs quick. Alpha was the only one squad that hadn't gone, and it seemed that they didn't want to.